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The MG Cyberster may look like a small vehicle but it appears pretty large for a roadster. Its dimensions are 4535/1913/1329 mm with a wheelbase of 2690 mm. For clarity, it is 188 mm longer than the Porsche Cayman. But, of course, this vehicle has got only two seats. Its approach and departure angles are 11 and 18 degrees, respectively.

The Cyberster is also a pretty heavy car for its size. And it isn’t surprising since it is an electric vehicle. So, its curb weight is 1850-1985 kg, depending on the version. As for the gross weight, it reaches 2075-2210 kg. The Cyberster can have 245/40 R20 wheels on the front axle and 275/35 R20 wheels on the rear axle. As for the entry-level model, it will be equipped with 245/45 R19 wheels on the front and 275/40 R19 wheels on the back.

The Cyberster will be equipped with an NMC battery made by United Auto Battery System (UABS) – the JV between SAIC and CATL. The entry-level roadster has the TZ230XY1301 electric motor on the rear axle for 314 hp. This e-motor is manufactured by the Hasco Group, in which SAIC holds 58% of the shares. The recently launched Rising Auto F7 has the same electric motor.

The top-trim level of the Cyberster has 4WD and two electric motors. The first is made by United Automotive Electronic Systems (UAES), the company under SAIC and HUAYU Automotive Systems Company Limited. It is the TZ180XS0951 for 204 horses. The same electric motor powers the MG4 EV (MG Mulan in China). As for the second electric motor, it sits on the rear axle, and it is the 340-hp TZ230XY1301 motor made by Hasco Group. So the total power output of the MG Cyberster is 544 horses which is an impressive number for a roadster. Its zero-to-hundred acceleration time has yet to be detailed, but its top speed is limited to 193-200 km/h, depending on the version.




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La trovo molto bella e non nego che l'idea di percorrere una bella strada di montagna, con il vento tra i capelli e in silenzio mi incuriosisce molto.




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