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Messaggio Aggiornato al 23/06/2015
















thn_Seat_Mii_03.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_04.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_05.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_02.jpg

thn_Seat_Mii_06.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_07.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_08.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_09.jpg

thn_Seat_Mii_10.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_11.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_12.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_13.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_14.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_15.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_16.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_17.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_18.jpgthn_Seat_Mii_19.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_20.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_21.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_22.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_23.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_24.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_25.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_26.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_27.jpgthn_Seat_Mii_28.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_29.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_30.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_31.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_32.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_33.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_34.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_35.jpgthn_Seat_Mii_36.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_37.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_38.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_39.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_40.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_41.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_42.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_43.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_44.jpgthn_Seat_Mii_45.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_46.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_47.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_48.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_49.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_50.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_51.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_52.jpgthn_Seat_Mii_53.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_54.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_55.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_56.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_57.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_58.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_59.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_60.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_61.jpgthn_Seat_Mii_62.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_63.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_64.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_65.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_66.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_67.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_68.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_69.jpgthn_Seat_Mii_70.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_71.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_72.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_73.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_74.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_75.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_76.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_77.jpgthn_Seat_Mii_78.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_79.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_80.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_81.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_82.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_83.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_84.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_85.jpgthn_Seat_Mii_86.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_87.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_88.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_89.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_90.jpg thn_Seat_Mii_91.jpg


5 Porte













Press Release :


- World debut of SEAT's all-new city car

- Mii Ecomotive with just 97 g/km of CO2*

- Innovative City Safety Assist with laser sensor

SEAT is unveiling the Mii city car – the perfect vehicle for today's urban lifestyle. Quite simply, the Mii makes life easier – with compelling practicality, exceptional driving fun, high efficiency and innovative technology.

The Mii combines SEAT's sporty Mediterranean design with the very best craftsmanship and enormous scope for personalisation. Moreover, the outstanding value-for-money and low maintenance costs make the joy of driving a Mii easily attainable.

Spain, SEAT's home market, will begin sales of the Mii before the end of the year, with the rest of Europe following in Spring 2012.

At a length of 3.55 metres, the Mii is the perfect size for modern-day urban use. The Mii comes to market at the end of 2011 as a three-door; the five-door version follows in 2012.

The new SEAT will be offered with all-new 1.0-litre petrol engines of 60 PS and 75 PS outputs. Combined with the vehicle's low weight of 854 kg these guarantee nimble agility and exemplary efficiency. The Mii Ecomotive has a CO2 figure of just 97 g/km*.

The Mii is also a leader when it comes to innovative technology. The City Safety Assist for instance, adds an extra dimension of safety in the city, while the SEAT Portable System brings together entertainment, navigation, phone and vehicle functions in an entirely new way.

'The new Mii is the perfect partner for everyday urban life. It is young and fresh, thought through to the very last detail and built to the finest quality. The Mii brings clear SEAT identity to the sub-compact segment and is set to win a significant share of the market,' said James Muir, President of SEAT S.A. 'This is why the Mii is an important addition to the SEAT portfolio and a clear next step in our company strategy. With the Mii, we are starting the most comprehensive model offensive in SEAT history.'

Perfect for the city, and longer journeys

Even though the Mii fits neatly into almost every parking space, its optimum use of space means it still offers plenty of space for four people. With a volume of 251 litres, the Mii offers the largest luggage compartment in its class. With the rear seat back folded, this increases to as much as 951 litres.

Yet the Mii doesn't stop at the city boundaries. Its spaciousness, excellent comfort levels and sporty dynamics – a direct result of its low weight – also make the Mii a compelling companion over longer distances.

'At just 3.55 metres long, the Mii combines innovative technologies with an incredibly well-balanced overall feel,' said Dr Matthias Rabe, SEAT Vice President for Research and Development.

'With its low weight and modern drivetrains, the Mii is both sporty and efficient at the same time.'

Design – Mediterranean modernity with clear character

Characteristic and unmistakable – the Mii is clearly recognisable as a member of the SEAT family. Its front end carries forward the typical arrow visual, while its profile is distinguished by powerful wheel arches and slender roof pillars.

The rear end shows a new form of light design with triangular lamp units. The perfect proportions are a key element and comprise a width of 1.64 metres, a long wheelbase of 2.42 metres and exceptionally short overhangs front and rear. The steep rear end facilitates the Mii's excellent spaciousness – optimal functionality is particularly important in the super-compact segment.

'The Mii breathes the very spirit of its remarkable hometown, Barcelona,' says Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, the new Head of SEAT Design.

'It is modern, it has a strong personality, but it isn't loud. The Mii has the feel of a modern yet timeless product design. Every detail is precisely defined, but with not a line too many. With the Mii, we are making sporty chic and design quality attainable for all.'

Modern clarity and compelling functionality are defining aspects of the interior, too. The perfect ergonomics of the instruments and the control elements fit beautifully with the premium surfaces that can be individualised using coloured trim from the various equipment lines. Its seats are also new – with integrated head restraints they offer

sports car flair, while being very comfortable and well-suited to long-distance driving.

Safety – the Mii monitors the road and brakes for itself

A unique innovation in this class of vehicle is the SEAT Mii's City Safety Assist. In the event of danger the Mii warns its driver, or even brakes automatically. A laser sensor recognises other vehicles in front, whether they are driving or stationary. The system warns the driver when there is the imminent threat of an accident at speeds of less than 18 mph (30 km/h). If he does not react, the Mii brakes automatically. In many situations this is sufficient to avoid an accident altogether but will, at the very least, mitigate its consequences. ESP is also available, and is always combined with City Safety Assist when specified.

Systematic lightweight design means that the base weight of the Mii is only 854 kg. Its bodyshell is a piece of high technology formed largely from high-strength and, in places, form-hardened steels. Thanks to exceptional stiffness, it delivers a high-quality feel and excellent passive safety. The side airbags are standard equipment and are particularly large for optimum protection of head and upper body.

Drive – sporty agility with low fuel consumption

Beneath the short bonnet of the Mii is a completely new generation of engines. The three-cylinder petrol powerplant with a one-litre displacement is very light, compact and smooth-running. With two outputs of 60 PS or 75 PS, it ensures agility and compelling dynamics both in the city and on the open road.

Top speeds stand at 99 mph (160 km/h) and 106 mph (171 km/h) respectively, while fuel consumption on the combined cycle is measured at 4.5* and 4.7* litres per 100 kilometres. With a generous 35-litre tank volume, it offers considerable range between fill-ups and long-lasting driving fun.

There are two Ecomotive versions of the Mii. Thanks to a start/stop system, brake energy recuperation and further consumption-lowering initiatives, they make do with just 4.2* litres of fuel per 100 km, which equates to a CO2 figure of just 97 g/km.

In Continental Europe the little SEAT will also be offered with CNG engineering. This lowers CO2 emissions to just 86 g/km, making the Mii one of the cleanest cars in the world.

Furthermore, as an alternative to a manual transmission, the Mii is also available with an automated manual box that boasts two electric motors to help manage the smooth gear change.

Infotainment – unique technology to boost efficient driving

SEAT is a young brand and the unique new SEAT Portable System is, of course, part of that. This innovative technology includes a five-inch screen – it is removable for mobile use and yet perfectly integrated into the vehicle electronics. Its many functions include a state-of-the-art navigation system, hands-free phone system with voice control and an on-board computer. The device can be combined with the integrated radio and speaker system.

'The Mii offers enormous intelligence in a compact format,' said Dr Matthias Rabe, SEAT Vice President for Research and Development. 'The SEAT Portable System shows how it is possible to offer fascinating technology and innovative functions with tangible added value at an attractive price.'

The unique features of the SEAT Portable System include an 'Eco-trainer' function. Gearshift display, engine speed recommendations, average values and consumption profile all help the Mii owner to drive particularly economically. Plus, the SEAT Portable System is fully integrated into the vehicle electronics. It can be kept up-to-date via internet downloads, while tailor-made apps will offer additional functions in the future.

Equipment – sporty chic

Offered in its home market with three equipment lines, two Style Packs and a wide array of optional equipment and accessories, the Mii can be adapted perfectly to suit individual lifestyles and preferences.

Even the base model has all the key elements for safety and urban driving fun such as ABS, an adjustable steering column, side airbags and Isofix points with Top Tether. Reference and Style are the names of the two other equipment lines in Spain, with Style offering features such as power windows and central locking.

Prefer more chic or more sporting character in your Mii? The two equipment packages Chic and Sport offer the choice, with special colour and trim elements for interior personalisation. Alloy wheels and a leather steering wheel are always part of the package – the chrome package in the Chic version adds a special touch, while the Sport version offers tinted windows and a sporty suspension set-up for an even more dynamic feel.


E con la Seat Mii fanno tre! Tante sono infatti le declinazioni della nuova city car del Gruppo Volkswagen, presentata prima come Volkswagen up!, poi come Skoda Citigo ed ora in versione spagnola Seat Mii. Si completa così il trio di supermini tedesche vendute con i tre marchi “generalisti” del gruppo tedesco, ognuna caratterizzata da piccoli ritocchi di stile che si limitano al marchio, alla calandra, alla fanaleria e alle ruote. Denominatore comune a up!, Citigo e Mii è anche la produzione nello stabilimento slovacco di Bratislava, oltre alla lunghezza di poco superiore ai tre metri e mezzo (3,56 m) e alla carrozzeria 3 porte che sarà seguita a primavera 2012 dalla 5 porte.

Lo stile della Seat Mii è caratterizzato dalla stretta calandra trapezoidale anteriore che richiama il tradizionale family filing delle altre Seat, elemento che lo stesso designer Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos definisce "moderno, di forte personalità, ma non troppo vistoso". La Seat Mii monta i nuovi 3 cilindri 1.0 da 60 o 75 CV utilizzate dalle "cugine", ha un peso di 854 chilogrammi e un vano bagagli con volumetria variabile fra 251 e 951 litri. Il cambio può essere, a scelta, il 5 marce manuale o il nuovo robotizzato ASG. La versione Ecomotive da 97 g/km di CO2 che utilizza lo start/stop e il recupero dell’energia in frenata arriverà poco dopo il lancio. L’allestimento Chic prevede ruote in lega e accenti cromati su plancia e volante, mentre la Mii Sport spicca per l’assetto ribassato,i vetri oscurati e gli interni più grintosi. Fra gli equipaggiamenti opzionali c’è anche il Seat Portable System, dispositivo portatile che come il PID della up! assolve alle funzioni di lettore multimediale, navigatore e gestore delle telefonate.

Fonte: OmniAuto.it | Il Webmagazine dell'Automobile


N.B. : Per i Prezzi della 5 Porte, aggiungete 515€ a quelli sotto riportati ! .


1.0 MPI (60 CV):

Reference: 9.620€

Style: 10.070€

Chic: 11.580€

by MANGO : 12.670€

1.0 MPI ASG (60 CV):

Style: 11.870€

Chic: 12.380€

by MANGO: 13.470€

1.0 MPI (75 CV):

Chic: 12.030

1.0 MPI ASG (75 CV):

Chic: 12.830€


1.0 MPI EcoFuel (68 CV):

Reference: 12.170€

Style: 13.620€

Chic: 14.380€

by MANGO: 15.220€


Mah... Esteticamente appare più vecchia di Up! e Citigo. Come per la Ceca, nome orrido.

Ha deluso le mie aspettative, sicuramente di questo nuovo trio lescano la mia preferita è la Up! .

Edited by Touareg 2.5

 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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Proprio come dalle foto "spiate" precedentemente... e proprio triste.

E la cosa meno riuscita mi sembra proprio il frontale, unica parte su cui si poteva sperare. La mascherina piccola e piatta, i fanali inseriti in modo forzato, la brutta fessura nella parte bassa del frontale... Era forse meglio la Arosa. Qui siamo a livello "quadriciclo leggero", IMHO.

Paradossalmente i fanali posteriori non sono così male, anche se rimaniamo su livelli bassissimi (di stile) ...anche per il segmento A.

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Mah secondo me pur nella sua tristezza il design della versione skoda si adatta abbastanza bene ad UP, questo frontale lo vedo proprio "appiccicato" lì...tra l'altro in Spagna le segmento A vendono pochissimo cosa l'han fatta a fare?

Senza cuore saremmo solo macchine.......

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per carità, non è brutta, ma che tristezza infinita però! Sembra uscita PRIMA della Arosa :D

...alla fine ci si abitua a tutto, ma vi chiedo di fare mente locale.

Siamo nel 2011, quasi 2012.

Se dieci o quindici anni fa vi avessero mostrato le immagini di queste tre "auto del futuro", facendo notare le varie chicche tecnologiche (come il comando monofinestrino o la mancanza delle bocchette regolabili frontali) e i motori "frullino" a tre cilindri a benzina, non gli avreste riso in faccia?

Non dico le auto volanti o a idrogeno, però questa è proprio una presa in giro...

Almeno la Panda 2012 avrebbe sorpreso, almeno come stile, un "antico" possessore di Panda Young... forse!

... avremmo detto che una Punto SX del 1996 era meglio equipaggiata :D:roll:

Edited by Nick for Speed

"Ci sono persone che amano circondarsi di cose il cui valore concreto si esprime anche nel valore formale. Molto probabilmente una Lancia fa parte del loro mondo."


"Il successo non si improvvisa, ma al contrario è sempre frutto di fantasia, applicazione, dedizione e tenacia." (Vittorio Ghidella)

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A questo punto aspettiamo la versione premmmium audi :lol:

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Mii... è proprio brutta!

E' la prima auto al mondo con motore a 6 cilindri a V di 60 gradi e con frizione, cambio e differenziale in un unico blocco sull'asse posteriore, transaxle, ..., è il 1950 e lei è l'Aurelia. (www.lancia.it)

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Ok, pensavo che che in Fiat avessero difficoltà a disegnare la parte anteriore delle loro vetture.

C'è di peggio.

A colpo d'occhio non dispiace, dopo tre secondi non capisco da che parte guardarla e mi viene il mal di mare. Hanno azzeccato solo la versione VW delle tre.


Guido ergo sum!

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Personalmente trovo la skoda quella "meglio" riuscita con delle linee molto semplici e rassicuranti, la Seat non si puó guardare mentre la Up! non mi convince del tutto ... (l´unica vista dal vivo delle tre)

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