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quanto ti piace la Peugeot 2008?  

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  1. 1. quanto ti piace la Peugeot 2008?

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403208_4239_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-1.jpg 403208_3972_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-2.jpg 403208_6854_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-3.jpg 403208_9868_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-4.jpg 403208_5200_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-32.jpg

403208_5156_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-42.jpg 403208_1615_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-5.jpg 403208_9813_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-6.jpg 403208_4399_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-7.jpg 403208_6785_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-8.jpg

403208_8211_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-9.jpg 403208_4003_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-10.jpg 403208_3755_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-11.jpg 403208_5897_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-12.jpg 403208_8202_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-13.jpg

403208_1943_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-14.jpg 403208_2446_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-15.jpg 403208_4313_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-16.jpg 403208_6798_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-17.jpg 403208_9882_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-18.jpg

403208_3616_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-19.jpg 403208_4919_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-20.jpg 403208_7270_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-21.jpg 403208_2478_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-22.jpg 403208_2443_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-23.jpg

403208_5150_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-24.jpg 403208_7077_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-25.jpg 403208_9203_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-26.jpg 403208_5135_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-27.jpg 403208_7785_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-28.jpg

403208_9275_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-29.jpg 403208_3075_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-30.jpg 403208_3605_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-311.jpg 403208_5215_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-321.jpg 403208_7188_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-33.jpg

403208_1587_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-34.jpg 403208_6604_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-35.jpg 403208_1610_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-36.jpg 403208_8424_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-37.jpg 403208_1153_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-38.jpg

403208_3059_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-39.jpg 403208_8264_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-40.jpg 403208_9560_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-411.jpg 403208_5353_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-421.jpg 403208_9859_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-43.jpg

403208_8301_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-44.jpg 403208_3322_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-45.jpg 403208_5438_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-46.jpg 403208_9438_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-47.jpg 403208_4379_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-48.jpg

403208_4903_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-49.jpg 403208_7937_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-50.jpg 403208_2031_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-51.jpg 403208_4066_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-52.jpg 403208_5659_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-53.jpg

403208_1969_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-54.jpg 403208_1825_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-55.jpg 403208_5372_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-56.jpg 403208_8690_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-57.jpg 403208_2030_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-58.jpg

403208_1544_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-59.jpg 403208_5805_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-60.jpg 403208_7637_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-61.jpg 403208_2557_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-62.jpg 403208_6727_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-63.jpg

403208_4575_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-64.jpg 403208_9302_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-65.jpg 403208_1389_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-66.jpg 403208_6687_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-67.jpg 403208_8750_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-68.jpg

403208_2084_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-69.jpg 403208_4070_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-70.jpg 403208_6220_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-71.jpg 403208_6729_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-72.jpg 403208_2557_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-73.jpg

403208_4557_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-74.jpg 403208_4633_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-75.jpg 403208_6976_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-76.jpg 403208_9168_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-77.jpg 403208_4317_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-78.jpg

403208_4709_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-79.jpg 403208_6417_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-80.jpg 403208_8951_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-81.jpg 403208_1816_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-82.jpg 403208_6270_mic_2013-peugeot-2008-83.jpg

es.autoblog - quattoruote

Press Release :

  • [*=left]The Peugeot 2008 addresses the increasing demands of new customers around the world
    [*=left]Utilises all the attributes and engines of the 208 with new product features
    [*=left]Crossover design is modern, stylish, practical and very capable

With the 2008, Peugeot capitalises on its expertise, acquired with the success of the award-winning 3008 Crossover, to create an innovative vehicle for the B segment. Set to go on sale in the UK in the late summer (with the order book opening in June), 2008 builds on the product offensive successfully initiated by the 208, with 20,000 orders in the UK in its first six months on sale.

The new crossover by Peugeot is the first vehicle produced by the Marque that was designed and developed simultaneously by several international markets. With its worldwide objectives, the 2008 thrusts the Brand into a new dynamic, in line with its strategy of developing its crossover range and attracting new customers.

An innovative concept

In a world constantly evolving and increasingly urban, a new generation of customers is emerging. Eager to always be on the move; they feed on dynamism. Agile and diverse, on every continent, they are looking for products which reflect their personality.

"In the 2008, the Marque has the vehicle that will secure its leadership in the segment in Europe and which will win new customers in Asia and Latin America."

Maxime Picat, Director General of Peugeot

Drawing strength from this observation, the Marque drew up a specification with ambitious objectives. From the start, it incorporated into the DNA of the crossover by Peugeot, elements that together combine an accomplished driving experience and stylish design.

Peugeot rose to the challenge. Upmarket and dynamic, the new crossover by Peugeot offers a rich and varied experience in the B segment. At just 4.16 metres long, the 2008 innovates by combining the driving characteristics of a hatchback with the strengths of an SUV giving space, modularity and comfort. Equally at ease in town as on the open road, it can escape from the city with confidence, due to features like Grip Control. Stimulating and versatile, the 2008 suits a diverse spectrum of customers. The 2008 will be produced close to its markets, in France (Mulhouse), in China (Wuhan) and in Brazil (Porto Real).

“With the 2008, Peugeot is continuing its product offensive and capitalising on the success of the 3008 by offering a new crossover, urban and innovative, to win over an international clientele.”

Xavier Peugeot, Peugeot Product Director

A unique style, combining elegance and strength

The 2008 reinvents the standards of large-volume vehicles in the compact car segment. Innovative from a first glance, it successfully merges the two worlds. The strong stylistic trend affirms its identity for practicality, volume and the driving experience available.

With its higher driving position and pronounced wheel arches the 2008 has an appealing road presence and stance when fitted with either ‘Mud & Snow’ tyres or 17’’ alloy wheels. The black bumpers and body sills serve to protect it from abrasions with the addition of front and rear body protection and side mouldings in stainless steel.

The front face adopts the latest Peugeot style codes, with panel fit and features working together seamlessly and precisely. Finely sculpted, the bonnet lines infer lightness, strength and protection for the 2008, while the ‘floating grille’ face has a solidity of form with vertical elements to harness aerodynamic performance and efficiency. The innovative headlamps are designed precisely to reflect the technical functions. Sharp and precise, they act with the bodywork to given the outline appearance of a cat's pupil. Sculpted, they are at one with the front face, giving it an even more expressive, technological and individual character. This look is emphasised by LED daytime running lights.

"The 2008 has succeeded in merging worlds and cultures to offer a style which goes beyond customer expectations."

Gilles Vidal, Peugeot Style Director

This new urban crossover has elegant and sophisticated sculpted wings and sides, indicating clear athletic qualities. The generous glazed surfaces, including the panoramic roof available on some models, promise a spacious interior open to its surroundings.

The rear also combines strength with dynamism. The boot volume, with a low loading sill, has above it a roofline with dynamic curves, inspired by the double-bubble roofline of the desirable RCZ Sports Coupé. The rear lights appear to be floating inside their housing and the three luminous claws are lit at their base by LEDs that appear suspended.

The contoured and elegant roofline design style is most prominent in profile view. The roof has a wave-line that rises above the rear seat position and sets the scene as a characteristic feature of the 2008. The roofline optimises aerodynamic performance with an integrated spoiler, extended over the top of the tailgate. The precise design of the roof bars are the finishing touches that enhance the personality of dynamism and leisure pursuits expressed with the Peugeot 2008.

The latest-generation engines draw the very essence of the lightness and profiled silhouette to offer an exceptional driving experience combined with a true breakthrough in terms of fuel economy. Due to the technology of the e-HDi Diesel and new 3-cylinder petrol engines, the 2008 urban crossover stands out from the competition with CO2 starting from just 99g/km.

The new 2008 will make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Edited by Touareg 2.5

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Pensavo di averle viste tutte ma...

...il tetto ad un certo punto sale!

Forse solo ai lati ma... sale!

Le auto francesi hanno ancora qualcosa da inventarsi...:si:

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Ho aggiunto le high-res, anche dei particolari.

I motori al lancio, sempre secondo l'argus.fr, dovrebbero essere i seguenti:


  • 1.2 VTi (110Cv)
  • 1.6 THP (156Cv)


  • 1.6 e-HDi (92Cv)
  • 1.6 e-HDi (115Cv)

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'zzo :D

Proprio un bel macchinino 8-)

Tra lui, l'Ecosport e il Sedici non saprei chi scegliere :pen:

Chi mi spiega la portiera posteriore?


...no :mrgreen:

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Bel trabicolo. I migliori complimenti!

'zzo :D

Proprio un bel macchinino 8-)

Tra lui, l'Ecosport e il Sedici non saprei chi scegliere :pen:


Metterei lui, l'Ecosport (che nun me piace) e lo Juke (che trovo originale e simpatico) :).

Ancora consideri il Sedici??? :)

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Carino, ma vorrei rivedere la portiera posteriore, che mi ha fatto pensare subito a...


E poi non mi sconfinfera qui:


IMHO stesso problemino della Y, troppo alta la targa, troppo spazio vuoto che richiede plastica nera in basso per essere colmato.

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Quello sbalzo sul paraurti posteriore lo digerisco poco.

Anche la portiera psoteriore mi perplime.

Nel complesso però è interessante.

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