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Dopo diversi scatti rivelatori, ecco il debutto della berlina bZ3, vettura destinata al solo mercato cinese e greata in collaborazione tra FAW-Toyota e BYD Toyota EV Technology (BTET).

Se la base è la e-TNGA, lo stesso non si può dire per le batterie Blade Batteries prese in prestito da BYD con catodi LFD.

Lunga 4,73 m (poco più di Model 3) e con un passo di 2,88m ha anche un coefficiente aerodinamico di 0.218 (simile a quello di Lucid Air o Classe A Sedan).

L'unico dato fornito è la percorrenza a piena carica di più di 600 km, ma stando alle informazioni ricavate dal Ministero dei Trasporti cinese, si parla anche di due versioni potenza (184 e 245 cv).














Press Release:



Beijing, China, October 24, 2022―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has announced the Toyota bZ3, the second model in its bZ series. The bZ3 is a battery electric sedan jointly developed for the Chinese market by BYD TOYOTA EV TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (BTET)―a joint venture established by Toyota and BYD Company Ltd. (BYD)―and FAW Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. (FAW Toyota). It will be produced by and sold through the FAW Toyota dealer network.

Jointly developed in three-company collaboration

In developing the bZ3, Toyota, BTET, and FAW Toyota worked closely to provide the best products to customers in China, the world's largest battery EV (BEV) market. Over 100 Toyota engineers from the design, production, engineering, and quality control departments participated in the development, working in unison with engineers from BYD and FAW Toyota.

Toyota, the world's first mass producer of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), has sold over 20 million electrified vehicles globally to date. Customers worldwide appreciate Toyota cars for the company's wide array of advanced electrification technologies―with everything from HEVs to fuel cell electric vehicles―and fun-to-drive designs built on its long-honed QDR performance. The Toyota bZ3 carries on such DNA, following the Toyota bZ4X.

BYD has specialized in batteries and other core technologies for electrified vehicles, including its e-Platform 3.0, since its establishment in 1995. The ever-growing company offers comprehensive solutions in the new energy field and has earned the trust of customers worldwide with its highly efficient development system and advanced electrification technologies. For the Toyota bZ3, BYD and its partners provide advanced, safe, and reliable battery technology.

FAW Toyota has provided ever-better products and services to customers in China since its founding in 2000. The company is well-known for its extensive product lineup and one-stop capability encompassing production, sales, and service. To date, FAW's cumulative sales volume has reached ten million units. Based on its world-class facilities and technologies, the company now produces high-quality new energy products, including the Toyota bZ series.

Toyota bZ3 is born out of the three companies' collaboration and synergy in development, car manufacturing, and battery technology. The combined strengths of each member have resulted in unprecedented new value and new experiences for customers.

All-new structure and design for "new freedom, new experiences"

Toyota bZ3 offers customers a novel automotive experience based on three keywords: electrified, dynamic, and enjoyable.

ElectrifiedAchieving 600 km+ cruising range with an advanced electrification system

The electrification system combines BYD's lithium-ion LFP battery using lithium iron phosphate and Toyota's extensive electrification technologies honed through long-standing HEV development, achieving a maximum cruising range of over 600 km*1. The battery structure, cooling, control, and safety monitoring systems were all newly designed for this car, making its high-quality electrification system efficient, advanced, safe, and reliable.

Furthermore, Toyota has leveraged its electrification expertise to reduce battery degradation, with the development goal of ensuring 90% capacity even after ten years*2, for customer peace of mind.

DynamicAchieving fun-to-drive through e-TNGA

Toyota bZ3 uses the e-TNGA vehicle platform to achieve more pleasant driving, including more responsive performance, with a low center of gravity and excellent handling stability. The driving position is configured to minimize muscle strain, reduce fatigue over long distances, and create an enjoyable driving experience. Moving, turning, and stopping have been finely tuned utilizing Toyota's expertise honed over its decades of experience in car-making and motorsports. The result is a more comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers.

EnjoyableDelivering a comfortable riding experience

The Toyota bZ3's development concept is the Family Lounge, based on the idea that cars provide a space to enjoy time with family and friends, rather than merely being a means of transportation. With a people-centered focus, Toyota emphasizes a coherent and comfortable interior space with enhanced digital features perfectly integrated inside the cabin to suit customer preferences.

The vehicle features the Toyota bZ series' hammerhead shark-like design format. It has a relaxed silhouette, combining the long wheelbase of a BEV-specific package with the long cabin of a fastback. Moreover, the exterior exudes stability and power and features a highly modulated and elegant profile that hints at a linear sense of speed. The corners of the bumper emphasize air guides and air curtains that consider airflow, while the flat door handles, aluminum wheels, and rear bumper shaped to reduce air resistance result in class-leading aerodynamics with a Cd value of 0.218.

The interior features the Digital Island system that integrates a large vertical center display with a tray-type console. In addition to wireless charging, it integrates functions for linking smartphones and multimedia, providing a new experience for customers. Air conditioning, music, trunk release, and other controls are also integrated into the large display, and voice control greatly advances convenience and innovation.

Toyota bZ3 Main Specifications*3

Length 4,725 mm
Width 1,835 mm
Height 1,475 mm
Wheelbase 2,880 mm
Cd value 0.218
Seating capacity 5
Battery type Lithium-ion Battery (first use of LFP cathode)
*1 Measured based on CLTC mode, cruising range on a single charge. Range will vary by grade.
*2 Estimated values based on the Toyota-simulated average usage of the battery cell alone. Actual vehicle-installed battery capacity varies depending on driving conditions and operating environment. The 90% battery capacity retention rate after ten years is not guaranteed under all conditions.
*3 Final vehicle specifications will be announced at the start of sales.

About the Toyota bZ series

Toyota has established the following four values for the bZ series.


  1. You & Others

Toyota bZ offers a new lifestyle and the opportunity to spend precious time with family and friends, in addition to a comfortable cabin.


  1. You & Your Car

Toyota bZ delivers the BEV's unique joy of driving and excitement of anticipated possibilities.


  1. You & the Environment

Toyota bZ will not only reduce CO2 and other emissions―it will contribute positively to the environment.


  1. You & Society

Toyota bZ creates a safer society where everyone enjoys greater peace of mind.

Toyota is committed to offering more appealing products to customers in China. It plans to introduce more bZ models, following the bZ4X and bZ3. Stay charged for upcoming announcements!

Toyota Global


Topic Spy: ▶️ [CHN] Toyota bZ3 2023 (Spy)




Preferisco la BYD Seal, nettamente.


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The model uses a single rear-mounted electric motor, which is available in 135 kW and 180 kW maximum power options.


Its battery pack is a lithium iron phosphate battery supplied by BYD's battery business unit, FinDreams Battery, with a capacity of 49.92 kWh and 65.28 kWh, providing a CLTC range of 517 km and 616 km, respectively.



Paragone con Model 3 China, in CLTC:


M3 standard = 556 km

M3 Long Range = 675 km

A quanto pare molto efficiente, visto il paragone con la M3 che dovrebbe avere in China a spanne sui 60 e 80 kWh


E LFP Blade è affidabile e sicura al fuoco e 4R riporta un 90% garantito di riduzione capacità per la garanzia.


Esteticamente mi piace, non capisco se ha 5 porte, cerco. Decisamente comprabile, sia per Toyota sia per powertrain BYD, sia per le batterie safe e robuste.




Debutto a novembre al Ghangzhu auto show.

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Made by Toyota con batteria Lfp blade Byd e motori Byd, la mia auto perfetta. In vendita e prezzata in Cina. A ottimo prezzo in rapporto a cinesi equivalenti, in Cina.

3 versioni. Datecela! 







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1 ora fa, Maxwell61 scrive:

Made by Toyota con batteria Lfp blade Byd e motori Byd, la mia auto perfetta. In vendita e prezzata in Cina. A ottimo prezzo in rapporto a cinesi equivalenti, in Cina.

3 versioni. Datecela! 







Ma quindi che pianale ha? TNGA? BYD? O FAW?

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9 ore fa, 4200blu scrive:

Toyota bZ3 with BYD inside received 5000 orders on its first day of sales in China


A quanto pare il connubio "Toyota + batteria e motore BYD" ispira parecchia fiducia ai cinesi. 


Poi in realtà bisognerebbe capire cosa significano 5.000 auto per loro (tanto, poco, la media?) 🤔

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43 minuti fa, J-Gian scrive:

Poi in realtà bisognerebbe capire cosa significano 5.000 auto per loro (tanto, poco, la media?) 🤔

Per un OEM che fino ad oggi non ha prodotto bev e ha nulla esperienza con bev e rispetto il periodo „un giorno“ direi tanto. Sopratutto in un mercato gia pienissimo di tante modelli bev. 

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