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  • Ford Performance reveals next generation Ford Fiesta ST powered by an all-new 200 PS, three-cylinder, 1.5‑litre EcoBoost engine ahead of appearance at the Geneva Motor Show
  • First three-cylinder Ford Performance model also features Drive Modes that adjust engine, steering, stability controls and even exhaust sound for optimised driving fun in any scenario
  • Electronic Sound Enhancement and active exhaust valve amplify sporty sound of three-cylinder engine that also features cylinder deactivation for further reduced CO2*
  • Enhanced range of personalisation options and technology includes new styling packs, SYNC 3 connectivity with 8-inch touchscreen and B&O Play high-end audio





COLOGNE, Germany, Feb. 24, 2017 – Ford Performance today revealed the next generation Ford Fiesta ST, powered by an all-new three-cylinder, 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine.
Shown for the first time ahead of its global public debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, the next generation Fiesta ST will deliver 200 PS, 290 Nm of torque, and anticipated 0-100 km/h (0‑62 mph) acceleration in 6.7 seconds.

The third generation of Fiesta ST will be the first Ford Performance model ever powered by a three-cylinder engine, and will be the first Fiesta ST to feature selectable Drive Modes – enabling engine, steering and stability controls to be configured to Normal, Sport and Track settings for an optimised fun-to-drive experience in conditions from motorways to track days.

Drive Modes will also adjust Fiesta ST’s Electronic Sound Enhancement (ESE) technology and active exhaust noise control valve to deliver an even more satisfying driving experience. The technologies amplify the naturally sporty sound of the new 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine that also features Ford’s industry-first cylinder deactivation system for a three-cylinder engine, for further reduced CO2 emissions of an anticipated 114 g/km.*

Available from launch in early 2018 in both three-door and five-door bodystyles, the next generation Fiesta ST will be offered with a greater variety of interior trim and personalisation options than ever before, with bold and distinctive exterior styling that includes a unique race-car-inspired mesh grille and exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels.

“Our next generation Fiesta ST is true to the philosophy of delivering cutting-edge technology to enhance every facet of the responsive Ford Performance chassis and powertrain,” said Joe Bakaj, vice president, Product Development, Ford of Europe. “With selectable Drive Modes and an all-new EcoBoost engine delivering an unprecedented combination of performance and fuel efficiency, the new model will deliver the most versatile, fun, engaging and rewarding Fiesta ST driving experience yet.”

All-new 1-5-litre EcoBoost engine

Part of Ford’s EcoBoost range of petrol engines that also includes the multi-award-winning 1.0‑litre EcoBoost, the all-new 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine uses technology including turbocharging, high-pressure fuel injection and Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing to deliver optimised performance and fuel efficiency.

The engine’s three-cylinder architecture delivers naturally high torque at low rpm. Performance is further boosted by a new turbocharger that uses an optimised turbine design to build boost pressure faster and minimise lag for a more responsive and fun driving experience.

A new combination of port fuel injection and direct fuel injection technology helps deliver high power and responsiveness alongside reduced CO2 emissions,* with a particular increase in fuel efficiency under light engine loads.

Ford’s new cylinder deactivation technology – first announced for the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine and a world first for a three-cylinder engine – will further improve fuel efficiency for Fiesta ST customers without affecting performance by automatically stopping fuel delivery and valve operation for one of the engine’s cylinders in conditions where full capacity is not needed, such as when coasting or cruising with light demand on the engine. The technology can disengage or re-engage one cylinder in 14 milliseconds – 20 times faster than the blink of an eye – to seamlessly deliver full performance on demand.
The all-aluminium engine also features an integrated exhaust manifold that improves efficiency by helping the engine reach optimal temperatures faster, and delivers torque more rapidly by minimising the distance exhaust gasses travel between cylinders and turbocharger. Gas particulate filter technology that reduces soot emissions will also feature.

New Drive Modes
Selectable Drive Modes add even more versatility for the next generation Fiesta ST, enabling drivers to optimise the driving experience to suit scenarios from school run to the race track:



  • In Normal mode, engine mapping, traction control, electronic stability control (ESC), ESE, exhaust sound and electronic power assisted steering (EPAS) are configured to deliver natural responsiveness and a connected feel
  • In Sport mode, engine mapping and throttle pedal response are sharpened, and EPAS settings adjusted to deliver more feedback and finer control for fast road driving. The active noise control valve opens and ESE is adjusted to intensify the sporty exhaust note and engine noise within the cabin
  • In Track mode, all vehicle dynamics features are tuned for the fastest possible lap times, traction control is disabled and ESC interventions are set to wide-slip mode for hard circuit driving

The agile and responsive Ford Performance-tuned chassis will be supported by enhanced Torque Vectoring Control technology that improves road holding and reduces understeer by applying brake force to the inside front wheel when cornering. Three-mode ESC will enable drivers to choose between full system intervention; wide-slip mode with limited intervention; and full system de-activation.
Greater personalisation 

The next generation Fiesta ST will offer more personalisation options than ever before. Customers will be able to choose from a range of trim elements for the gear lever, steering wheel, door pulls and decorative dashboard spear, and select from distinctive styling packs.

The ergonomic Fiesta ST interior will feature supportive Recaro seats and a flat-bottomed steering wheel. Exterior colour options will include new Liquid Blue and the Fiesta ST will feature exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels.
“Our ST models are designed to make a Ford Performance driving experience accessible to customers regardless of lifestyle,” said Matthias Tonn, Fiesta ST chief programme engineer. “With three- and five-door bodystyles and distinctive styling options that complement the model’s performance characteristics available from day-one, the next generation Fiesta ST will deliver a broader appeal for an even wider range of car-buyers.”

Ford’s SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system will enable Fiesta ST drivers to control audio, navigation and connected smartphones using simple, conversational voice commands. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™, SYNC 3 is supported by floating, tablet-inspired touchscreens up to 8-inches that can be operated using pinch and swipe gestures.

The next generation Fiesta ST also will be offered with a high quality B&O PLAY Sound System for a high-end audio experience – among features Ford first announced last year for the next generation Fiesta.

Ford Performance 

The Ford Performance global organisation serves as an innovation laboratory and test-bed to create unique performance vehicles, parts, accessories and experiences for customers.

This includes developing innovations and technologies in aerodynamics, light-weighting, electronics, powertrain performance and fuel efficiency that can be applied more broadly to Ford’s product portfolio.
“Next generation Fiesta ST customers will benefit from innovations developed by Ford Performance for the Ford GT supercar and Focus RS hot hatchback, including high power EcoBoost and Drive Mode technologies,” said Dave Pericak, global director, Ford Performance. “Working as one unified Ford Performance team helps us better deliver our core fun-to-drive experience and democratise sophisticated performance-enhancing features for every customer.”






Modello di derivazione: Ford Fiesta 2017

Modello uscente: Ford Fiesta ST200 2016


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Fiesta ST 5 porte: :agree:


Fiesta ST a 3 cilindri, o addirittura a 2 con la disattivazione dei cilindri: :disag: (Spero le prove su strada mi smentiscano, ma ad ora non mi fa impazzire l' idea)


4 minuti fa, reckoner00 dice:

Gas particulate filter technology that reduces soot emissions will also feature.

Ovvero? Anche loro introducono il DPF sui benzina?

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Ed anche qui il rombo del motore (sicuramente non quello di un 3L :§) dagli speaker... :non:


3 cilindri a parte... direi promossa con riserva, in attesa delle prove su strada.

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Ma un impianto frenante 4 pistoncini no eh, è chiedere troppo, per il 1.5 3 cilindi.... vedremo


marketing ford dal video fa sembrare che una bmx sia veloce quanto questa ST...


Edited by Zampi

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1 ora fa, GL91 dice:

Fiesta ST 5 porte: :agree:


Fiesta ST a 3 cilindri, o addirittura a 2 con la disattivazione dei cilindri: :disag: (Spero le prove su strada mi smentiscano, ma ad ora non mi fa impazzire l' idea)


Ovvero? Anche loro introducono il DPF sui benzina?


Quanti rospi bisogna ingoiare ancora?

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