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Lexus Debuts Next-Generation Battery EV Concept and Vision for the Future of Mobility at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023

Pushing the Boundaries of the Electrified Experience


  • World premiere of the LF-ZL, a BEV mobility flagship concept, presenting the future vision of the Lexus brand.
  • Next-generation BEV architecture brings together state-of-the-art software and hardware platforms for an elevated automotive experience.
  • "Arene OS" seamlessly integrates digital life into the vehicle, providing personalized driving experiences as well as extended entertainment and connectivity.
  • Innovative use of bamboo, a long-time signature Lexus material, explores new possibilities for luxury in a circular economy, offering not only environmental but also social sustainability.


At the inaugural Japan Mobility Show 2023, Lexus introduced a range of concept models under the theme "Pushing the Boundaries of the Electrified Experience", envisioning new possibilities for mobility through electric cars. The Lexus booth hosted the global debut of the next-generation Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) concept car LF-ZC, set for release in2026, along with the BEV flagship concept model LF-ZL, which offers a glimpse into the brand's future.


Since its inception in 1989, Lexus has pushed boundaries in the automotive industry, consistently challenging the conventional notions of luxury and offering customers new product propositions and experiences. As a luxury lifestyle brand that transcends the automotive sphere, Lexus continues to anticipate changing customer needs and desires with creativity and attention to detail, striving to surprise and surpass expectations.


Lexus is committed to becoming electric brand by 2035, a transition that will involve fundamentally reassessing vehicle architecture though a new modular structure, implementing cutting-edge production technology, and fully integrating a comprehensive new software platform.


Joining the producion concept is the LF-ZL (Lexus Future Zero-emission Luxury), a BEV vision concept that offers a glimpse into a future where mobility, people, and society are seamlessly connected. Offering an unparalleled level of personalized customer interaction with the vehicle, it provides distinctive driving experiences for each individual, taking hints from their actions and making ongoing suggestions. This future flagship model aims to present an innately sustainable, guilt-free luxury lifestyle that empowers customers to live in tune with their needs and desires while at the same time contributing positively to the environment and society at large.


LF-ZL, a Flagship BEV Concept with a Vision of the Electrified Future

The LF-ZL represents a future Lexus flagship luxury model, aiming to offer a prestigious ownership experience beyond just the car, driven in next-generation BEV architecture and software advancements from the new Arene OS. Taking advantage of the freedom in BEV-specific packaging and optimizing interior space, LF-ZL has a spacious and serene cabin where traditional Omotenashi features are elevated through technology, for an unprecedented mobility experience.


By harnessing the full capabilities of the Arene OS, Lexus has establish advanced information integration that learns and anticipates the driver's needs, resulting in a personalized mobility experience. Additionally, it generates fresh experiential value by enabling interaction with a range of societal infrastructure and services. Through "Interactive Reality in Motion*2", the car's onboard sensors work in conjunction with digital data from the surroundings. When drivers point to objects or places of interest during their journey, the car's display promptly delivers information along with voice guidance, enabling the car to enhance the connection between occupants and their surroundings.


Furthermore, the utilization of big data allows management of the charging process and power supply, enabling the vehicle to seamlessly connect to the network and become an integral part of the societal infrastructure while parked. This approach ensures the seamless integration of mobility solutions with the customer's lifestyle.


*2 Concept for an interactive reality experience platform. By combining data from maps and vehicle cameras with AI chat functionality, and in-car voice and gesture recognition, the goal is to link information held by the car with digital information from the surroundings.

LF-ZL Main Specifications*3

Overall Length 5,300 mm
Overall Width 2,020 mm
Overall Height 1,700 mm
Wheelbase 3,350 mm
*3 Approximate spec values


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