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I prossimi modelli Chrysler / Dodge / RAM

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• Dodge Challenger ▶️ SPY TOPIC

• Jeep Wagoneer S ▶️ CONCEPT CAR  ▶️ TEASERS TOPIC

• Jeep Wagoneer e Grand Wagoneer 4xe T6 PHEV [US] ▶️ NOTIZIE

• Jeep Recon EV ▶️ CONCEPT CAR

• Jeep Grand Cherokee L MCA [US]

• Jeep Grand Cherokee MCA



• Chrysler Airflow [US]

• Dodge sedan EV full-size [US]

• Jeep new Compass Hybrid & EV [Global]

• Jeep Grand Cherokee L Facelift [US] ▶️ NOTIZIE


• Jeep new Renegade (Global)


Altro modelli fino al 2030

• Chrysler Pacifica restyling [US]

• Dodge Stealth 3 row [US]

• RAM mid-size pick-up EV [US]

 • Jeep Wrangler [Global] ▶️ NOTIZIE


Modelli presentati nel 2022

• Dodge Hornet ➡️ PRESENTATA!

• Jeep Avenger ➡️ PRESENTATA!


Modelli presentati nel 2023

• Ram 1500 [US] ▶️PRESENTATA! 
• Ram 1500 Ramcharger [US] ▶️PRESENTATA! 

• Ram 1500 REV [US] ▶️PRESENTATA! 



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• Dodge Hornet 



• Jeep Junior



• Dodge Charger EV (Large)

• Jeep Wrangler EV 

Jeep UV (Large)

• Ram 1500 EV (Frame)



• Chrysler Airflow (Large)

• Dodge sedan EV (Large)

Jeep UV (Large)


• Jeep new Renegade (Small)

• Jeep UV (Large)

Altro modelli dopo 2026

• Jeep new Compass (Medium)


TOPIC Precedenti

Chrysler -> Clicca qui

RAM -> Clicca qui

Dodge -> Clicca qui

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Gamma EV USA




RAM 1500 EV 2024





RAM Brand Reveals Images of new Ram 1500 battery electric vehicle (BEV) pickup truck

March 02, 2022 - Ram recently announced the Ram Revolution, an exclusive insider program with Ram brand fans that invites them to join the brand on its journey to revolutionize the pickup truck market again. Yesterday as Stellantis shared its long-term strategic plan, two images were shown that provide a preview of the new Ram 1500 battery electric vehicle (BEV) pickup truck arriving in 2024.  Ram will offer fully electrified solutions in the majority of its segments by 2025, and a full portfolio of electrified solutions for all of its segments no later than 2030.


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Alcune novità per Dodge direttamente dal CEO Tim Kuniskis: 

Big News In A Nutshell:

  • The first electric muscle car concept will be revealed early next year
  • A plug-in hybrid car will go into production by the end of 2022
  • A third significant new vehicle is in the works
  • Electric vehicles will wear the Fratzog symbol
  • More buzz models for gearheads are coming, along with Direct Connection parts and kits
  • Current lineup of muscle cars will end production in 2024
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2 minuti fa, tipt scrive:

Ma Chrysler campa con un solo modello stile lancia?

Tra un paio di anni saranno due, se introdurranno la AirFlow. :-) 

Comunque la Pacifica è come la Ypsilon da noi, in quanto vende praticamente solo in un mercato facendo numeri piuttosto costanti ma non troppo alti ma comunque abbastanza da garantire un profitto. 

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7 minuti fa, GL91 scrive:

Chissà se insieme alle nuove Charger e Challenger faranno anche una nuova 300. Il terzo modello Dodge in sviluppo invece dovrebbe essere il nuovo Durango, giusto?

Mi pare ci sia in sviluppo una crossover…

@Bare hai qualche infin più?

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