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Renault Clio Sporter 2012

quanto ti piace la Renault Clio SporTour 2013?  

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  1. 1. quanto ti piace la Renault Clio SporTour 2013?

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thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-30.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-31.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-32.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-33.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-38.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-39.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-40.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-41.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-42.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-34.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-35.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-36.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-37.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-01.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-02.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-03.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-04.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-05.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-06.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-07.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-08.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-09.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-10.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-11.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-12.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-13.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-14.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-15.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-16.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-17.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-18.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-19.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-20.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-21.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-22.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-23.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-24.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-25.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-26.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-27.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-28.jpg thn_renault-clio-station-wagon-29.jpg

carscoop - autoblog.it

Press Release :


New Renault Clio Estate is one of the major reveals on Renault’s stand at the Paris Motor Show. The newcomer shares the same dynamic breeding as the hatchback but has its own distinct identity, with carefully honed forms created by designer Yohann Ory. New Clio Estate will appear in showrooms from the first quarter of 2013 (depending on market).

An assertive personality inspired by the classic shooting brake

“ Thanks to its athletic proportions, New Clio Estate is not only practical, but also extremely elegant.”

Yohann Ory Designer of New Clio Estate

Research reveals that estate car customers are strongly drawn towards the aesthetic design cues of shooting brakes. New Renault Clio certainly has the style and it also dials in practicality and versatility for good measure. The Estate’s wheelbase is identical to that of the hatchback, although the rear overhang has been extended by 201 mm to 823 mm. With an overall length of 4,262 mm, New Clio Estate is high on style and, at the same time, is compact and accommodating. Its profile features a long bonnet and pronounced rear shoulders, while its lines stretch rearwards towards to an upright tailgate that points to the car’s high carrying capacity. As on the hatchback, the rear door handles are concealed. The smooth, flowing lines are accentuated by the integration of the B and C pillars which are flush with the surface of the glass, while the roof appears to float to emphasise the design’s overall elegance.

The beauty of New Renault Clio, yet particularly practical

New Clio Estate is even more versatile than its hatchback sibling and will appeal to customers looking for a car that stands out as a strong design statement, but which is also extremely practical. The space at the front has been thought through carefully, as has access to the 430 dm3 VDA luggage area. This is 130 dm3, or 30 per cent bigger, than that of the already roomy hatchback, and the loading sill has also been lowered significantly. Thanks to the combination of the cargo area’s flat floor and the ability of the front passenger seat to fold flat, New Clio Estate offers ‘record’ maximum load length. This versatile feature is unique to New Clio Estate and stands out as a significant ‘plus’ in its class.


World premiere for Bluetooth® radios with Renault Bass Reflex system

All versions of New Renault Clio feature a clever integrated sound system in the front-door speakers. This system, named Renault Bass Reflex, is capable of reproducing volume and a level of listening comfort equivalent to 30-litre home speak ers. Bass reproduction quality has been improved, while the saturation and distortion thresholds have been pushed back.

The entire New Renault Clio range features radios with Bluetooth® connectivity which permits hands-free telephony and audio streaming playback from portable devices with excellent sound quality. All radios feature USB ports and jack sockets.

Features normally associated with bigger cars

New Clio pays real attention to detail when it comes to the traveling experience enjoyed by occupants. As always with Renault, the difference stems from a suite of new functions, or functions only previously available in higher segments, which have been grouped together to form a simple package.

New Clio owners will benefit from Hill Start Assist with nearly every engine, while cruise control with speed limiter, ESC, ASR traction control, ABS, emergency brake assist and variable-rate electric power steering are standard across the range.

For ease of use, all versions feature keyless entry (with electronic card), a height- and reach-adjustable steering wheel, electric front windows and door mirrors and ‘motorway mode’ indicators. Some versions feature automatic climate control with a charcoal pollen filter and toxicity sensor, as well as a reversing camera.




0.9 Energy TCe S&S (90 CV):

DUEL: 16.800€

Intens: 17.250€

DUEL2: 18.500€

1.2 (75 CV):

Life: 14.650€

Zen: 15.850€

1.2 Energy TCe EDC S&S (120 CV):

DUEL2: 21.100€


1.5 Energy dCi S&S (75 CV):

Life: 16.650€

Zen: 17.850€

DUEL: 18.300€

1.5 Energy dCi S&S (90 CV) :

Eco Business: 18.600€

DUEL: 18.800€

Intens: 19.250€

DUEL2: 20.500€

1.5 Energy dCi EDC S&S (90 CV):

Intens: 20.850€

DUEL2: 22.100€


Topic Spies : freccina19rossaiy0.gifRenault Clio IV SporTour (Spy)


Topic Hatch : freccina19rossaiy0.gifRenault Clio 2012

Topic GT : freccina19rossaiy0.gif Renault Clio Sporter GT 2013

Modello Precedente : freccina19rossaiy0.gif Renault Clio III SporTour 2009

Decisamente la migliore B Wagon in commercio; Renault a questo giro è riuscita a donare alla Clio una gamma davvero riuscita e promettente.

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 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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anche perchè in questo momento è l'unica ;) ( non vale la comatosa 207 SW )

Archepensevoli spanciasentire Socing.

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Molto interessante, come già detto nel topic delle spy, aspetto di vedere le foto col baule aperto e conoscere le dimensioni effettive.

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