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quanto ti piace la nuova Lancia Ypsilon 2011?  

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  1. 1. quanto ti piace la nuova Lancia Ypsilon 2011?

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Press Release:


The model in briefThe Geneva Motor Show was the setting of the world premiere of the new Lancia Ypsilon, a "small flagship" that in just 3.84 metres packs the best of Italian style, innovation and eco-friendliness. For the first time it is proposed in a 5-door version designed to offer even greater convenience and comfort to devotees of Lancia charm, technological excellence and unique style.


At the heart of the Ypsilon's design is an original approach to the "premium" car concept that redefines the meaning of the word "luxury", fascinating those who seek originality and character, those who love technology and elegance, and those who admire quality and innovation. With Ypsilon, luxury becomes something unique that triggers an emotion, the pleasure of "owning" but without pretentious display, the search for uniqueness in any area, the statement of one's true personality without allowing himself to be swayed by the judgements of others.


The new Ypsilon, which will be on the market from June across key European markets and from September in Great Britain and Ireland with the Chrysler brand, is the fourth series of the successful model - over one and a half million vehicles currently on the road - born in 1985 when the Y10 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. It was a miniature flagship with style and content features never seen before on an economy car of the day, marking that forerunner spirit that was to accompany the model until today. It was the Lancia Y's turn in 1996: elegant, elite, with a strong personality that reinforced the concept of "customized luxury". Hence we arrived in 2003 when the third generation, the Lancia Ypsilon, brought to the world of city-cars the technology and "class" till then exclusively reserved for models in higher segments.

Now the baton is taken up by the new Ypsilon, which confirms it is the "Fashion City-Car" par excellence that continues to charm with its personality, sophisticated style and unconventional class, but it has become more grown up and mature, with a wider appeal. And below this polished exterior bearing the prestigious "Made in Italy" label lies all the substance of a car that boasts cutting-edge technology as recently pointed out by the four awards given in occasion of the "International Engine of the Year" competition.

The innovative engine excelled over the competitors' engines in all categories in which it competed and it has been appointed as the "International Engine of the Year 2011". Together with the Twin Air, the motoring excellence of the new Ypsilon follows with the eco-friendly systems Multijet II e Start&Stop, and unique features in this category such as the brand new "Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE" and the "Smart fuel" system", in addition to the innovative second generation Magic Parking, Bi-Xenon headlights and LED tail lights.

A refined and innovative Italian "5-door" with the look typical of a "3-door", the new Ypsilon is a very compact car, so much so that it remains in segment "B" but with high standards of roominess and comfort: although just 384 cm long, 167 cm wide and 152 cm high, with a wheelbase of 239 cm, the New Ypsilon can accommodate up to five people and in relation to its size, has one of the most spacious boots in its segment and is one of the best in class in terms of passenger room. Without increasing the size of the rear passenger area, excellent accessibility and comfort have been achieved with the use of "slim seats", a technology used here for the first time by Fiat Group Automobiles.


In this way the New Ypsilon continues its domination of the key city-car category in response both to recent market trends where the "5-door" market represents two-thirds of segment B, and to the needs of a broader target than that reached until now, including young men and young families. It is precisely regarding the quality, comfort and usability of the interiors that the new car is determined to make all the difference. Hop inside and you become aware of the refined materials and colour combinations, the attention to detail and the numerous options for customization.


At the time of the launch, the range offered over 600 possible customisations created by cross-matching 3 interior trim specifications (Silver, Gold and Platinum), all designed to offer the customer high product value, 16 Elegant liveries of which 4 are two-tone, 6 different upholstery trims, 3 types of alloy wheels and 3 engines: (69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II and 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir, the latter also with DFN semi-automatic gearbox), a turbodiesel (95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II), all equipped with Start&Stop technology as standard. Afterwards also the 1.2 Fire EVO II Bi-fuel engine (petrol and LPG) will be available. Note that a wealth of equipment in the field of safety is standard on the entire range: electronic stability control complete with ASR and Hill Holder, ABS with EBD, from 4 to 6 airbags (front, window-bags and side), in addition to the ISOFIX attachments.

Therefore, the new car represents an evolution of the Ypsilon model in terms of technology, safety, comfort and usability, but even so it preserves its positioning of "accessible luxury" as an attractive price list demonstrates. In detail, the Silver trim level provides door opening remote control, height- and reach-adjustable steering wheel, electric front windows, 50/50 split rear seat, height-adjustable driver seat, 15" steel wheels, interiors in technical fabric with fitted electro-welded seams, radio set-up and rear heated window. In terms of safety, ABS with EBD, ESP complete with ASR and Hill Holder, front and side airbags, and also the Isofix attachments are offered standard. In addition to this great quantity of equipment, the Gold version adds: manual climate control, radio with CD and MP3 player, electrically adjustable door mirrors, steering wheel and leather-trimmed gear-lever gaiter, Castiglio upholstery and Comfort Pack. Finally, the Platinum trim level offers the added rear electric windows, fog lights, 15" alloy wheels, rear seat head restraints and leather upholstery.


In addition, for those eager to customize their New Ypsilon and make it truly exclusive, an extensive range of fine, top quality accessories is available. Not only do the accessories offer great style and meticulous attention to detail, but they also go beautifully with the car, in line with the unmistakable Lancia style and in full compliance with technical, stylistic and mechanical characteristics of the new car. From exclusive 16" alloy wheels, side skirts and tinted headlights to a black kick plate with illuminated logo, a "Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE" and the Accessories Packs

The new Ypsilon has its sights set on becoming the alternative "premium" city car in Europe, designed as it is for a demanding customer who likes to stand out from the crowd but who also, at the same time, wants a car that is enjoyable and comfortable for everyday use. Without forgetting that nowadays the product itself is not the only "premium" element for enticing a potential customer. For this reason the brand has come up with important new sales and after-sales proposals to cater to the desires, needs, tastes and aspirations of many different customers. An example? The extended warranty devised by FGA Capital, a finance company specialising in the automotive sector. What's exciting about this solution is the extended duration up to 96 months, the unlimited mileage and the contents: a complete coverage for the vehicle components. And a characteristic even more innovative on the market is the same level of coverage for the entire duration chosen for the loan.

Elements that recall the past are masterfully reworked in a modern vein. This is the original style of the new Ypsilon which once again reveals its feisty, unconventional character, in which the elegance and refinement inherited from its distant forebears are reworked, embracing new cross-fertilization or consolidating solutions which are by no means obvious.

While the exterior of the vehicle exudes an intriguing style, the inside provides the perfect place for elegance and innovation to join forces: on the one hand there is meticulous attention to craftsmanship in upholstery, which has always set Lancia cars apart from the competition, then there is the use of highly advanced design solutions. This union between elegance and innovation produces the unmistakable Lancia class which, like the best Italian luxury products, combines unparalleled style with cutting-edge technology. And it is precisely the Italian stylistic features that transform a product "made in Italy" into something unique. This is as true for fashion and fashion accessories as it is for a successful car. Indeed, a car's success is the result of a winning bet, of a flash of stylistic intuition mediated by research on new trends in tastes, on emerging customer needs and on forecasts relating to market trends and rival models. Therefore, it stems from a hard recipe that is tested by the most severe judge: time.

Exteriors: personality and innovation

Although it is compact, the New Ypsilon vehicle body sports a streamlined look: this time the weight proportions and graphics "play" the volumes differently, distributing them nonetheless over very similar dimensions to the previous Ypsilon. Indeed, compared to the previous model, although the wheelbase is virtually identical, there are design differences: the windscreen is further forward while the front projection has been shortened in order to increase the rear one, providing a more spacious boot. Last but not least, the important decision was taken to have five doors. In the end, this adds almost three centimetres to the overall length and trims two centimetres off the height, achieving a sleeker look.


The volume of the front, nicely connected and pointed, shows off a new grille: as in a metamorphosis, the stem of the glass moves up, embracing the logo, and leaves room for the horizontal elements, with "spear" shaped tips. On one hand the spirit and non-conformist genes of the Ypsilon, on the other, an acknowledgment of the past with the sixties/seventies style grille.

With a unique design which is independent of other elements, the headlights made by Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting develop horizontally, highlighting the width of the front end. These Bi-Xenon headlights have rounded elliptical modules that give the car an even more aggressive and decisive "look". In addition, the ends of the headlights define the size of the wings at the side. Above these and the grille rests the bonnet, like a lid, delineating a clear horizontal division: the design is subtly reminiscent of the lines of the Lancia Ardea.


The side sports elements that hint at the car's personality and character, and these are offset by other more discreet lines: the handle of the rear door is concealed, integrated into the structure, thus emphasising the front door handle. The final effect is that of a compact 3-door city car with all the comfort of a 5-door model. The convex section of the doors is sculpted by a delicate concave section which fades on the side, dynamically enclosing the sign produced.


Viewed from the side, lastly, you note two dynamically sweeping curves: the first departs from line of the bonnet, sweeps along the waistline and up the rear pillar. The second, climbing from the bottom of the front pillar, traces the upper arch of the glass, intersecting the first curve, rising from the pillar below, and descends to delineate the outer edge of the rear window. The effect of a clear separation between the roof and the rear pillar is a familiar reference to the Lancia Delta.

The general volume of the rear is tapered for improved aerodynamics, featuring a pronounced tailgate, hollowed in the middle: the space obtained accommodates the number plate at the bottom; above this, set like a jewel, is the rear window which is delineated laterally by the lines descending from the pillar arch and from the spoiler above.


The shoulders emerge from the side panels and generate volumes which, running down the sides of the tailgate, link up with and embrace the tail lights. Their external positioning and vertical development, typical of recent Lancias, is emphasised by the layout of the functions: long LED light-guide bars for the sidelights and, below, brake lights; laterally at the bottom, a triangular space houses the indicators.


The bottom part of the bumper has a black centre band which accommodates and protects the reverse light and the rear fog light, lightening the overall volume.


The overall design of the new Ypsilon was conceived right from the outset to separate the various parts of the car in order to favour the two-tone version in the boldest, sleekest and most attractive way possible. After all, colour has never been simply a matter of aesthetics for the Ypsilon. On the contrary, it is an integral part of a product philosophy based on elegance, glamour, personality, play, creativity, style and the widest array of customisation options. And the new Ypsilon in no exception as its range of exterior shades stands to show, the widest of the category: 2 pastels, 2 three-coat hues, 4 metallic, 4 metal-flake shades with an iridescent effect and 4 two-tone colours.

Interiors: charm decked out in practicality

The new Ypsilon confirms and expands the heritage of its predecessors, adding even more elegance and innovation. The characteristics that have always distinguished Lancia's small city-cars, such as exquisite, unique upholstery for interiors, are reworked, combining class and hi-tech content. The concepts that guided the design of the compartment are rooted in the glorious past of the brand, but with the addition of a strong technological emphasis.


Right from the drawing board stage, the inspiration for the interior was an embrace. The instrument panel is embraced by the door panels which, in the back, surround the seats perfectly.


The design of the dashboard aims to highlight the contrast between the fabric insert that extends towards the occupants, with the upper part which traces the line of the windscreen, outlining it like an amphitheatre. The constructed curves create an effect of perspective, with the vanishing points positioned at the end of the dashboard in order to accentuate its width.


The passenger space is therefore created through subtraction of volumes and is represented by hollow surfaces which combine a different functional and perceptive usability with aesthetic seduction.

Analyzing the shapes, the construction is visible in the overlapped layers. The first are upholstered, covered with soft materials to enhance the impression of comfort and tactile experience, reminding the occupants of a domestic setting, as if they were sitting comfortably on their own sofa.


Sinuous lines yield in places to more technical ones which characterise the vents and the centre console. The contrast between the elements is marked by a slender black ribbon which cuts vertically across the instrument panel and links the central instrumentation to the gearbox, giving an impression of lightness highlighted at the ends by white LEDs. The console housing the radio and climate control system is a floating element resting on the central diffuser, while the metallic vents emerge from "tears" in the fabric. Lastly, the design of the door panels is simple and enveloping while the comfortable, high containment seats lend a sporty edge.

The Ypsilon family has always been synonymous with style and motoring enjoyment. Now the new Ypsilon has "grown", enhancing its offering with the addition of a number of important new features. The most obvious are the rear passenger doors, in addition to a range of environmentally-friendly engines and a raft of features - standard and optional - designed to improve on-board comfort.

Versatility: 5 doors but with a 3-door look

The new Ypsilon is a stylish Italian "5-door" with the typical look of a "3-door". It is a very compact car, so much so that it remains in segment "B" but with high standards of roominess and comfort: although just 384 cm long, 167 cm wide and 151 cm high, with a wheelbase of 239 cm, the new Ypsilon can accommodate up to five people and in relation to its size, has one of the most spacious boots in its segment and is one of the best in class in terms of passenger room. Without increasing the size of the rear passenger area, excellent accessibility and comfort have been achieved with the use of "slim seats", a technology used here for the first time by Fiat Group Automobiles.

Engines: power and eco-friendliness

The new Ypsilon range of engines comprises the petrol-powered 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II and 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir, the latter also with DFN semi-automatic gearbox; the 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II turbo diesel; and afterwards the 1.2 Fire EVO II Bi-fuel engine (petrol and LPG).

69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II (Euro 5)

The latest evolution in the Fire family, the 69 HP 1.2 8V is equipped standard with the Start&Stop system that ensures 5% less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (115 g/km is the recorded value) than the present-day engine, soaring to the top of its segment. Thanks to the continuous updates and its flexible architecture, this family of engines also remains a point of reference in the category as use of the continuously variable valve timing unit shows, able as it is to optimize valve timing (opening and closing) at all engine speeds. In this way fuel consumption is on the one hand reduced since the exhaust gas recirculates at low loads with lower pumping losses, and on the other performance increases to ensure torque availability at low rpm (102 Nm at 3000 rpm) and power at high rpm (69 HP at 5500 rpm). What results is an engine that offers the best flexibility to fuel consumption ration in the category.

85 HP 0.9 TwinAir (Euro 5): "International Engine of the Year 2011"

The second engine is the ideal solution for city use but, compared to the previously mentioned 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II , it has more power (85 HP) and torque (145 Nm at 1900 rpm). The first of a new family of two-cylinder engines by Fiat Powertrain, delivering from 65 to 105 HP, this 85 HP Turbo delivers a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions (up to 30% less than an engine of equal performance).

In addition, for more "eco-friendly" driving and reduced fuel consumption, you can simply press the ECO button on the dashboard, which limits torque to 100 Nm at 2000 rpm. In this way you can reach CO2 levels at the top of the segment: 97 g/km with the DFN semi-automatic gearbox and 99 g/km with the mechanical gearbox. Among other things, the DFN semi-automatic gearbox, which was originally launched on the Ypsilon back in 2003, developed in conjunction with Magneti Marelli, has been updated to offer greater driving comfort and at the same time reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

A real jewel of engine design, the two-cylinder employs the revolutionary MultiAir technology developed and patented by Fiat Powertrain which was introduced in 2009. The heart of MultiAir is a new electro-hydraulic valve management system that reduces fuel consumption by controlling air directly via the inlet valves (without using the throttle). MultiAir reduces polluting emissions (thanks to combustion control) and also considerably improves performance by boosting driveability. Indeed, compared to a traditional petrol engine of equal displacement, MultiAir engines guarantee an increase in power (up to 10%) and torque (up to 15%) in addition to a significant reduction in emissions of CO2 (up to 10%).

Thanks to these features, the Twin Air engine has been awarded with four acknowledgements in the "International Engine of the Year 2011" competition, excelling over the competitors' engines in all categories in which it competed. The jury, consisting of 76 journalists and industry experts, from 36 different countries, decreed the success of the TwinAir engine in its own displacement category (less than 1,000 cm3), and elected it "International Engine of the Year 2011", assigning it the top award in the competition. The TwinAir engine by Fiat Powertrain also won the "Best New Engine 2011" and "Best Green Engine 2011" awards.

1.3 MultiJet II 95 HP (Euro5)

With a view to respect for the environment coupled with driving satisfaction, the new Ypsilon range offers the lively 1.3 MultiJet II (Euro5), with the Start&Stop system as standard, which delivers a maximum output of 95 HP at 4000 rpm and a torque of 200 Nm at just 1500 rpm.

Equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger, a new variable displacement engine oil pump and alternator with "smart charge", the 1.3 MultiJet II produces just 99 g/km of CO2 emissions in the mixed cycle and belongs to the second generation of MultiJet engines.

In detail, the MultiJet II engines ensure economy, eco-friendliness and performance levels unparalleled on the market. Compared to the first generation of MultiJet engines, the fuel supply system changes with faster injectors able to execute multiple injections close in time. In particular, it is possible to perform a main modulated injection of fuel in several distinct phases and anticipate the ones that follow. The servo valve with balanced plunger of the MultiJet II system is able to manage up to 8 injections per cycle, offering greater speed, flexibility and precision in the various phases of operation. The injector is also simpler and more reliable because its construction is less complex and it has 40% less components.

(pressure is still 1600 bars) Thanks to the new type of injector, now strategies focused on optimizing the increasingly advanced combustion can be achieved, such as the Rate Shaping injection that involves two consecutive injections so close together in time as to generate a continuous and modulated profile of the fuel supply into the cylinders. With this method the combustion process is improved, all to the benefit of quieter operation and particulate and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Today the MultiJet II engines totally satisfy the Euro 5 standard and at the same time mark a decisive step toward stricter regulatory levels in the future.

State-of-the-art tyres

The new Ypsilon's excellent performance in the area of reduced CO2 emissions is aided by a new generation of 15" low rolling resistance tyres developed by Goodyear. Designed with innovative technology and state-of-the-art materials, Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres have a lighter structure which provides a reduction of the rolling resistance. This equates to fewer CO2 emissions and reduced fuel consumption, without compromising whatsoever on driving performance.

Green-Tech: Start&Stop system and Gear Shift Indicator

All petrol and diesel engines are equipped with the Start&Stop device, already adopted on the Musa and Delta models, which switches the engine off temporarily and then restarts it in order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Specially designed for driving in the city, the system automatically switches off the engine when traffic conditions require the vehicle to stop (red lights, tailbacks and temporary stops, for example), keeping all of the functions that guarantee comfort and safety on board active (lights, climate control system, radio and windscreen wipers).

Switching off the engine when the vehicle is stopped prevents consuming fuel needlessly (up to -15% over an urban cycle), reduces emissions and improves acoustics.

The device can be activated/deactivated using the button on the dashboard.

The engines equipped with the Start&Stop device also have the Gear Shift Indicator (GSI), a genuine "co-pilot" that discreetly prompts drivers when it is time to change gear, leading to more efficient use of the engine in terms of fuel consumption. For example, the GSI may suggest shifting up, by means of an indication on the control panel, to allow the engine to run at a lower speed or to downshift to make best use of the available torque.

Driving satisfaction: redesigned suspensions and innovative chassis

The new Ypsilon is a car that lets you experience relaxing moments and travel comfortably, also because of its suspensions that have been updated to ensure control and comfort at top levels. In detail, compared to the current model the new Ypsilon offers an unprecedented front suspension with Mc Pherson layout that has been lightened and that provides high crash performance. It was lightened using a monocoque lower arm made of ultra-high resistance material, the first use in Europe for Chassis components, and a modular cross member made with low-thickness, high-resistance steel sheets. Ready for future applications, the cross member interfaces the so-called third load line to definitely improve crash performance during a high-speed collision, pedestrian impact and insurance impact.

The new front suspension has a "split" type of shock absorber mounting that transmits the loads to the body through two different routes and therefore get better filtering of the road vibrations and improved acoustics compared to that of the current model owing to a dynamic stiffening of the lower tyre, at the same time guaranteeing top efficiency of the shock absorber thanks to an axial rigidity no less than the one today.

The front suspension also has a new stabilizer bar that improves its efficiency. The solution with connection to the suspension bar has been replaced with a connection solution of connecting rod on the shock absorber to maximize the anti-roll effect of the bar. In addition to efficiency, also the weight of the stabilizer bar has been optimized, again with equal anti-roll effect. Lastly, the bushes of the front suspension arm have been researched and designed to achieve ultimate comfort when driving and on bumpy roads, and have contributed to improving noise reduction also by attaining a dynamic stiffening lower than that of today.

The rear torsion axle suspension is fitted with a new bush larger than that of today's Ypsilon, which guarantees greater comfort on bumpy roads and improved noise insulation without detracting from road holding. The shape was studied to optimise absorption of the longitudinal bumps, without penalizing the other elastic property-kinematic performance aspects of the rear suspension.

The chassis of the new Ypsilon also contains an innovative feature developed in keeping with two guidelines: safety and lightening car weight. In particular, it was possible to reconcile these two performance aspects with extensive use of high-resistance materials, making it possible to increase the energy absorption capacity in both front and side impacts and at the same time lighten the structure. Compared to the previous model, another innovative element is implementation of a third load line in the front that provides more effective control of deformations in front impacts because of its ability to transfer the loads to the lower, more resistant part of the vehicle, thus reducing penetrations into the passenger compartment. The bolted parts also demonstrate the technical evolution of this platform, such as use of high-performance tempered steels for the front bumper crossmember and adoption of lightweight and resistant "noble" plastic materials (Xenoy) on the rear bumper crossmember.

The new Lancia Ypsilon is a veritable small flagship filled with exclusive equipment that makes it a benchmark in its segment. Travelling in the new model, you discover a bright, welcoming passenger compartment that guarantees a high degree of comfort but also a technologically advanced space. So here we have the LED lighting on the dashboard and the noise absorbent roof made using an innovative polyester-based material that, by reducing the noise inside the passenger compartment by around 2 dB, guarantees extremely quiet running: a reduction of 3 dB corresponds to a 50% reduction in noise intensity.

All this is further enhanced by the large Gran Luce sunroof which, thanks to glazed area measuring 0.70 m2 - a record for segment B - ensures a superbly bright interior.

First in the "city car" category, the new Ypsilon offers extremely interesting contents including "Magic Parking", "Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE", the "Smart fuel system" and innovative headlight clusters.

Second-generation "Magic Parking"

It is often hard to find a parking space in towns and cities with a lot of traffic. Of course, once you find one, actually parking the car can prove rather challenging because the space is so tight. This is why the Lancia Ypsilon is equipped with an innovative system called Magic Parking which, activated by means of a button on the dashboard, helps the driver to locate a suitable free parking space, measuring and controlling lateral movement of the vehicle, while the driver maintains control of longitudinal vehicle motion throughout.

A further development of the system already used on the Delta, the new Ypsilon's Magic Parking system enables automatic "multi-manoeuvre" parking and reduces the required size of parking space to just 4.6 metres. The device is available both with manual gearbox and DFN gearbox.

In detail, the system measures the length of the free space and indicates whether it is big enough for your car. Then, it automatically steers the car during reversing, allowing the driver to concentrate solely on controlling speed by using the accelerator and brake.

With one single manoeuvre, the vehicle parallel parks in such a way to optimise entering the free space available and realigning the car. At this stage, the maximum speed is 7 km/h. Of course, the driver is always in control by operating the pedals, and can deactivate the system by turning the steering wheel or disengaging reverse gear, or by pressing the appropriate button.

The second generation Magic Parking system consists of a radar sensor on each side of the vehicle, located inside the front bumper. The radar is beamed into the space on the right (or left) and the echoes are picked up by the sensor, which reconstructs a map of the area between the parked cars, visualises the free space and identifies any obstacles. At the same time, using information coming from wheel speed measurement, the system can measure the length of the free area. The driver is informed that the parking space is ok if the measurement is equal to the length of the car plus 80 centimetres (40cm at the front and 40cm at the back), i.e. a total of at least 4.60 metres. If a suitable space has been found, there is a beeping noise and a message on the display indicates whether the parking manoeuvre can be completed in a single or multiple stages.

"Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE"

The new vehicle will launch "Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE", a development of the infotelematic system created as a result of a partnership between Fiat Group Automobiles and TomTom, European leader in portable navigation devices, which exploits the versatility of the Blue&Me system.

Based on the TomTom Go1000, this device allows you to manage - through a practical colour touch-screen - phone calls, satellite navigation and all the driving information you need, which it downloads directly from the on-board computer systems. It also allows you to control your media player through the touchscreen interface.

The new version has a next-generation capacitive touch-screen and TomTom LIVE services such as HD Traffic, which has been named as the best traffic information system currently on the market. This combines accurate traffic information with a dynamic route calculation, providing real-time updates of congestion, traffic jams and road closures. Customers get free use of the LIVE services for a whole year.

Thanks to the special support developed in collaboration with Magneti Marelli for the new Ypsilon, the "Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE" is installed in the wiring found on the front post to the left of the driver so it can be powered (the same integration for right hand drive on the right post is possible).

"Smart fuel system"

Filling up is one of those operations which has not developed in step with automotive technology. The new Ypsilon makes a leap forward with the innovative "Smart fuel system", a device that replaces the classic cap and that is fitted to the end of the fuel filler pipe. Designed with particular attention to female customers, the system automatically opens and closes when the pump is put in side and removed, so refuelling is easier and safer since it reduces gas emissions and fuel overflow. The new "Smart fuel system" also solves the problem of "misfuelling" as it does not allow petrol to be pumped into a diesel powered car.

Cutting-edge headlight clusters

Like the Delta and Musa models and few other city cars, the new Ypsilon is fitted with headlamps and tail lights developed in conjunction with Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting, which combine advanced technology with an innovative design that is nevertheless inspired by the century-old Lancia tradition. The tail lights fitted with LEDs, brighter than conventional bulbs, provide enhanced safety coupled with a distinctive look. Indeed, with the lights off, they appear monochromatic, while when switched on they light up in the colour of the functions determined by the LEDs themselves.

The front headlights, meanwhile, feature an integrated solution with "daytime running lights" (Adaptive Daytime Lamp), which automatically turns on the sidelights when the engine is started: this is with a view to meeting a specific European standard which will come into force in 2012.

What's more, xenon front light clusters are also available, cutting-edge technology available on very few models in the segment which offers style, technology and safety.

"360° 500 W Hi-Fi Music"

The 500W "360° Hi-Fi Music" system is available on request. This absolute novelty in the segment sets itself apart from the rest owing to its refined technology, and is ideal for whoever wants a sophisticated hi-fi system as it has been designed and calibrated for the passenger compartment of the new Ypsilon.

In detail, the new system consists of 8 speakers (four 40W musical Dome tweeters and four 80W musical Neodimium mid-woofers) and a digital 8-channel amplifier. And then to make the on-board sound experience truly unique, the system is made up of the simultaneous use of three different signal processing methods and their acoustic effects. The first (TruBass) extends the frequency range perceived towards the bass without needing subwoofers so that the listeners has the sensation of listening to a system able to reproduce extensive and deep basses. The second method (Focus) raises the apparent position of the sound sources to ear height. One gets the feeling of listening to speakers placed higher than where they really are, and at the same time the perceived frequency response goes back to being "natural" as the "colour" caused by the head filtering is removed. Lastly, the third method (3D) spatially equalizes the stereophonic reproduction, correcting the errors due to the position of the speakers and improving spatial perception. The result is a more enveloping listening, which recreates a correct stereophonic image even for listeners distant from the symmetric axis of the speakers.








Press Release Ypsilon ELLE:




  • Sulla passerella francese sfilano le novità della Collezione 2014 di Lancia Ypsilon, la Fashion City-Car che soddisfa una clientela raffinata, metropolitana e attenta alle tendenze
  • Protagonista assoluta dell'evento la nuova Lancia Ypsilon "ELLE", la massima espressione dell'eleganza di Lancia, oltre che testimone della sua continua ricerca di nuove forme contemporanee e innovative. La nuova serie speciale propone vernici, materiali, tessuti e rifiniture pregiate che si ispirano al mondo della moda
  • Riflettori puntati anche sulla Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino '14 presente sullo stand nella configurazione Bianco Neve con particolari Watermelon e personalizzazione Animalier
  • Completa l'esposizione la serie speciale Ypsilon MOMODESIGN che nasce dalla rinnovata collaborazione tra due marchi italiani famosi nel mondo per aver contribuito allo sviluppo del design


Lancia sceglie il palcoscenico di Parigi per presentare la nuova e sofisticata Ypsilon "ELLE" che sarà commercializzata nei principali mercati europei nel mese di ottobre. Forte del successo riscosso della prima edizione lanciata nel 2010, oggi la nuova edizione "ELLE" propone vernici, materiali e rifiniture esclusive in linea con il DNA fashion della vettura: è quindi la massima espressione dell'eleganza di Lancia, oltre che testimone della sua continua ricerca di nuove forme contemporanee e innovative.

Firmata con il logo "ELLE" sul passaruota e l'esclusiva grafica a Pied De Poule che caratterizza i montanti della vettura, la nuova serie speciale è disponibile in tre varianti di colore esterne (Bianco tristrato GLACÉE, Cipria GLAM Micalizzato, e nella variante bicolore Cipria GLAM/Nero Vulcano) abbinate ad una pregiata selleria interna in pelle Cipria ed Alcantara nera con grafiche "ELLE" elettrosaldate.

Sulla passerella parigina sfilano due esemplari - uno proposto con la livrea bicolore Cipria GLAM/Nero VULCANO e l'altro in tinta micalizzata Cipria GLAM - entrambi equipaggiati con il propulsore 1.2 benzina da 69 CV. Particolare attenzione, in perfetto stile Lancia, è stata posta nella cura degli interni, impreziositi nuovamente dalla selleria in pelle cipria abbinata alla pregiata Alcantara® nera, materiale di alto pregio introdotto per la prima volta su larga scala nel settore automotive proprio dal Brand Lancia nel 1984 e sempre presente fin dalla prima serie sulla piccola icona chic del segmento B. Comune alle due vetture la ricca dotazione che prevede climatizzatore automatico, specchietti laterali elettrici, ESC, Radio CD MP3, sistema Blue&Me con comandi al volante e rivestimento in pelle per volante e cuffia cambio.

La nuova versione "ELLE" rappresenta il top di gamma di Lancia Ypsilon, una famiglia di prodotti dove ogni serie speciale rappresenta una delle diverse anime del modello che rispondono alle esigenze di target specifici. Attualmente la gamma si compone di cinque versioni - gli allestimenti Elefantino '14, Gold e Platinum, oltre alle serie speciale "ELLE" e MOMODESIGN - che possono essere equipaggiate con 5 motorizzazioni: 1.2 Fire EVO II da 69 CV, 1.2 Fire EVO II GPL da 69 CV, 0.9 TwinAir da 85 CV in abbinamento al cambio manuale o robotizzato, turbodiesel 1.3 Multijet II da 95 CV e 0.9 Turbo TwinAir Metano da 80 CV.

Destinata a una clientela raffinata, metropolitana e attenta ai dettagli di stile, la Fashion City Car è presente all'evento francese con altri due esemplari in rappresentanza della Collezione 2014: una Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino '14 e una Lancia Ypsilon MOMODESIGN. In particolare, equipaggiata con il 1.2 benzina da 69 CV, la prima vettura è caratterizzata dalla livrea di colore Bianco Neve e dettagli estetici 'Watermelon', con rivestimento dei sedili in tinta nera con cuciture e dettagli 'Watermelon'. Inoltre, è ulteriormente arricchita dal pack estetico 'Animalier' che prevede le relative grafiche specifiche sul montante laterale e sui copriruota. Tra le dotazioni vi sono climatizzatore, radio con lettore CD e MP3, ESC, Blue&Me con comandi al volante, fendinebbia, terminale di scarico cromato e rivestimento in pelle per volante e cuffia del cambio.

Riflettori puntati anche sulla Lancia Ypsilon MOMODESIGN, la serie speciale nata dalla rinnovata collaborazione tra due marchi italiani famosi nel mondo per aver contribuito allo sviluppo del design. Infatti, Lancia e MOMODESIGN hanno saputo creare un personalissimo linguaggio formale che fa riconoscere, senza esitazioni, una loro creazione tra i tanti prodotti di design. Una simbiosi d'eccezione che coniuga lo stile raffinato ed elegante di Lancia all'impronta tecnologica e sportiva identificativa del carattere iconico del brand milanese.

Sullo stand il pubblico può ammirare la Ypsilon MOMODESIGN. Equipaggiata con il 1.3 Multijet da 95 CV, l'esemplare esposto è contraddistinto da un'esclusiva carrozzeria bicolore Grigio KHAKI/ Nero Opaco in abbinamento agli interni neri che accentuano la sportività della serie speciale. Tra i principali contenuti si segnalano climatizzatore automatico, ESC, radio CD MP3, volante e cuffia cambio in pelle, Blue&Me con comandi al volante, Magic Parking, Cruise Control, tetto apribile elettrico, cristalli scuri, appoggiatesta posteriori, sensore rilevazione pioggia e ruote in lega da 16" verniciate nere.

Il Salone di Parigi è anche l'occasione per ammirare da vicino la collezione di gioielli in Alcantara realizzata in esclusiva per Ypsilon "ELLE". Questi gioielli sono il frutto di una collaborazione con Alcantara e il Politecnico di Milano e sono stati disegnati e realizzati da due giovani designer, docenti al corso di laurea in Design della Moda. Questo a dimostrazione, ancora una volta, del fatto che Lancia è continuamente alla ricerca di nuove tendenze sia nel mondo del design contemporaneo sia in quello della comunicazione. Ne è un'esauriente testimonianza LanciaTrendVision.com, il web magazine internazionale di Lancia, che da quattro anni seleziona e promuove i lavori sperimentali di molti giovani creativi. Una sorta di laboratorio di talent scouting dedicato ai ricercatori di nuove tendenze negli ambiti fashion, design, lifestyle, fotografia, arte e architettura.

Lo stand che Lancia propone a Parigi è caratterizzato da una forma compatta e dallutilizzo di materiali pregiati. Il cromatismo di forte impatto rende questo spazio elegante e con uno stile esclusivo.

Alle superfici minimali riflettenti lisce e lucide degli acciai cromati e del vetro retrolaccato nero si contrappone il "lusso democratico" della pelle bianca con cuciture a vista, quest'anno impreziosite dagli inserti di Alcantara cipria della colonna centrale. Infine, la preziosità delle finiture e la morbidezza delle forme accompagnano lo spettatore nella visita accostandosi - e quasi fondendosi - con l'esclusività degli interni della nuova Ypsilon "ELLE".





Ypsilon Elefantino '14


http://lh3.ggpht.com/--lsuWSGcFi8/U0Kmj9n5LzI/AAAAAAAQqJ0/1cbtHUBDkv4/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-1%25255B2%25255D.jpg http://lh3.ggpht.com/-a8331U4TwxM/U0KmmSib0LI/AAAAAAAQqKE/fmJXRx1CSnA/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-2%25255B2%25255D.jpg http://lh4.ggpht.com/-cnE1TX6ua4Q/U0KmonXr3ZI/AAAAAAAQqKU/RFXa0KldKyE/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-3%25255B2%25255D.jpg

http://lh5.ggpht.com/-CCo1MQK6T5M/U0KmrNZKaHI/AAAAAAAQqKk/eAWDNaDGC4s/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-4%25255B2%25255D.jpg http://lh4.ggpht.com/-j7sy9NGQxAc/U0Kmtvq_pDI/AAAAAAAQqK0/80m4BD805vM/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-5%25255B2%25255D.jpg http://lh5.ggpht.com/-aX1m6DN7FP0/U0Kmv-zPnfI/AAAAAAAQqLE/uMpRRE3SG1k/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-6%25255B2%25255D.jpg

http://lh6.ggpht.com/--h719Ogm_Eo/U0Kmyf0eCYI/AAAAAAAQqLU/ajWDQdJ1bIg/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-7%25255B2%25255D.jpg http://lh3.ggpht.com/-bW1moB8TfAc/U0Km0gVezhI/AAAAAAAQqLk/FzaxaiFLTsQ/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-8%25255B2%25255D.jpg http://lh6.ggpht.com/-hc1rD_jc73M/U0Km29YAINI/AAAAAAAQqL0/4nsRExIgep8/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-9%25255B2%25255D.jpg

http://lh6.ggpht.com/-VkjAWTlgA8w/U0Km5MbLIhI/AAAAAAAQqME/2JxyTLfWu5A/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-10%25255B2%25255D.jpg http://lh6.ggpht.com/-zEbZaNgyIwA/U0Km7oVBFxI/AAAAAAAQqMU/V_YKU4hRYNs/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-11%25255B2%25255D.jpg http://lh3.ggpht.com/-NUpOqIpij5Q/U0Km9pm-BQI/AAAAAAAQqMk/LyQovBTS9DE/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-12%25255B2%25255D.jpg

http://lh5.ggpht.com/-BdtmufWmfvo/U0KnAIdSwZI/AAAAAAAQqM0/i6hCbDOeb9I/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-13%25255B2%25255D.jpg http://lh6.ggpht.com/-xov9vs8nlCE/U0KnCUPO7hI/AAAAAAAQqNE/FAdEd8bqc9k/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-14%25255B3%25255D.jpg http://lh3.ggpht.com/-HNJ8MlwHfKA/U0KnE36N2RI/AAAAAAAQqNU/0szfUg8yN1I/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-15%25255B3%25255D.jpg http://lh4.ggpht.com/-yPj40dhYehM/U0KnHJiteeI/AAAAAAAQqNk/8q1ZQQAgeQ4/s250/Lancia-Ypsilon-Elefantino-16%25255B3%25255D.jpg




Press Release Elefantino'14 :




  • La Collezione di Elefantino '14 sfila sulla passerella del 'Lancia Fashion Apartment' di Milano
  • All'evento anche esperti e docenti di moda e design per approfondire il tema delle personalizzazioni nella società contemporanea e nel mondo automobilistico
  • Protagonista la fashion city car con l'Elefantino '14 che propone nuovi colori esterni, nuovi interni, nuovi accenti cromatici e numerose possibilità di personalizzazione, per mantenere il suo posizionamento giovane, glamour e accessibile
  • La scelta in più per la seconda vettura più venduta del segmento B in Italia nel 2013
  • Tutte le iniziative digital realizzate per i VYP - Very Ypsilon People: dal progetto Selected by Elefantino al concorso "Dress Y Award" disponibile sul sito internazionale www.lanciatrendvisions.com
  • 12 e 13 aprile: il primo 'Porte Aperte' presso gli showroom Lancia presenti in Italia


Si svolge oggi a Milano la presentazione della nuova Collezione di Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino '14 ispirata al tema della personalizzazione espressa attraverso il colore. L'evento è ospitato presso il 'Lancia Fashion Apartment' a Milano, location suggestiva dove convivono moda, design ed eleganza. Qui si trova l'unica biblioteca in Europa incentrata sulla storia della moda. Con i suoi oltre 50 mila volumi e pubblicazioni, il Fashion Apartment è un punto di riferimento per stilisti, designer e giovani studenti provenienti da tutto il mondo.

Lancia trova così la sua 'casa' ideale nel pieno centro di Milano, dove poter incontrare il suo target di riferimento e intercettare le nuove tendenze e comportamenti di consumo che nascono e si sviluppano nelle aree metropolitane, per continuare a offrire auto dal carattere unico e dallo stile personale come la sua iconica Ypsilon, vera e propria fashion city car della gamma Lancia.

In questo contesto suggestivo, la presentazione della nuova Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino '14 diventa un'occasione per parlare di tendenze sociali e per analizzare come l'universo femminile interpreta i concetti di identità, personalità e personalizzazione. Per questo l'evento milanese ha visto la partecipazione di tre esperti della moda e del design: Patrizia Martello, sociologa e specialista per trendwatching, Alba Cappellieri, presidente del corso di laurea in Design della Moda al Politecnico di Milano, e Mauro Galligari, esperto di tendenze nel campo della moda e del design. Gli ospiti hanno dato vita a un incontro insieme ad Antonella Bruno, Head Brand Lancia EMEA .

Madrina d'eccezione dell'evento milanese la Lancia Ypsilon con la nuova Collezione Elefantino 2014 che conferma la capacità intrinseca del modello di rinnovarsi in modo costante e di incarnare così una forma di eleganza sempre contemporanea. Versatile, creativa e a suo agio nel contesto urbano, la Fashion City Car vanta una naturale predisposizione alla personalizzazione, proprio come accade nel mondo della moda, uno dei territori privilegiati di Lancia. Del resto, da alcuni anni il tema della personalizzazione è diventato fondamentale anche per il mondo dell'auto dove c'è grande varietà di scelta e dove il cliente è sempre più attento, selettivo e chiede di poter personalizzare il più possibile la propria vettura.

Nel sovraffollato mercato delle auto compatte, Ypsilon si distingue dalla media soprattutto perché dimostra di avere uno stile unico e distintivo; permette a chi la sceglie di esprimere la propria personalità e offre una piacevole via di fuga dalle pressioni quotidiane. In questo senso, quindi, Ypsilon non è solo un mezzo di trasporto: infatti chi l'acquista ne apprezza il design che la rende unica, ma soprattutto perché la sua non è "solo forma": è un'eleganza che esprime carattere e si basa sulla ricchezza di contenuti e soluzioni. Quindi fra le principali ragioni di acquisto troviamo prima di tutto lo stile, ma poi anche la compattezza che ci si aspetta da una city car.

Destinata a una clientela giovane, metropolitana e attenta alle tendenze, la fashion city car affronta le sfide del 2014 con una gamma rinnovata in termini di prodotto e razionalizzazione dell'offerta. Da oggi sono disponibili 4 versioni - gli allestimenti Elefantino '14, Gold e Platinum, oltre alla serie speciale MOMODESIGN - che possono essere equipaggiate con 5 motorizzazioni: 1.2 Fire EVO II da 69 CV, 1.2 Fire EVO II GPL da 69 CV, 0.9 TwinAir da 85 CV in abbinamento al cambio manuale o robotizzato, turbodiesel 1.3 Multijet II da 95 CV e 0.9 Turbo TwinAir Metano da 80 CV.

La maggiore novità è rappresentata dalla nuova Ypsilon Elefantino '14 che introduce tre differenti declinazioni estetiche fresche - 'Lime', 'Watermelon' e 'Coconut' - che ampliano la possibilità di caratterizzazioni mantenendo il posizionamento giovane, glamour e accessibile. Dunque, la nuova Collezione di Elefantino '14 interpreta le ultime tendenze della società, della cultura, del design e della moda in atto nelle strade delle nostre città.

Del resto, il suo territorio d'elezione è quello metropolitano dove poter esprimere tutto il suo spirito 'urban chic'. Infatti, nella "Fashion city car" convivono un'anima urbana - aperta, disinvolta, dinamica - e un'anima elegante e sofisticata - capace di distinguersi senza ostentare. Da qui un successo trasversale sebbene va precisato che il mondo di Lancia Ypsilon è prevalentemente femminile - lo scorso anno in Italia e per il secondo anno consecutivo, Ypsilon si è confermata come l'auto più femminile del suo segmento - ma ciò non ha escluso i rappresentanti del "sesso forte" che costituiscono oltre il 30% delle vendite del modello.





Press Release S by Momodesign :


Serie speciale S MOMODESIGN: Con la versione S MOMODESIGN, la nuova Ypsilon 5 porte arricchisce ulteriormente la propria offerta anche verso i giovani alla ricerca di una vettura dal look sportivo dal posizionamento competitivo. Commercializzata su tutti i mercati europei a partire dal secondo semestre 2013, la nuova serie speciale si contraddistingue, all'esterno, per alcuni tocchi estetici e cromatici che rinviano agli stilemi dei prodotti firmati da MOMODESIGN.Il cliente può personalizzare la propria serie speciale scegliendo tra cinque bicolore: tutti contraddistinti dal Nero Opacoper portellone, tetto e specchi retrovisori esterni che si abbinano perfettamente al body verniciato in Bianco Neve, Nero Vulcano, Rosso Argilla, Grigio Pietra o il nuovo Blu Zaffiro.Completano il 'vestito' della Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN il nuovo paraurti posteriore con elementi cromati e nuovo design, le maniglie delle porte in tinta carrozzeria e la grafica "MOMODESIGN" di colore biancosul montante centrale e sugli originali cerchi in lega da 15" neri (a richiesta da 16" di colore nero opaco).Stessa impronta sportiva all'interno dove l'abitacolo rivestito in colore scuro si abbina perfettamente al nero del tessuto tecnologico 'sail' con cuciture grigie per pannelli porte, plancia e sedili specifici, con grafica 'MOMODESIGN' impressa con elettrosaldatura, e la pelle nera che ricopre il volante e la cuffia del cambio. Un tocco di eleganza è offerto dagli elementi bruniti che impreziosiscono la plancia mentre il look sportivo della nuova vettura è confermato dal colore giallo degli strumenti.Sotto una linea di forte personalità ed eleganza, la nuova Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN può essere equipaggiata con le motorizzazioni 1.2 Fire EVO II da 69 CV, 1.2 Fire EVO II GPL da 69 CV, 0.9 TwinAir da 85 CV (abbinato ai cambi meccanico o sequenziale robotizzato) e turbodiesel 1.3 Multijet II da 95 CV. Ciascuno con doti diverse, tutte sfruttate appieno dall'accoppiamento con i sistemi di trasmissione, di volta in volta si segnalano per la loro generosità, per il temperamento brillante o ancora per le alte prestazioni e la tecnologia evoluta. Tra le doti comuni, invece, la grande affidabilità e il rispetto per l'ambiente.Stile originale e ottime performance, quindi, caratterizzano la Lancia Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN. Senza contare il ricco elenco di contenuti offerti di serie: climatizzatore manuale, telecomando per apertura porte, cambio e volante in pelle regolabile in altezza e profondità, alzacristalli elettrici anteriori, sedile posteriore sdoppiato 50/50, sedile guida regolabile in altezza, autoradio CD/MP3 e lunotto termico. Nel campo della sicurezza sono offerti di serie, a seconda dei mercati, ABS + EBD, ESP completo di ASR e Hill Holder, airbag anteriori e laterali, oltre agli attacchi isofix.








Press Release 30th:



Lancia sceglie il palcoscenico di Ginevra per presentare Ypsilon “30th Anniversary”, la nuova serie speciale con cui il marchio celebra una delle storie più longeve del panorama automobilistico. Con quattro generazioni alle spalle e oltre 2,7 milioni di unità vendute in tutta Europa, Ypsilon ha saputo interpretare i desideri della clientela animando la gamma con molteplici serie speciali dedicate alle tendenze del momento.



Si arricchisce così la gamma dell’unica “fashion city car” della categoria che continua ad affascinare con il suo stile sofisticato e la sua classe anticonvenzionale. Sotto questo raffinato vestito "Made in Italy", tutta la sostanza di una vettura che offre sia il meglio nel campo delle motorizzazioni, in termini di emissioni e consumi, come dimostrano le tecnologie TwinAir, Multijet II, Ecochic (GPL e Turbo Metano) e Start&Stop, sia nell’ambito del comfort grazie a contenuti di valore quali il Magic Parking, il climatizzatore automatico e il sistema Blue&Me con comandi al volante.



Con quattro generazioni alle spalle e oltre 2,7 milioni di unità vendute in tutta Europa, Ypsilon ha saputo evolvere in questi 30 anni diventando una vera e propria icona dello stile Lancia. Il segreto di tanta longevità risiede nel suo legame molto forte con l'universo femminile. Del resto, più che per l'uomo, per la donna l'auto rappresenta l'espressione della propria personalità, quasi come fosse un abito che viene scelto perché bello, di tendenza e che fa sentire a proprio agio in qualsiasi situazione. Nasce così un’icona dell’eleganza Lancia che raccoglie uno straordinario successo: basti pensare che è la vettura del suo segmento più amata dalle donne italiane. Ma tutto questo non esclude il pubblico maschile che rappresenta il 30% dei clienti.



A Ginevra il pubblico può ammirare due esemplari della nuova serie speciale “30th Anniversary”: la prima è "vestita" dell'esclusivo e inedito Blu Oltremare, in abbinamento agli interni in Castiglio beige, mentre la seconda vettura propone il bicolore Cipria GLAM/Nero VULCANO - quest'ultimo per il portellone posteriore, proprio come accadeva nel 1985 con la capostipite Y10 - in sintonia con i raffinati interni in Castiglio nero.



Equipaggiate una con il motore a benzina 0.9 TwinAir da 85 CV, l'altra con il propulsore bi-fuel 0.9 Turbo TwinAir Metano da 80 CV, entrambe le vetture esposte vantano una ricca dotazione di serie che prevede climatizzatore automatico, specchietti laterali elettrici, ESC, Radio CD MP3, sistema Blue&Me con comandi al volante, fendinebbia, rivestimento in pelle per volante e cuffia cambio, alzacristalli elettrici posteriori, oltre ai cerchi in lega da 15” verniciati nero lucido con effetto diamantato.



Riflettori puntati anche sulla top di gamma "ELLE", l'esclusiva serie speciale commercializzata da pochi mesi che nasce dalla rinnovata partnership con il magazine Elle, il punto di riferimento per il pubblico femminile che vuole conoscere le anticipazioni ed i nuovi trend del mondo della moda, dello stile e del benessere. Sullo stand allestito a Ginevra è in mostra una raffinata Ypsilon "ELLE" con livrea Bianco tristrato GLACÉ impreziosita da cerchi in lega da 16” diamantati, specifica grafica “Pied De Poule” Elle sui montanti, oltre che alcuni particolari in chromo brunito quali maniglie, cornici fendinebbia, calandra e loghi “Ypsilon” ed “Elle”.



Ypsilon “30th Anniversary”

La nuova serie speciale è contraddistinta da un badge celebrativo sui montanti, appositamente creato dai designer del Centro Stile, e da una raffinata livrea Blu Oltremare realizzata per la “30th Anniversary”. A richiesta è possibile avere l’abbinamento con il portellone posteriore nero, proprio come il primo modello lanciato nel 1985.



Il tutto reso ancora più accattivante dai cerchi in lega da 15’’ in tinta nera con effetto diamantato. All’interno spiccano il volante con i comandi radio, il sistema Blue&Me e l’elegante

rivestimento in tessuto e castiglio di colore nero o beige che sottolinea l’esclusività di una vettura che saprà certamente conquistare gli estimatori della qualità e dell'innovazione firmate Lancia.



Disponibile a partire da marzo nelle concessionarie europee, la nuova serie speciale “30th Anniversary” offre di serie cerchi in lega da 15'', sistema ESC, climatizzatore manuale, autoradio CD e MP3 con tecnologia Blue&ME, comandi al volante e terminale di scarico cromato. La gamma motorizzazioni comprende 1.2 Fire EVO II da 69 CV, 1.2 Fire EVO II GPL da 69 CV, 0.9 TwinAir da 85 CV in abbinamento al cambio manuale o robotizzato, turbodiesel 1.3 Multijet II da 95 CV e 0.9 Turbo TwinAir Metano da 80 CV.



Tra le numerose attività in programma per i festeggiamenti dei trent’anni del modello si segnala “YpsilonTellers”, l’iniziativa ideata dalla digital agency Bitmama in collaborazione con Feltrinelli con il supporto del media network Maxus. Obiettivo: celebrare le persone che dal 1985 a oggi hanno scelto e amato Ypsilon. Online a partire da marzo, la piattaforma “YpsilonTellers” permetterà a tutti gli utenti di condividere i ricordi vissuti con Ypsilon e vincere un buono Feltrinelli al giorno. Il sito ospiterà anche un concorso letterario che darà agli aspiranti scrittori la possibilità di diventare protagonisti di un format TV, di un e-book e di un libro cartaceo.



Con la nuova “30th Anniversary”, la gamma Ypsilon si arricchisce dunque di una nuova protagonista che si inserisce tra la versione più giovane “Elefantino” e l’alto di gamma “ELLE”, entrambe lanciate nel corso del 2014 confermando l’attitudine di Lancia al continuo aggiornamento sempre in linea con i trend e le mode del momento. In questo contesto si inseriscono proprio le Serie Speciali che sono parte integrante della storia di Lancia, soprattutto di Ypsilon, in quanto non sono mai semplici esercizi di stile ma un modo per accrescere la personalità dei modelli, per entrare in contatto con nuovi target e per dare ai clienti più possibilità di scelta.






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  • I cerchi della 500C Lounge rimarchiati Lancia sono di una tristezza senza pari. :roll:
  • Rivestimento sedili in pelle a dir poco osceni.
  • Fiancata migliorabile, quella scalfitura a C non c'entra assolutamente NULLA col resto delle linee dell'auto, sembra che ce l'abbiano messa perchè gli avanzava.
  • Calandra pessima.
  • Interessante il 3/4 posteriore, di sicuro la parte che mi convince maggiormente.
  • Azzardo la previsione che di posteriore pieno sarà piuttosto riuscita.

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Il marchio è stravolto, lo scudo è andato; tanto valeva marchiarla Autobianchi. Cofano e mascherona la fanno sembrare figlia del PT cruiser, La fiancata scolpita ricorda la Scaglietti... Il montante posteriore da al tetto una forma che me la fa somigliare un pò sia a Skoda Fabia II, sia all'ultima generazione della Swift. Il faro posteriore, sembra rispondere alla nuova moda lanciata da Nissan 370Z prima e seguita nel peggiore dei modi dalla nuova Focus, secondo cui; "se non sai dove far puntare il faro, fallo andare in tutte le direzioni!". Tuttavia, globalmente, sembra meglio riuscito il 3/4 posteriore rispetto all'anteriore.

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Impressioni a caldo:

  • I cerchi della 500C Lounge rimarchiati Lancia sono di una tristezza senza pari. :roll:
  • Rivestimento sedili in pelle a dir poco osceni.
  • Fiancata migliorabile, quella scalfitura a C non c'entra assolutamente NULLA col resto delle linee dell'auto, sembra che ce l'abbiano messa perchè gli avanzava.
  • Calandra pessima.
  • Interessante il 3/4 posteriore, di sicuro la parte che mi convince maggiormente.
  • Azzardo la previsione che di posteriore pieno sarà piuttosto riuscita.

Riassumendo: per adesso non mi piace granché

riassumendo: ha già detto tutto SK. :)

Mazda MX-5 20th anniversary "barbone edition" - Tutto quello che scrivo è IMHO


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