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Fuori Produzione; per il Nuovo Modello cliccate sul seguente link:

freccina19rossaiy0.gifSEAT Alhambra Facelift 2015








001_thumbnail.jpg 002_thumbnail.jpg 003_thumbnail.jpg 007_thumbnail.jpg 008_thumbnail.jpg 009_thumbnail.jpg 010_thumbnail.jpg 011_thumbnail.jpg

012_thumbnail.jpg 013_thumbnail.jpg 014_thumbnail.jpg 015_thumbnail.jpg 016_thumbnail.jpg 017_thumbnail.jpg 018_thumbnail.jpg 019_thumbnail.jpg

020_thumbnail.jpg 021_thumbnail.jpg 022_thumbnail.jpg 023_thumbnail.jpg 025_thumbnail.jpg 026_thumbnail.jpg 027_thumbnail.jpg 028_thumbnail.jpg

029_thumbnail.jpg 030_thumbnail.jpg 031_thumbnail.jpg 035_thumbnail.jpg 036_thumbnail.jpg 039_thumbnail.jpg 040_thumbnail.jpg 041_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011185_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011158_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011170_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011152_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011155_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011166_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011156_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010174_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2010172_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010173_thumbnail.jpg seaalhambra2010fotofuer_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010180_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010171_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010181_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010182_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011151_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011153_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011154_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011157_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011159_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011160_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011161_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011162_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011163_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011164_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011165_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011167_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011168_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011169_thumbnail.jpgseatalhambra2011171_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011172_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011173_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011174_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011175_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011176_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011177_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011178_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011179_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011180_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011181_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011182_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011183_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011184_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011186_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011187_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011188_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011189_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011190_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011191_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011192_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011193_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011194_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011195_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011196_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011197_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011198_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011199_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011200_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011201_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011202_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011203_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011204_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011205_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011206_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011207_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011208_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011209_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011210_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011211_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011212_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011219_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010183_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011213_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010175_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011214_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011215_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011216_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011217_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011218_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010176_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011220_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011221_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011222_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011223_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010179_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011224_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011225_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011226_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011227_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011228_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010177_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2010178_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011229_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011230_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011231_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011232_thumbnail.jpg

seatalhambra2011233_thumbnail.jpg seatalhambra2011150_thumbnail.jpg





carscoop - es.autoblog - km77


Press Release :

New SEAT Alhambra - Technology for the whole family to enjoy

• New range of TDI and TSI engines - more efficient and better performance

• New body structure with sliding doors

• Greater functionality and seating modularity for 5 or 7 passengers

Coinciding with its presentation to the motoring trade press specialists, the new SEAT Alhambra is making a statement-filled market appearance, with a line-up of efficient, high-performance engines and a level of equipment that includes several high-tech solutions. Now even more functional, with greater modularity and exceptional driving comfort, the SEAT Alhambra will surely become the newest benchmark in the large passenger van segment.

To begin with, the Spanish brand's new model line-up features two common rail Diesel engines with DPF particulate filter - the 140 and 170 hp 2.0 TDI CR, and the 150 hp 1.4 TSI petrol engine, as the 200 hp 2.0 TSI will be launched by year-end. All of the Alhambra range versions are ECOMOTIVE or ECOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, which include the Auto Start/Stop function and energy recovery system. The 140 and 170 hp 2.0 TDI CR engines are also available with the six-speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox.

Fully equipped

The new Alhambra is available in two trim combinations - Reference and Style, featuring a complete line-up of standard equipment. In its basic version, SEAT's new van comes equipped with seven airbags (2 front, 2 side, 2 headbags and one driver kneebag), ESP + EBA, front passenger airbag disconnection, Autolock function, driver-side electronic rear door blocking, low tyre pressure warning, rear seat Isofix anchoring points, 205/60 tyres on 16" steel wheels, body colour wing mirrors with integrated LED signal indicators, body colour bumpers and door handles, halogen headlights, heat-shielded side and rear windows, sliding rear side doors, roof rails (black) air conditioning, electric heated wing mirrors, front and rear power windows, open door warning display, electric hand brake, 12V socket on central console (2 with 5-seater, 1 with 7-seater), and one in the boot, SEAT Sound System 1.0 with four speakers, trip computer, height adjustable driver seat, back and forward sliding three rear seats with backrest adjustment and 'Easy Fold' function, cooled locking glove compartment, glove compartment light, open storage compartment on dashboard, ceiling storage compartment, adjustable folding luggage compartment cover, three-spoke steering wheel and four boot tethers.

The Style trim builds on Reference with a 3-zone climate control, cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, headlight beam sensor with dipping function + rain sensing wipers, cornering foglights, MDI (USB/Aux-in), SEAT Sound System 2.0 system with eight speakers,205/60 tyres on 16" alloy wheels, electric heated folding wing mirrors, three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, leather gearknob, height and lumbar adjusting passenger seat, passenger seat that folds into a table, folding trays facing second row passengers, storage drawers beneath front seats and on dashboard (with lid), storage pouches on rear of front seat backrests, 2 sunshades on rear side doors, 230V socket, chrome interior inserts, glasses compartment, covered floor storage compartment in 2nd row and driver seat with electric height, lumbar and backrest adjustment.


E chi se l'aspettava :shock:

Niente male ;) !

Edited by Touareg 2.5

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Non me l'aspettavo! IMHO più carina del VW...

Ora sarebbe il caso di farla anche a marchio Skoda ;)

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Certo che un colore più "umano" no eh?? :disp2:
Eh si sà: non tutto ciò che luccica (o ha un colore simile...) è oro! :disag::mrgreen:

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Non me l'aspettavo! IMHO più carina del VW...

Ora sarebbe il caso di farla anche a marchio Skoda ;)

Ti quoto Gianni;), sopratutto il posteriore acquista molto con quei fari

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Dietro meglio la seat, davanti la ww....concordo con MatteoB non capisco che senso e che mercato abbiano ancora ste auto, soprattutto facendolo con un progetto interamente nuovo come questo.

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Beh però però... imho come stile non ci sono grandi cose ma non fa neanche nulla di male per non piacere... lo apprezzo più di altri modelli concorrenti.

P.s. Ma cos'è? Meriva 2 ha lanciato la moda del "facciamo foto ufficiali con allegra brigata intenta a farne di tutti i colori"? I bambini nel baule che se la prendono con le cinture sono uno spasso :)

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