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Non più in vendita; per il Nuovo Modello cliccate sul seguente link: Renault Twingo 2014












thn_renault_twingo_2012_05.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_06.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_07.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_08.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_09.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_10.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_11.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_12.jpgthn_renault_twingo_2012_13.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_14.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_15.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_16.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_17.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_18.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_19.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_20.jpgthn_renault_twingo_2012_01.jpgthn_renault_twingo_2012_02.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_03.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_04.jpg

thn_renault_twingo_2012_27.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_28.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_29.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_30.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_31.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_32.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_33.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_34.jpgthn_renault_twingo_2012_35.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_36.jpg

thn_renault_twingo_2012_47.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_48.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_49.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_50.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_51.jpgthn_renault_twingo_2012_52.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_53.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_54.jpgthn_renault_twingo_2012_55.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_56.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_57.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_58.jpgthn_renault_twingo_2012_59.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_60.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_61.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_62.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_63.jpgthn_renault_twingo_2012_64.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_65.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_66.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_67.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_68.jpgthn_renault_twingo_2012_69.jpg thn_renault_twingo_2012_70.jpg

Twingo Gordini (Non più in Vendita)

4.jpg 4.jpg 4.jpg 4.jpg 4.jpg 4.jpg 4.jpg4.jpg


Press Release :


In addition to its acclaimed performance and versatility, New Renault Twingo delivers:

  • Endearing appeal with a return to more expressive front-end looks, plus two new body colours (Fuchsia, Bermudes Blue) and cheerful, colourful new interior designs
  • A long list of particularly affordable customisation accessories, including a broad selection of roof decals
  • A choice of CO2-efficient ‘eco2 champion’ engines which qualify either for the French state’s €800 ‘eco’ subsidy (dCi 75 and dCi 85 diesel versions) or for the €400 subsidy (1.2 LEV 16V 75 petrol versions). These subsidies apply to orders placed before December 31, 2011
  • An extensive range of versions to cover all customer requirements, with prices starting from €7,990 for New Twingo Access 1.2 LEV 16V 75 (not including deduction of the €400 ‘eco’ subsidy available in 2011)

A return to optimism

With 55,520 new cars registered in France up to end-October, 2011, Twingo stands out as the country’s number-one seller in its segment. Twingo sales in France now total 300,000 units, providing eloquent and visible evidence of the model’s success.

New Twingo features some of the styling cues which are poised to express Renault’s new visual brand identity in the near future. They bestow New Twingo with a proudly optimistic poise, in keeping with the Twingo spirit.

This cheery impression is mirrored by the two new body colours that have been introduced for the model. Fuchsia (metallic finish) and Bermudes Blue (non-metallic) join the existing Pearlescent Black, Majorelle Blue, Platine Grey, Malte Blue, Cajou Brown, Vanille, Glacier White and Vif Red. The New Twingo line-up also features new ‘Air’ (Dynamique versions) and ‘Emotion’ (Gordini versions) 15-inch black diamond-effect wheels, as well as new Curaçao wheel trims for the Privilège equipment level.

High-end or sporty ambiances

For the same price, different interior trims place the emphasis on more luxurious, almost feminine appointments or on a contrasting sportier, more masculine feel. The Authentic equipment level stands out through the striped pattern of its dark-hued, blue-tinged Bayadère upholstery. This finish is echoed by the similarly striped, lighter-coloured Baya upholstery which is a hallmark of Privilège versions. The Dynamique equipment level comes with sportier, uniformly dark Emery upholstery, as does the Gordini version which exudes an even sportier sensation thanks to the inimitable quilted finish of its upholstery. The high-end Initiale version is equipped with light-coloured materials and beige leather upholstery.

The air vent surrounds also differ as a function of equipment level, with a choice of blue or black for Authentique versions, and ‘anis green’ for Privilège versions in order to harmonise with the latters’ ‘tropique grey’ centre console and dashboard, which in turn features visible ‘chocolate’ stitching on the cowling. The centre console of Dynamique versions is picked out in the same gloss black finish as the air vent surrounds, while the dashboard cowling features visible red stitching.

A dynamic customisation programme

Twingo owners now have even more scope to customise their respective cars thanks to a new selection of high quality, factory-fit accessories at affordable prices. The list includes seven new roof decals (Black and White Mosaic, Devil, Black Halo, White Halo, Stars, Authentique Stripes and Privilège Stripes) for a price of €200 (inclusive of sales tax and fitment. There is also a choice of seven colour-coordinated door mirror housings and side protective moulding end-caps (€120, inclusive of sales tax and fitment) to contrast with the chosen body colour. Last but not least, five other door mirror housing finishes (white, black, Platine Grey, Gunmetal Grey or chrome) can be specified (€80, inclusive of sales tax and fitment).

Advanced engines for New Twingo’s ‘best in class’ chassis

New Twingo is as at home in built-up areas as it is on the open road thanks to its exceptional handling performance and engines.

It is the only four-seat small city car to be available with a dCi 75 or dCi 85 diesel engine with CO2 emissions of just 90g/km, equivalent to fuel consumption of 3.4 litres/100km, making New Twingo eligible for the maximum state ‘eco’ subsidy available in France. Meanwhile, the 1.2 LEV eco² petrol powerplant is now even more fuel efficient, with CO2 emissions down from 109g/km to 105g/km.


Davvero migliorata davanti, peggiorata dietro (imho) .

 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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Prima la parte che non andava era il posteriore ma nel complesso era passabile, anonima e un po' sproporzionata ma passabile ... ... ma questa è veramente oscena ma chi l'ha disegnata ma soprattutto chi l'ha deliberata è pazzo.

In pratica lascia il mercato libero per Ford Ka e le future Lupo, Arosa ecc. (restando in questo segmento consideranto le 3p)

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Guest bulletproof

No dai, non può che essere uno scherzo... E di cattivo gusto oltretutto! :muto:

Ma chi è che ha realizzato questo orrore, Paperino??

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Il frontale, sforzandosi un po', si può anche guardare, ma il posteriore proprio non ha senso.

La teoria è quando si conosce il funzionamento di qualcosa ma quel qualcosa non funziona.

La pratica è quando tutto funziona ma non si sa come.

Spesso si finisce con il coniugare la teoria con la pratica: non funziona niente e non si sa il perché.

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