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[CHN] Mazda EZ-6 PHEV & EV 2024

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Changan Mazda Automobile Corporation Ltd. (Changan Mazda), a Chinese company receiving investment from Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda), today, at Auto China 2024,*1 unveiled the all-new electrified vehicle, MAZDA EZ-6, the design concept model of electrified vehicle.

The Mazda EZ-6, unveiled today, is the first of a series of new electrified vehicles (new energy vehicles) developed and manufactured by Changan Mazda in cooperation with Mazda and Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. (Changan Automobile), and will be launched in China by the end of 2024. 

Masahiro Moro, President & CEO of Mazda, said in the Changan Mazda press conference that took place today: "We are delighted to introduce the all-new new energy vehicle (NEV) developed in alliance with Mazda and Changan Automobile. The Mazda EZ-6 is the latest electrified vehicle that combines Mazda's strengths with Changan Automobile's electrified technology. Going forward, Mazda will continue to work with Changan Automobile to turn Mazda’s China business around by introducing its unique products that meet the needs of Chinese customers who prefer advanced vehicles.

The MAZDA EZ-6 is a dedicated electrified model which combines Mazda’s design language, KODO-Soul of Motion, and its signature driving performance which focuses on the Jinba-ittai (car and driver as one) driving feel, with advanced electric vehicle technology and smart technology supplied by Changan Automobile. Two versions of the MAZDA EZ-6 will be available, a battery electric vehicle (BEV) and a plug-in hybrid electrified vehicle (PHEV). Customers in China will be able to select a powertrain that matches their personal lifestyle and preferences.


MAZDA EZ-6 product summary

  • Based on the “Authentic Modern” theme, the design of the MAZDA EZ-6 seeks to capture the lively spirit and elegance of Mazda’s “Soul of Motion” design philosophy, expressed through advanced styling appropriate for the electric vehicle age. Overall, the vehicle shows a simple, flowing coupe form.
  • The MAZDA EZ-6 dynamic performance also reflects Mazda’s commitment to create vehicles that gives the driver a feel of Jimba-ittai, car and driver as one. Its crafted handling and braking enable the car to respond in a linear manner to the driver’s intentions.
  • The MAZDA EZ-6 features 50:50 weight distribution between the front and rear (BEV model); front strut suspension and rear multi-link suspension; and an electric-powered rear spoiler that improves high-speed stability.
  • Other smart features that improve both safety and convenience include an intelligent drive system that provides support for the driver as well as accident mitigation technology; intelligent parking technology that allows the MAZDA EZ-6 to be controlled by voice, even when the driver is outside the vehicle; and smart cabin technology that can be operated in various ways including voice-control, touch, and gesture control.
  • The BEV model has an expected driving range of approximately 600 km, while the PHEV model is expected to achieve over 1,000km of driving range on a single tank of fuel.*2


via Mazda

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