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De Tomaso P72 2024


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The modern iteration of the legendary Italian brand has released a video filmed during a recent winter test session for its stunning P72 supercar.


The video gives us a look at the car on the move from multiple angles, and to top it off we also get a good taste of the engine note—produced by a 5.0-liter V-8 sourced from Ford, just like the old De Tomasos, but with some Roush tuning to extract over 700 hp.

The P72 was first shown in 2019, and despite disruptions caused by the pandemic the car is approaching the end of its exhaustive development program. De Tomaso has confirmed the start of deliveries for the first half of 2023.

Although the P72 in the video looks the same as the original concept shown in 2019, a lot has changed on the road to production, including the development of a new carbon-fiber monocoque and the establishment of a new plant. De Tomaso is working with Capricorn Group in both instances, the same German company that helped Porsche with its hugely successful 919 Hybrid LMP1 race car.

Sadly, De Tomaso will build just 72 examples of the P72, meaning spotting one in the wild won't be an easy feat. Let's hope the company will produce more videos like this one.



The P70 featured a body penned by Peter Brock, and some of its lines have made the transition through time to grace the modern P72. Responsible for the P72's sexy shape was Jowyn Wong, of Wyn Design. His goal was to combine a modern, aerodynamically optimized body with retro cues recalling the P70. Things like the wing mirrors and front emblem cap pays homage to the P70, for example. The interior of the P72 is just as beautiful. Polished copper and diamond pattern detailing adorn the cabin and the classically designed switchgear and circular analogue display dials take inspiration from the timeless design themes of the '60s and '70s era.

All of this is wrapped around a bespoke carbon fiber monocoque structure, designed to meet Le Mans prototype safety requirements. Full technical details will be revealed at a later date as the P72 still needs to go through the market homologation process. De Tomaso said the car will remain largely unchanged, right down to the sweet exposed manual transmission mechanism.

Sadly, seeing the P72 will be a rare occurrence, as just 72 examples are planned for production. Build slots are still available, De Tomaso confirmed. The expected price tag is 750,000 euros (approximately $846,250) and buyers in North American will be serviced via Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, Connecticut.


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On 1/16/2022 at 12:19 PM, AleMcGir said:

The De Tomaso P72 will be born near the Nurburgring

The De Tomaso P72 will be assembled in a new plant near the Green Hell. Equipped with a 700 hp Ford V8, it will arrive in 2023

Turning point in the development of the De Tomaso P72. The exclusive supercar presented for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 will be built in a new plant built in Germany at the gates of the Nurburgring. The new headquarters of De Tomaso will open its doors in the summer as a result of the agreement with the company Capricorn Group.

So far, the birth of the P72 has been particularly troubled. The supercar was supposed to be built in the United States, but according to De Tomaso, a series of bureaucratic complications due to the pandemic, would have induced the brand to change plans.

So, the German Capricorn will take care of the engineering of the model. Work on the supercar is proceeding at a rapid pace, so much so that the project has already been revised in part with respect to the prototype shown in 2019.

The carbon fiber monocoque, in fact, has been revised to offer 100 mm more legroom and 50 mm more headroom, without, however, changing the proportions and design of the bodywork. In addition, the entire structure of the car will focus on safety. To give the idea, the brand emphasizes that the chassis complies with the FIA's strict homologative standards without the need for a roll bar.

The final version of the P72 will be driven by a Ford-sourced supercharged V8 of over 700 hp coupled with a manual gearbox. As the name suggests, the De Tomaso will be built in 72 examples, all meticulously customizable in terms of aesthetics and coatings.

The list price should start from a figure close to 900 thousand euros and then rise according to the requests made by customers, who will have to wait a little longer before getting their hands on their new jewel.

Although the car has entered the final stages of design, De Tomaso plans to deliver the first copies only in the first half of 2023.




Capricorn ha interrotto tutti i lavori di sviluppo sia sulla De Tomaso P72 che sulla P900 dopo che De Tomaso ha smesso di ripagarli nel dicembre 2022. I lavori sulla fabbrica De Tomaso ha detto che stavano costruendo vicino al Nurburgring non sono mai iniziati.

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5 minuti fa, skid32 scrive:

chi mi fa un riassunbto?

ero rimasto alla de tomaso di rossignolo e la galera


che è sta roba? sembra bella e non la solita c.a.c.ata eletttrica



Il marchio è stato comprato nel 2015 da un fondo di Hong Kong, già proprietario di Apollo Automobil, prima conosciuta come Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur, con cui questa De Tomaso condivide molto. L'auto sarà prodotta in Germania in uno stabilimento vicino al Nurburgring

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7 minuti fa, j scrive:


Il marchio è stato comprato nel 2015 da un fondo di Hong Kong, già proprietario di Apollo Automobil, prima conosciuta come Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur, con cui questa De Tomaso condivide molto. L'auto sarà prodotta in Germania in uno stabilimento vicino al Nurburgring

ah vabbe hanno imparato da fiattt , hanno rimarchiato come la 33 stradale okok. la gumpert era ottima ma aveva un design che sembrava fatto da hasbullah

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