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On 14 septembre 2017 at 11:55, LucioFire dice:

maledetti,mi tocca comprare il modlelino pure di questa.

fanno più macchine loro fra serie,specialities e caxxi vari che un generalista :D

a casa sento l'audio...

Fanno veramente piu machine, in 10 anni hanno sfornato 25 nouvi modelli ! :D


12 modelli/specialities negli ultimi 3 anni...

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The FFX K, Ferrari’s multi-million-dollar track toy, is going to be blessed with the hardcore Evoluzione treatment in just a few days during the Ferrari Mondiali event where the “standard” race car made its debut three years ago. While its predecessor was unveiled in Abu Dhabi at the Yas Marina circuit, the Evo version will receive its world premiere in Italy at the Mugello Circuit owned by the prancing horse.


The third "XX" race car to spawn an Evo derivative after the Enzo-based FXX and the 599XX, the FXX K is already a hybrid monster in its regular guise as it provides a combined output of 1,050 horsepower and 664 pound-feet (900 Newton-meters) of torque. The mighty V12 engine delivers a maximum 860 hp at 9,200 rpm and works together with an electric motor good for 190 hp in a hypercar that weighs as little as 1,165 kilograms (2,568 pounds) before you start adding fluids and the driver.

The Evo pack will boost aero courtesy of a full-width rear wing and some tweaks to the front spoiler as well as the diffuser at the back where new vents are going to be added below the tiny taillights.

Also expect to see a T-shaped element positioned below the Ferrari logo in the center of the rear to make the FXX K even sleeker. More power is likely on the agenda as well together with other upgrades.

Details about pricing are not available at this point, but it’s not that big of a deal considering the cars have probably been sold already. For what it’s worth, the regular FXX K – limited to only 40 examples - retailed for roughly $3 million, so don’t be too surprised if the Evo is/was even more expensive. After all, it will definitely be the wildest car ever to come from Maranello.

To ease the wait until this weekend, here's a spy video with a prototype stretching its legs at Monza.


Source: Ferrari


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