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Press Release:

World-premiere: All-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Delivers Race-inspired Performance, Advanced Technologies, Seductive Italian Style, and now an Even More Exhilarating Driving Experience With Open-air Freedom

Production version of the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, revealed at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, will arrive at dealerships this summer

All-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's open-air performance cockpit and mid-engine proportions draw from more than 100 years of groundbreaking and functional Italian design

Unique carbon fiber windshield frame and available carbon fiber "halo" highlight 4C Spider's ultralight carbon fiber monocoque and aluminum chassis structures, which enable an incredible power-to-weight ratio and supercar-level performance

Innovative and unique technological solutions: all-aluminum 1750 cc direct-injection, dual intercooled, advanced turbocharged engine with dual variable-valve timing paired to the blistering fast Alfa TCT (twin-clutch transmission) and Alfa DNA selector with four adjustable drive modes

All-new available Akrapovic dual-mode exhaust system features dual, center-mounted tips with carbon fiber surround and signature Alfa resonant sound (late availability)

Handcrafted in Modena, Italy, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider combines two excellences – the performance engineering of Alfa Romeo and the craftsmanship of Maserati manufacturing

All-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider arrives in U.S. and Canadian dealerships this summer

January 12, 2015 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Adding to the Alfa Romeo brand's legendary racing history and the exciting experience of open-air motoring, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider debuts with panoramic views complemented with a signature Alfa exhaust note, plus the essential sportiness of the award-winning 4C Coupe: handcrafted in Modena, Italy; groundbreaking and seductive Italian style; state-of-the-art Formula 1 inspired carbon fiber monocoque chassis that enables an incredible power-to-weight ratio; advanced technologies, including the all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged engine with direct-injection, dual intercoolers, and variable-valve timing that enable supercar-level performance.

"Adding to the excitement of the 4C Coupe, our all new 2015 4C Spider expands the brand's product offering and continues our mission of building great Alfa Romeos," said Reid Bigland, Head of Alfa Romeo North America. "With a removable carbon fiber hard top the 4C Spider takes the Coupe's supercar level of performance and technology and 'opens it up' allowing the driver to experience the incredible 4C from an entirely different perspective."

"4C" and the Legacy of Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider name recalls the brand's great sporting tradition: the acronyms 8C and 6C in the 1930s and 1940s distinguished racing and road cars fitted with powerful eight- and six-cylinder engines. Like the award-winning 4C Coupe, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider model's designation is a return to "the great Alfa Romeos" and continues this tradition with the innovative all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged direct injection, dual intercooler four-cylinder engine, delivering an impressive 136 horsepower-per-liter.

With seating for two, panoramic views and the soundtrack of an Italian performance-tuned engine and exhaust, Spiders are among the most exhilarating experiences in motoring – and represent the very core of Alfa Romeo's DNA and heritage.

The 4C Spider draws from a bloodline that includes some of the most purpose-built performance models that illustrate lightness and efficiency with undeniable Alfa Romeo style: the aluminum-bodied 8C 2900 B Touring (1938); the 1900 C52 "Flying Saucer" (1952), which could exceed 140 mph (230 kph); and most notably the legendary 33 Stradale (1967) with its mid-engine and magnesium alloy and steel tube chassis "clothed" by groundbreaking styling, which is functional and distinctly Italian. And now it is the 4C Spider's turn to deliver the driving thrill, performance and unforgettable emotion that only an Alfa Romeo Spider provokes.

Groundbreaking and seductive Italian style

Continuing the groundbreaking theme of technology, performance and Italian style, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider builds upon the brand's journey, which was embarked upon with the 8C Competizione (2008), 8C Spider (2009), 4C Coupe (2015), and most recently, the 4C Spider Concept, which debuted at the 84th International Geneva Motor Show.

Inspired by the 33 Stradale, the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider transcends this legendary racecar's mid-engine body forms and follows its purposeful and lightweight performance tradition with sheet-molded compound (SMC) composite panels forming its seductive Italian design, and "clothing" its state-of-the-art carbon fiber monocoque chassis and all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged, direct-injected engine.

Covering the "beating heart" of this Italian supercar is a deck-lid with three functional heat extractors and an aerodynamically tuned spoiler. And it's from the 4C Spider's "beating heart" where every other design element starts: two muscular forms straddle the rear hood and elevate the body above the cockpit's beltline for visual strength and foundation for the black or available carbon fiber "halo." The rear fascia and round rear LED illuminated taillamps blend into the muscular rear wings for a powerful stance, while stylistically incorporating large functional air intakes to cool the engine. Below, dual exhausts are mounted at the corners and highlight the 4C Spider's supercar stance. Inspired by the 4C Spider Concept, an all-new, Akrapovic dual-mode center-mounted performance exhaust system will be available on the 4C Spider (late availability).

On each side of the all-new 4C Spider, the sculpted air intakes spring a muscular and dynamic form that lead elegantly into the headlamps. Highlighting its exotic monocoque is a carbon fiber windshield frame, which promotes strength and lightness, while providing the attachment points for the removable, stowable cloth roof, or available exposed carbon fiber hardtop (late availability).

Leading from the 4C Spider's windshield and down the hood are two muscular hood forms, which naturally conclude at the signature Alfa Romeo shield-shaped grille and emblem. Together with the two side air intakes designed in the front fascia, the 4C Spider forms the famous "Trilobo," a significant facet of Alfa Romeo's distinctive design.

Performance-focused cockpit

The all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's cockpit is inspired from racing, purpose built with only the essential driving components stylistically integrated.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider features two composite-framed sport seats with standard leather and an exposed carbon fiber monocoque that exemplifies its race-inspired technologies. Furthermore, a driver-oriented cockpit with flat-bottom, leather performance steering wheel with paddle-shifters and aluminum pedals speak to the brand's racing spirit. For an upscale look, the fully wrapped premium-leather interior with accent stitching is standard on the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, as are unique carbon fiber vent surrounds. Highlighting the use of advanced technology is a 7-inch full-color driver information display (DID) cluster, which displays vehicle information through high-impact graphics to keep the driver focused on the road, or track, ahead.

New to the Alfa Romeo 4C lineup is the addition of an Alpine premium radio. Designed for audiophiles, this new head unit enables the 4C Spider to offer its passengers premium sound quality and multiple connectivity and media options, including handsfree Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth streaming, USB port, iPod interface and CD/MP3 capabilities. In addition, the Alpine radio provides access to HD radio and SiriusXM Radio for high-definition broadcast audio.

A vivid array of colors, materials and design details

Adding to the excitement of owning an Alfa Romeo are the personalization options that each client can select.

Seven exterior colors are available for the 4C Spider, and include: Rosso Alfa, Black, White, Basalt Grey Metallic, Rosso Competizione Tri-coat, Madreperla White Tri-coat and all-new Giallo (yellow).

Complementing the 4C Spider's exterior are six interior combinations, which include two seat material choices: Black leather with Red accent stitching, Red leather with Red accent stitching, new Black leather with Giallo accent stitching, and exclusive to the Track Package – Black racing leather seats with microfiber inserts and Red or Yellow accent stitching.

For a bespoke look, and all-new to the 4C model lineup, a contrasting Tobacco leather with Black accent interior will be available later in the model year. This premium configuration features the dual color treatment on the instrument, door panels and steering wheel.

With the arrival of the 4C Spider are four all-new wheel designs, which include staggered fitting 17 x 7.0-inch (front) and 18 x 8.0-inch (rear) alloy wheels in Silver or Dark finish. For added style and performance, larger 18 x 7.0-inch (front) and wider 19 x 8.5-inch (rear) forged wheels in Silver or Dark Grey finish are also available. Completing the look are four brake caliper color choices, including Silver (standard) or available Red, Yellow, or Black.

Mid-engine layout with a unique set of technological solutions

Thanks to its mid-engine layout, advanced technology and compact size, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider demonstrates its precision, agility and performance credentials with a top speed of 160 miles per hour (mph), 0-to-60 mph acceleration blasts in an estimated 4.1-seconds, 1.1 g of lateral acceleration and 1.25 g of maximum braking deceleration.

Delivering the ultra-lightweight architecture needed for maximum performance and dynamic efficiency, Alfa Romeo engineers looked to Formula 1 and only the most advanced supercars for state-of-the-art materials. The result is a monocoque chassis made entirely of unilateral, "pre-preg" carbon fiber layers that are hand-laid for extraordinary stiffness and strength. At 236 pounds, the highly exotic carbon fiber monocoque chassis delivers a material performance that is three-times stronger and seven-times lighter than steel. Completing the competition-grade architecture are front- and rear-chassis structures and an engine-mounting frame made from lightweight aluminum.

Thanks to the monocoque's inherent rigidity, Alfa Romeo engineers were able to minimize structural differences between the 4C Spider and 4C Coupe. For a technical look, header strength and to keep the center of gravity low, the 4C Spider features a unilateral carbon fiber windshield frame that is adhered and bolted to the monocoque chassis. In addition, a specially contoured aluminum rollbar (underneath the black or carbon fiber "halo") provides mounting points for the new rear decklid, while unique upper body brackets and a high-strength steel engine compartment cross beam maximize torsional rigidity.

Alfa Romeo engineers continued the use of state-of-the-art materials by creating the bodywork entirely of SMC (sheet molded compound), a low-density, high-strength composite material that is 20 percent lighter and dimensionally more rigid than steel. Engineers even optimized the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's windshield and side windows by using 10 percent thinner glass to reduce weight by up to 15 percent.

Finally, two sport seats feature a carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced-composite structure to deliver the strength and seating position needed for performance driving.

The heart and soul: the all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged engine with direct injection

The engine is the "beating heart" of any Alfa Romeo, and for the all-new 2015 4C Spider, it beats to an innovative, all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged and intercooled engine with dual (intake and exhaust) continuous variable-valve timing (VVT) that delivers 237 horsepower – or an impressive 136 horsepower-per-liter.

To ensure exceptional performance and drivability on the racetrack or city streets, the 1750 cc turbocharged engine features cutting-edge technologies. High pressure direct-injection (2,900 psi / 200 bar) with multi-hole fuel injectors provide a more even spray. To increase performance, while reducing oil consumption and emissions, the cylinder head inlet ducts have an optimized design, while cylinder liners are made from thin cast-iron. The addition of an electric thermostat helps the 1750 cc turbo engine reduce warm-up times and tailpipe emissions. Minimizing vibration at higher engine speeds, the engine's crankshaft features eight counter weights. Last, intake and exhaust systems are optimized for Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's mid-engine layout.

A new generation turbocharger features a pulse-converter exhaust manifold to exploit pressure waves and boost torque at low-engine speeds. A waste gate valve adjusts turbo pressure and improves the engine's efficiency. Advanced turbo technology enables the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider to maximize torque at low engine speeds and deliver more response to driver input by increasing combustion efficiency and turbine speed, all while eliminating turbo lag. As a result, torque delivery is instantaneous, with a peak of 258 ft.-lb. (350 N•m); 80 percent of which is available at only 1,700 rpm.

Three available exhaust systems, including an all-new Akrapovic dual-mode system

From the 4C Spider Concept to production, the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider will offer its most hardcore motorsport enthusiasts an all-new Akrapovic dual-mode exhaust system with Alfa Romeo's signature resonant sound (late availability).

Developed in cooperation with the racing exhaust experts at Akrapovic, this beautifully crafted titanium system consists of two center-mounted tailpipes, computer-optimized asymmetrical mufflers with a dual-mode exhaust valve system and link pipe with resonator to eliminate in-cabin droning. For a technical look that emphasizes 4C Spider's lightweight design, a carbon fiber bezel surrounds the Akrapovic center mounted exhaust tips.

Like the 4C Coupe, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider will also offer the standard exhaust system and a racing exhaust system. Similar in design, the optional racing exhaust removes the muffler, and instead integrates a uniquely designed asymmetric Y-shape system after the catalyst. For added style, the racing exhaust system features integrated dual concentric exhaust tips.

Advanced technological solutions: Alfa TCT twin-clutch and Alfa DNA selector technologies further make the 4C Spider an extension of the driver

Teamed to the all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged engine is a paddle-shifting Alfa TCT (twin-clutch transmission) tuned specifically for the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. With its uniquely calibrated software that adjusts with the Alfa DNA selector system, the Alfa TCT's gearshifts are designed to become most aggressive in the Dynamic and Race modes. Further making this Alfa Romeo an extension of the driver are rev-matching paddle shifts and precise gear changes as quick as 130 milliseconds at full throttle.

For driving convenience in Dynamic, Natural or All-weather modes, the Alfa Romeo TCT gearbox can utilize an "auto" mode.

Instantaneously optimizing the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's level of performance is the brand's innovative Alfa DNA selector. With four modes, including "Race" mode, the Alfa DNA selector can optimize the engine, transmission, Alfa Electronic Q2 differential and electronic stability control (ESC) calibrations to the levels needed by the driver. With a touch of the Alfa DNA selector, the driving dynamics of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider can be changed to (in order of increasing capability):

- All-weather – designed to ensure maximum control in adverse weather conditions and enables gentler accelerator input and special engine and brake control logic to match road speed and prevent skidding

- Natural – enables grand touring comfort and smooth drivability for the Alfa TCT gearbox

- Dynamic – enables improved driving performance via a more aggressive powertrain calibration and less intrusive ESC setting

- Race – Available while in Dynamic mode, Race mode is the most extreme performance mode, putting the driver in total control of the car under race conditions. ESC and anti-slip regulation (ASR) are deactivated to allow the driver to control traction through the accelerator pedal. The Alfa Electronic Q2 differential control system remains active for fast exits out of corners or bends

- In Race mode, launch control can be activated, allowing the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider to deliver 0-to-60 mph acceleration blasts as low as 4.1-seconds as soon as the driver releases the brake

Maximum road-holding suspension

The all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider adopts race-derived solutions to ensure maximum agility and road holding performance. The front suspension is comprised of a "superimposed" double wishbone configuration for direct and unfiltered feedback. At the rear, an advanced MacPherson suspension ensures superb road-holding attributes – even in the most extreme of maneuvers. Both front and rear suspensions are made from aluminum and high-strength steel. For the North American market, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is designed with stiffer springs, larger front- and rear-sway bars, and re-tuned shock absorbers.

Track Package

For maximum handling performance, the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is available with the Track Package. This package includes high-performance shock absorbers with larger front- and rear-sway bars, larger and staggered fitting 18 x 7-inch (front) 19 x 8.5-inch (rear) forged-aluminum wheels with available Pirelli P-Zero "AR Racing" tires, performance flat-bottom steering wheel with microfiber inserts, carbon fiber exterior mirrors and carbon fiber gauge cluster bezel, plus the availability of Black leather performance seats with microfiber inserts and Red or Yellow accent stitching.

Enthusiast-desired "manual" steering

In line with the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's ultra-lightweight design and desire for maximum agility and road feel, the conventional power steering system is removed altogether. Through a manual steering system and 15.7:1 quick-ratio steering, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider provides the driver with maximum feel-of-the-road. Furthermore, an appropriate steering-wheel load is maintained thanks to the low overall weight of the car.

Powerful stopping power, up to 1.25 g of braking deceleration

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's brake system is designed for track use, where decisive braking even under the most intensive conditions is required. To deliver maximum stopping power and 1.25 g of braking deceleration, this Alfa Romeo is equipped with four self-ventilating perforated discs and Brembo four-piston aluminum calipers at the front axle.

Excellence handcrafted in Modena, Italy

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider combines two excellences – the racing and performance know how of Alfa Romeo engineering, plus the craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise of Maserati.

The very best technical and industrial expertise of the Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands were used to develop the 4C Coupe and all-new 4C Spider. Teamwork between the two brands included the integration of the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile with the well-known craftsmanship of the Maserati brand's Modena workshop. In addition, the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and 4C Spider are boosted by the technological contributions of Italian suppliers, who are international leaders in manufacturing high-performance components.

This is a distinguishing trait of Alfa Romeo, a brand with a century of history that continues to be one of the most famous and popular ambassadors of Italian products around the world.

Alfa Romeo

Concept Pre-Serie






Alfa-4C-Spider-0012_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Alfa-4C-Spider-0013_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Alfa-4C-Spider-0014_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Alfa-4C-Spider-0015_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Alfa-4C-Spider-0016_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 picvidwhite.png

Press Release :

Ginevra 2014: al debutto l’avant-premiere di Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Svelata a Ginevra l'evoluzione 'scoperta' della pluripremiata supercar Alfa Romeo

L'avant-premiere è una vera e propria ricerca stilistica finalizzata a selezionare alcuni contenuti per la produzione in serie prevista per l'inizio del 2015

Livrea esclusiva Bianco Lucido Tristrato abbinata a una pregiata selleria in cuoio

Configurazione a '2 posti secchi' con trazione posteriore e motore in posizione centrale

Studio di un sistema di scarico centrale a doppio stadio con terminali in titanio e carbonio

Proiettori anteriori 'sotto lente'

Nuovi cerchi in lega a diametro differenziato da 18" e 19

Anello parabrezza e copri roll-bar specifico in carbonio

Prestazioni esaltanti con il '4 cilindri' 1750 Turbo Benzina e cambio automatico Alfa TCT

Debutta all'84esimo Salone Internazionale di Ginevra l'avant-premiere dell'Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, l'evoluzione 'scoperta' della pluripremiata coupé lanciata lo scorso. Caratterizzata da elementi specifici e trattamenti estetici distintivi, l'avant-premiere è una vera e propria ricerca stilistica finalizzata a selezionare alcuni di questi contenuti per la produzione in serie prevista per l'inizio del prossimo anno.

Nella tradizione Alfa Romeo, lo Spider occupa un posto di rilievo in quanto ha sempre rappresentato l'espressione più 'libera ed emotiva' dell'automobile. E con questo spirito nasce l'avant-premiere dell'Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, la naturale evoluzione delle versioni spider realizzate dall'Alfa Romeo nella sua lunga storia, vetture che da sempre regalano grandi emozioni, assicurano il massimo del piacere di guida e coniugano una linea da sogno con le prestazioni di motori potenti ed elastici.

Per questo motivo l'avant-premiere eredita tutte le peculiarità vincenti della coupé Alfa Romeo 4C , l'icona moderna del marchio che rappresenta l'essenza della sportività insita nel 'Dna Alfa Romeo': prestazioni, stile italiano ed eccellenza tecnica finalizzata al massimo del piacere di guida in piena sicurezza.

Stile esterno

Disegnata dal Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, l'avant-premiere a '2 posti secchi' con trazione posteriore e motore in posizione centrale, conferma l'eccellenza del brand in questo settore come dimostrano alcuni dei suoi spider riconosciuti tra i più belli della storia dell'automobilismo mondiale, quali la Giulietta Spider degli anni 50 o il mitico Duetto reso celebre dal film "Il laureato" del 1967, fino all'affascinante Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. E oggi tocca all'Alfa Romeo 4C Spider raccogliere il testimone proiettando nel futuro i valori di tecnologia ed emozione che appartengono al patrimonio Alfa Romeo.

Peculiarità dell'avant-premiere è l'esclusiva livrea Bianco Lucido Tristrato che, con la sua profondità e cangianza, plasma i volumi della vettura evidenziando le superfici scolpite e finemente modellate.

Su questo 'vestito' dall'inconfondibile 'eleganza italiana' spiccano il copri roll-bar specifico in carbonio e l'anello parabrezza in carbonio che abbina i concetti di leggerezza e resistenza, in linea con il binomio 'bellezza funzionale' esclusivo di Alfa Romeo.

La ricerca di soluzioni stilistiche inedite si vede anche nei nuovi proiettori anteriori 'sotto lente', dai particolari cerchi in lega a diametro differenziato (18" all'anteriore e 19" al posteriore) e dai pneumatici Pirelli di generose dimensioni.

Design interno

L'essenzialità del design e dei materiali contraddistingue anche gli interni, essendo tutto concepito e finalizzato al massimo coinvolgimento dell'esperienza di guida. In particolare, all'interno spicca immediatamente la fibra di carbonio impiegata per la realizzazione della cellula centrale, lasciata a vista per esaltare il senso di unicità, di tecnologia e leggerezza. Inoltre, per esaltare ulteriormente l'unicità della versione spider i designer Alfa Romeo hanno scelto una particolare selleria in cuoio frutto della migliore tradizione artigianale Made in Italy.

Dimensioni e aerodinamica

L'avant-premiere dell'Alfa Romeo 4C Spider ha una lunghezza di circa 4 metri e un passo inferiore a 2,4 metri: misure che, da una parte, mettono in risalto le doti di compattezza della vettura, dall'altra ne accentuano le caratteristiche di agilità. Grazie all'eccellente lavoro dei progettisti, la vettura raggiunge i massimi livelli di efficienza aerodinamica mantenendo come sulla versione coupé un comportamento deportante che contribuisce ad aumentare la stabilità alle alte velocità. Inoltre, grazie a un approfondito studio aerodinamico è stato possibile ridurre al minimo la turbolenza dell'aria nell'abitacolo con la capote aperta rendendo quindi possibile un viaggio egualmente confortevole anche a velocità sostenuta.

Una spider con un aggravio di peso contenuto grazie ai materiali pregiati già impiegati sulla coupé

Grazie alla validità del progetto '4C coupé' e al suo telaio in carbonio, anche la 4C Spider garantirà un rapporto peso/potenza ai vertici della categoria con prestazioni di spicco grazie a un peso totale a secco inferiore ai 1.000 kg. Lo dimostra anche il lunotto posteriore in vetro che è stato sostituito dal proseguimento in SMC (SheetMoulding Compound) della carrozzeria che accoglie gli appoggiatesta e il roll-bar. Va sottolineato che l'SMC a bassa densità con soli 1,5 g/cm³ è un materiale nettamente più leggero rispetto ad acciaio (~7,8 g/cm³) e alluminio (~2,7 g/cm³), oltre a essere più malleabile. Inoltre, a differenza dell'alluminio, non si deforma in caso di piccoli urti e resiste molto bene agli agenti chimici e atmosferici. In più disperde molto bene la rumorosità, a tutto vantaggio del comfort acustico.

Studio di un sistema di scarico in titanio e carbonio

L'avant-premiere dell'Alfa Romeo 4C Spider adotta un concept di sistema di scarico centrale a doppio stadio con terminali in titanio e carbonio by Akrapovic, società produttrice di impianti di scarico da competizione per Moto GP, Superbike, Supersport, Motocross ed Enduro. Tra le maggiori peculiarità di questo contenuto vi è la valvola elettroattuata con tecnologia wireless. Lo studio di scarico 'dual mode' è in pieno spirito Spider dove il piacere di guida 'en plein air' può essere amplificato a scelta dal guidatore attraverso un doppio set up dello scarico: uno più attenuato per una guida più rilassata ed uno più aggressivo per una guida sportiva.

Performance eccellenti con il nuovo '4 cilindri' 1750 Turbo Benzina Alfa TCT

Confermato il propulsore della versione coupè: il nuovo '4 cilindri' 1750 Turbo Benzina che adotta un innovativo basamento in alluminio permettendo di risparmiare 22kg. e specifici impianti di aspirazione e scarico ottimizzati per esaltare ulteriormente la sportività della vettura. In più sono presenti soluzioni tecniche all'avanguardia quali l'iniezione diretta di benzina, il doppio variatore di fase continuo, il turbocompressore e un rivoluzionario sistema di controllo definito "scavenging" che elimina il "turbolag".

Il Turbo Benzina 1750 è abbinato all'innovativo cambio automatico a doppia frizione a secco Alfa TCT vero punto di riferimento della categoria per il peso contenuto e l'estrema velocità di attuazione. Il cambio può essere comandato anche in modalità sequenziale attraverso gli "shift paddles" posti dietro il volante.

Così equipaggiata l'avant-premiere dell'Alfa Romeo 4C Spider assicura anche al driver più esperto prestazioni e sensazioni straordinarie che, al parti della versione coupé, rimangono ai vertici della categoria sia per prestazioni assolute che per handling e piacere di guida.

Infine, come tutte le Alfa Romeo di ultima generazione, anche l'avant-premiere dell'Alfa Romeo 4C Spider adotta il selettore DNA: il dispositivo che permette di cambiare il temperamento della vettura, adattandolo alle condizioni di utilizzo del momento. Oltre ai tre settaggi finora disponibili - Dynamic, Natural e All-Weather - il dispositivo realizzato per la Supercar Alfa Romeo aggiunge una quarta modalità: 'Race', pensata per esaltare ulteriormente l'esperienza di guida in pista.


Oltre alle performance assolute, l'avant-premiere dell'Alfa Romeo 4C Spider si contraddistingue per l'handling, unico nel suo genere: grazie un feeling e a una facilità di guida ai massimi livelli, infatti, è possibile godere appieno della vettura in ogni situazione di utilizzo, non solamente nell'uso estremo in pista. Per la 'scoperta' Alfa Romeo è stato studiato uno specifico set up delle sospensioni tale da garantire lo stesso feeling e piacere di guida della 4C Coupé.

Ginevra 2014: al debutto l’avant-premiere di Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Comunicati Stampa - Fiat Group Automobiles Press



1.750 TBi TCT (240 CV):

4C Spider: 75.000€


Topic Spies: freccina19rossaiy0.gif Alfa Romeo 4C Targa (Spy)


Topic Coupé: freccina19rossaiy0.gif Alfa Romeo 4C 2013


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5 foto, hanno sputtanato tutti i miei risparmi.

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hanno cambiato in toto il disegno del paraurti posteriore?

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Troppe auto belle in un solo giorno fanno male.

Devo postare qualche scatoletta brasiliana :si::mrgreen:

Anyway...stupenda, a cominciare dai fari.

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Preferisco la Coupé... Anche se gli interni di questa (da quel poco che si vede...) sono da SBAVO! :8-

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Se offrissero pure il rivestimento trasparente per il cofano motore, allora sarebbe la perfezione.

Comunque sia, la trovo una splendida evoluzione di una già splendida auto. Però da fustigare il responsabile per la scelta del colore.

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5 foto, hanno sputtanato tutti i miei risparmi.

Scommetto che stai andato a dare indietro la 500 C :mrgreen: Da spider è ancora più bella.

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Però da fustigare il responsabile per la scelta del colore.

Cosa ti ha fatto di male il bianco? :D

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