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Nissan GT-R M.Y. 2012 (Topic Ufficiale - 2011)

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2013-Nissan-GT-R-64.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-63.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-62.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-61.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-60.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-59.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-58.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-65.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-56.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-55.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-54.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-53.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-52.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-51.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-50.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-49.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-48.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-47.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-46.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-45.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-44.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-43.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-57.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-41.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-40.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-39.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-38.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-37.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-36.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-35.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-34.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-33.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-32.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-31.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-30.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-29.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-28.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-27.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-26.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-25.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-24.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-23.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-22.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-42.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-20.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-19.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-18.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-17.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-16.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-15.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-14.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-13.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-12.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-11.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-10.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-9.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-21.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-8.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-7.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-6.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-5.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-4.jpg2013-Nissan-GT-R-3.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-2.jpg 2013-Nissan-GT-R-1.jpg

Nissan GT-R Track Pack




2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-12.jpg 2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-11.jpg 2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-10.jpg 2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-9.jpg 2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-8.jpg2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-6.jpg 2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-5.jpg 2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-4.jpg 2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-3.jpg

2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-1.jpg 2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-13.jpg 2012-Nissan-GT-R-Track-Pack-Carscoop-7.jpg

carscoop - autocar

Press Release :

Nissan Releases the 2012 Model Year Nissan GT-R

YOKOHAMA, Japan (November 7, 2011) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the 2012 model year Nissan GT-R. The new model goes on sale November 24 in Japan and arrives in European showrooms in January 2012.

At a glance:

  • More power (550PS), improved economy and lower emissions
  • Unique asymmetric suspension settings on RHD cars
  • Enhanced transmission shift feel
  • Special race tuned oils used in differential
  • Body strengthened for even greater handling finesse
  • Ceramic brakes option according to model
  • New Bose® Precision Sound System woofers
  • Rear view camera now standard
  • New version ‘For TRACK PACK' enhances GT-R's pure performance (RHD only)

Significant improvements to the engine, chassis and transmission, plus a new lightweight "For TRACK PACK" version (currently available in some market such as Japan, UK), which accentuates the pure performance potential of the GT-R are the key changes to Nissan's flagship model for the 2012 model year.

When it was launched, the iconic GT-R created a new type of super car. Performance and handling were exceptional, of course, but more importantly the car's potential was accessible to all drivers under all conditions. It was greeted with universal praise but Nissan's policy of constant development means the GT-R continues to evolve.

The latest version, which is due on sale in Europe in January 2012, is the most efficient yet. It offers even greater performance but this is allied to improved economy and lower emissions to provide further excitement to drivers and passengers.

As well as more power, the 2012 MY GT-R has a newly developed asymmetric suspension which compensates for greater weight on the driver's side in RHD models, enhanced transmission ‘feel' and a stronger body for extra rigidity and ever better handling.

There's also the arrival of a new "For TRACK PACK" version (currently available in some markets such as Japan, UK) which inherits the DNA of the Spec_V model and turns the GT-R into a light-weight two seater for the ultimate in trackday performance.

2012 MY Nissan GT-R Overview

1. Mechanical Features


By improving the GT-R's engine efficiency, its fuel economy has been decreased from 12L. to 11.8L/100 Kms, while engine output rises significantly from 390kW to 404kW (550PS) from /6,400rpm with maximum torque of from 612 to 632Nm(64.5kgfm) from 3,200 to 5,800 rpm.

Engine response and torque at mid- and low-speeds, and power at high revolutions, has been significantly improved, mainly due to:

  • Improved intake efficiency - Better air flow resistance, which has been reduced by the addition of an intake manifold fitted to the head of each unit and the use of resin in the enlarged air intake duct for the intercooler.

  • Improved exhaust emissions efficiency and enhanced control. Reduced air flow resistance thanks to a more compact under floor catalyzer which improves emissions efficiency and reduces weight. Improved exhaust valve cooling performance by the adoption of a newly-designed metallic sodium-filled valve. At the same time, valve control timing, the air mixture ratio and ignition timing have been improved.


Shift feels and quietness has been refined thanks to a strengthened design of the shift fork arm and a firmer fixing bearing for the flywheel housing. A special differential oil R35 COMPETITION Type 2189E (75W140), which was developed for competition is now used in every version of GT-R.


As well as greater power and torque, the reinforcing of certain areas around the rear part of the engine compartment and dash panel deliver more responsive handling while a greater sense of the vehicle's grip on the road is transmitted to the driver.

At the same time, more precise production methods, accompanied by advancements made in the vehicle body, have improved the inter-vehicle detection capability. This was achieved by changes in the positioning of the sensor and more rigid, highly-damped vehicle body, and by adding a more accurate acceleration sensor in areas with higher sensitivity in the vibration testing of each vehicle body.

Suspension and brakes

Accounting for the added weight of the driver in a right-hand drive vehicle coupled to the fact that the propeller shaft for front wheels is located on the right side of the vehicle; the GT-R's suspension in RHD versions has been set asymmetrically. For the front suspension, there's a harder spring rate on the left side while at the rear the suspension arm has been installed upwards on the left side and downwards on the right. This means an imbalanced wheel load when the car is stationary, but which is equalized during driving, providing improved responsiveness, smoothness and steering feel, as well as enhanced cornering stability and riding comfort (for RHD only).

NCCB (Nissan Carbon Ceramic Brakes) are available as a factory-installed option for the GT-R Premium Edition and EGOIST grade. These brakes accentuate the car's agile road hold and supple ride feel thanks to a dramatically-reduced spring weight and refined, sharp braking performance unique to carbon ceramics. (In addition, service parts prices for the rotors and pads have been reduced.)

2. Interior

The quality feel of the instruments placed in front of the driver have been enhanced by the addition of blue lighting inside the tachometer ring to match the shift position indicator light giving a more sophisticated atmosphere in the cockpit.

Rear View Camera device will be standard on all models.

The Bose® sound system woofers, have been changed to Bose® Precision Sound System woofers that were developed for the EGOIST grade to further enhance sound quality.

3. "For TRACK PACK" (currently available in some markets such as Japan, UK)

"For TRACK PACK" (currently available in some markets such as Japan, UK) is a new version in the GT-R line up, designed for customers who want to enjoy a more visceral driving experience in their Nissan GT-R.

Jointly developed with NordRing Company in Japan, it features revised suspension settings, extra brake cooling (front and rear), and aluminum-alloy wheels from Spec-V made by Rays (with black quartz chrome color coating). The front spoiler with carbon air duct has been exclusively made for this edition and is installed as a set.

To reduce the car's weight, this edition is a two-seat configuration with quilted fabric mats in place of the rear seats. The front seats are covered with leather and high-grip fabric, newly developed for the "For TRACK PACK" version and which firmly holds the driver in place during even the most spirited of trackday action (RHD only).

With the latest 2012MY version, the legend that is the Nissan GT-R continues to evolve.


In occasione del M.Y. 2012 la Nissan GT-R si evolve ulteriormente sottopelle per continuare a mantenere il suo primato nel mondo delle supercar: gli interventi effettuati al vulcanico V6 3.8 biturbo hanno consentito di aumentare la potenza fino a 550 CV (da 530), mentre la coppia massima tocca ora l’impressionante valore di 632 Nm (da 612), costanti fra i 3200 ed i 5800 rpm. A fronte dell’incremento delle potenze, il consumo medio dichiarato scende da 12 a 11.8 litri/100 km.

Aggiornamenti anche per l’efficientissima trasmissione del mezzo, resa più dolce e silenziosa nel suo funzionamento. I differenziali sono ora lubrificati con un olio proveniente direttamente dal mondo delle competizioni. Irrigidita anche la robustissima scocca per sopportare ancora meglio le incredibili prestazioni del mezzo ed implementarne ulteriormente le capacità dinamiche. Nell’abitacolo è ora disponibile l’illuminazione blu del contagiri e, finalmente, l’indicatore del cambio marcia. Non mancano un potente impianto audio firmato Bose e la telecamera posteriore per le manovre di parcheggio. Da segnalare che i modelli con guida a destra vanteranno una taratura delle sospensioni asimmetrica, studiata per compensare il peso del conducente, che si somma al peso degli organi di trasmissione per le ruote anteriori, situati appunto in corrispondenza del sedile destro.

La gamma della GT-R si arricchirà inoltre di una variante “Track Pack” a due soli posti, studiata per gli amanti della guida in circuito: questa particolare versione può contare su un assetto più sportivo, ripreso dal modello V-Spec, su un sistema di raffreddamento dei freni specifico e su cerchi in lega e spoiler anteriore ad hoc. Questa pistaiola edizione sarà purtroppo riservata esclusivamente a Giappone, Regno Unito, Australia e Sud Africa. Gli altri si dovranno accontentare della GT-R “liscia”, che arriverà nelle concessionarie del Vecchio Continente nel mese di gennaio, mentre in Giappone sarà disponibile già a partire da fine mese.


News per la GT-R ;) !

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 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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Da segnalare che i modelli con guida a destra vanteranno una taratura delle sospensioni asimmetrica, studiata per compensare il peso del conducente, che si somma al peso degli organi di trasmissione per le ruote anteriori, situati appunto in corrispondenza del sedile destro.

La teoria è quando si conosce il funzionamento di qualcosa ma quel qualcosa non funziona.

La pratica è quando tutto funziona ma non si sa come.

Spesso si finisce con il coniugare la teoria con la pratica: non funziona niente e non si sa il perché.

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Sarà anche Mazinga, ma nella sua categoria la comprerei domani...:)
Mi fa piacere che siano calati i consumi! :lol:

Accidenti quanto adoro questa macchina.

Quoto,sta macchina fa paura...l'anno scorso ne ho vista una in giro nella mia città,sono rimasto cosi':shock:per qualche tempo...

I motori sono come le donne, bisogna saperli toccare nelle parti più sensibili.(Enzo Ferrari)

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Si, vabbé... Follia pura! :lol::shock::idol:

In realtà tutti gli assetti seri sono asimmetrici per tener conto del peso del pilota ;)

Non a caso, se fai l'assetto bene il lato sinistro è sempre un po' più alto del destro a vettura scarica.


Some critics have complained that the 4C lacks luxury. To me, complaining about lack of luxury in a sports car is akin to complaining that a supermodel lacks a mustache.

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è un gran ferro, un ottimo prezzo ed è carica di personalità ma molti dettagli interni sembrano veramente anni '90..

Beh si sono portati avanti come stile.......la precedente skyline aveva un design di inizi anni 80;);)

Come meccanica nulla da dire.

Senza cuore saremmo solo macchine.......

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