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A distanza di un giorno da BMW anche Alpina presenta il facelift dei suoi XD3 ed XD4.

Il motore rimane il 3.0 Turbo Diesel a 6 cilindri della M40d, portato però a 394 cv e 800 Nm (rispettivamente +34 cv e + 30 Nm rispetto al pre facelift).

Alpina ha anche lavorato su assetto e sterzo al fine di rendere i due ancora più piacevoli da guidare e presentanti.








Press Release:




The August 2021 model update will see the BMW ALPINA XD3 and XD4 models benefiting from a host of new product features. With an even sharper performance profile, enhanced handling and a distinctly more dynamic presence, the high-performance diesel models further consolidate their best-in-segment position.



The BMW ALPINA XD3 offers a unique blend of qualities, ranging from everyday utility to unparalleled driving comfort and impressively dynamic handling – all packaged in a modern, contemporary design. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. The maximum speed is 267 km/h (166 mph)*.




The BMW ALPINA XD4 combines the popular characteristics of a Sports Activity Vehicle with the sleek and dynamic silhouette of a Coupé. The performance figures are impressive, catapulting the BMW ALPINA XD4 from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 268 km/h (167 mph)*.



The BMW ALPINA XD3 and XD4 are aimed at drivers looking to combine a superior driving experience and comfort with the ability to cover long distances at ease. They embody a one-of-a-kind driving experience shaped by the exceptional driving dynamics and high torque, backed up by the reliability and efficiency diesels are known for.

The 3.0-litre straight-six engine with quad-turbo charging now delivers 290 kW (394 hp) and a maximum torque of 800 Nm (590 lb-ft), offering superior power at all times with an increase of 30 Nm (22 lb-ft) on its predecessor.


In keeping with the high-performance engine, the ALPINA sport suspension offers excellent longitudinal and lateral dynamics – without sacrificing any driving comfort.

The model update includes a revised steering calibration: the steering is now more sensitive and precise, and offers an intuitive response in every driving.

As well as the standard rear limited slip differential, the BMW ALPINA XD3 and XD4 models now come with Performance Control. This electronic control system prevents understeering through selective brake interventions at each individual wheel. In doing so, agility and lateral grip is increased and the full dynamic capabilities of the BMW ALPINA XD3 and XD4 is maximised during cornering.



The BMW ALPINA XD3 and XD4 have a commanding presence, even when stationary. The new light and kidney grille design and the re-engineered ALPINA aerodynamic components at the front and rear, which elegantly capture the shape and lines of the chassis, lend the models a distinctly more contemporary and sportive design language.

ALPINA’s in-house saddlery provides an almost unlimited range of interior features for the BMW ALPINA XD3 and XD4: piping, stitching, embroidery, punching and embossing, made to customer specifications, add a personal touch to each BMW ALPINA automobile.


Alpina Automobiles


Esteticamente trovo sia migliore rispetto a X3 ed X3M (ancora una volta non considero l'altro schifo).


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Foto high-res + cartella stampa
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Non è che è portato a 394 CV, ma Alpina con i precedenti XD3 ed XD4 aveva una bella differenza.

Il top a guida a sinistra aveva il "vecchio"FH81, ossia il triturbo da 381 CV potenziato.

Il modello con guida a destra, aveva l'M57S Biturbo potenziato.

Quindi modelli con motori differenti in base alla guida (perché c'era il problema con la canna dello sterzo e posizionamento della scatola guida) con il triturbo con la guida a destra.

Si vede che non verrà più proposto nei mercati con guida a destra e gli hanno messo direttamente il Quad-Turbo per le normative Euro6D.




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