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Apple Electric Car (Notizie)


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Oh... un'auto Apple...


Vabbè, vado nel topic delle gnocche che è decisamente più interessante. :Miriam:



Anche il topic della Dacia Jogger è decisamente più interessante.

Ma anche il topic della Citroen AMI.

Ma anche il topic...


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I'M IN LOVE!:pippa:

"La 6° marcia, K@zzo!"

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Apple hires Tesla Autopilot software director, report says

The move bolsters the tech firm's efforts to develop a self-driving car


Apple, bolstering its car-development efforts, hired a former engineer from Tesla who drew controversy this year for remarks about that company’s Autopilot feature.

The iPhone maker tapped Christopher “CJ” Moore for its team working on a self-driving car, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Moore is working on the effort’s software, reporting to Stuart Bowers, another former Tesla executive who joined Apple at the end of last year. Bowers had led Tesla’s Autopilot team before departing in mid-2019.

The move suggests Apple is plowing ahead with attempts to develop self-driving technology, a high-stakes race with automakers such as Tesla. Moore is joining a division known for its secrecy -- Apple has never publicly laid out its car plans -- and frequent turnover. The head of Apple’s car project, codenamed Titan, departed the company earlier this year to lead technology efforts at Ford Motor.

Apple, based in Cupertino, California, declined to comment.

At Tesla, Moore implied that CEO Elon Musk had overstated the capabilities of the Autopilot software. Earlier this year, California Department of Motor Vehicles officials interviewed Moore as part of investigations into the self-driving software. The department asked Moore about Musk claiming that Teslas would be capable of fully autonomous driving this year.

Moore signaled in response that Musk’s statements didn’t “match engineering reality,” according to a DMV memo summarizing the conversation. For many years, Musk has said he believes Tesla is close to releasing so-called Level 5 autonomy features, which would mean the cars can operate without human intervention. The current system, known as Level 2, requires drivers to keep their hands on the wheel.

Recently, a lawsuit brought by the estate of a Florida man who died in a 2019 crash while using Autopilot is seeking to call Moore as a witness. Legal documents related to the case revealed in October that Moore had left Tesla.

Apple recently replaced the former project head, Doug Field, with Kevin Lynch, who led software engineering for the Apple Watch from the product’s infancy. It has also hired other major names from the automotive world, including Urlich Kranz, the former CEO of autonomous car startup Canoo.

The Apple team has other ex-Tesla executives, including the company’s former drive trains chief Michael Schwekutsch and interiors head Steve MacManus. At the same time, the group has lost several managers. Besides Field, this year’s departures include head of robotics Dave Scott and chief of safety Jaime Waydo. Another former manager for the effort, Dave Rosenthal, recently left Apple after earlier departing the project.




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United States Patent 11214997

Filing Date: 04/27/2020

Publication Date: 01/04/2022

A multi-linkage vehicle door hinge and door hinge system for use in passenger vehicle entry/exit doors. The door hinge includes a first four bar linkage connected to a second four bar linkage. The door hinge operates to move a vehicle door panel between a closed position and an open position along a path of travel in a movement envelope that is parallel to the exterior surface of the vehicle. In one aspect, the door hinge provides twice as much lift as is required to package the door hinge in the vehicle. In another aspect, the door panel further rotates toward the vehicle centerline for applications having low vertical clearance. In another aspect, the door hinge includes a six-bar linkage.







Succulento report dalla supply chain sudcoreana


Selection will be completed by the end of the year... and begin full-scale development
crapple visited South Korea last month to meet with companies
Interested in an electronic parts manufacturers with experience in mass production
Some companies formed a ‘Task Force' and are actively responding

The domestic parts industry has started a war to enter the supply chain management (SCM) of crapple's self-driving electric vehicle 'crapple Car’. crapple is expected to complete the selection of an crapple Car supplier within this year, and start its full-scale development. crapple is highly interested in South Korean companies in the field of its core parts.

According to the parts industry on the 11th, crapple staff members visited South Korea last month and met with several domestic parts manufacturers. This is the second visit since crapple the last summer. crapple discussed batteries for electric vehicles with LG and SK.

It is believed that crapple started discussing crapple car parts with a domestic electronic parts manufacturer since the end of last year. Specific crapple car specifications and performance have not been confirmed yet.

It is understood that crapple is looking for several South Korean electronics manufacturers to plan the final lineup of supplying crapple cars. It is reported that crapple is showing great interest in electronic parts companies that have experience in mass production.

According to the industry, crapple showed a genuine attention to the point of proposing an equity investment in one of the domestic electronic parts manufacturers. It also demanded the company's electronic parts production capacity to increase by two-folds. It is unknown whether the company that received the offer accepted crapple's offer.

After having a face-to-face meeting with some parts manufacturers, crapple will continue to discuss the parts through online meetings. It is understood that there are no specific information or discussions related to specifications as it is still in the very early stages.

An official from the parts industry said, "The business related to crapple Car is being done under the surface. If the information is leaked a company, then the company may be removed from the supplier candidate. It is being handled very carefully.”

Some parts manufacturers working with crapple on smartphones have even set up a task force to actively respond to the crapple car business. In the battery sector, which is a key component for electric vehicles, crapple is actively seeking for South Korean companies. It is reported that crapple has set up a policy to develop and manage crapple car battery materials directly. crapple is considering collaborating with a South Korean company in the midst of U.S.-China trade dispute.

It is not easy to enter the crapple car business because crapple is proposing more strict and demanding conditions than its smartphone business.

An official from the parts industry said, "There are many parts companies that do not even consider becoming partners because the conditions that crapple car business demands are so harsh. And security is very strict, so sharing information is not easy.”

According to foreign media, the 'crapple Car' is expected to unveil as early as 2024. It is predicted that the parts SCM system will be established within this year. And crapple cars will be developed, disclosed, and mass-produced for two to three years. 

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5 ore fa, A.Masera scrive:

Direi che dopo l’anteprima di ieri sera del nuovo, super invasivo CarPlay, la speranza di un prodotto Made in Cupertino è da considerarsi accantonata…

Non arriverà domani, ma a meno di una catastrofe su Apple livello "Michael Spindler" IMHO arriverà.

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3 minuti fa, nucarote scrive:

Non arriverà domani, ma a meno di una catastrofe su Apple livello "Michael Spindler" secondo me arriverà.


Non avrebbe senso portare l'esperienza Apple su tutti i marchi e ridursi a mero costruttore (tra l'altro appaltato).


Per me sarà un semplice fornitore di servizi, da CarPlay alla navigazione, passando in futuro per la guida autonoma.


Se Volvo, Audi & co. consentono loro di sostituire l'OS proprietario significa che ne riconoscono la qualità e ne traggono mutuo vantaggio dati i costi enormi e costanti dello sviluppare soluzioni SW.

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14 minutes ago, A.Masera said:

Se Volvo, Audi & co. consentono loro di sostituire l'OS proprietario significa che ne riconoscono la qualità e ne traggono mutuo vantaggio dati i costi enormi e costanti dello sviluppare soluzioni SW.

Volvo ha già sostituito il suo OS con Android Auto, che fa più o meno le stesse cose, difatti sono abbastanza stupito di vederla su quella lista. Cambio di rotta oppure offrirannola soluzione Google e e quella Apple in parallelo?

La teoria è quando si conosce il funzionamento di qualcosa ma quel qualcosa non funziona.

La pratica è quando tutto funziona ma non si sa come.

Spesso si finisce con il coniugare la teoria con la pratica: non funziona niente e non si sa il perché.

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13 minuti fa, A.Masera scrive:




Se Volvo, Audi & co. consentono loro di sostituire l'OS proprietario significa che ne riconoscono la qualità e ne traggono mutuo vantaggio dati i costi enormi e costanti dello sviluppare soluzioni SW.

Sicuramente, ma si legano anche mani e piedi a Apple & Google, sinceramente non mi sembra una strategia molto intelligente nel lungo termine. 

Tornando alla Apple Car, credo che nel futuro Apple avrà sempre più bisogno di entrare in nuovi mercati, di certo non lo farà a livello di Xiaomi però un auto con la mela morsicata me l'aspetto in futuro relativamente remoto e non sarà qualcosa di assemblato da terze parti o per lo meno non tutto.

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