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1 minute ago, Bare said:

I can assure you that FCA is at the top of the game when it comes to MHEV and PHEV parts of electrification.


So what? FCA, let us see the fucking cars then... Talk  is cheap and I've seen FCA endorsing faboulous industrial plans over the years that never turned into reality. Marchionne almighty was promising 7 million units by 2018, did we forget that? Alfa was supposed to kick asses by now... it take a high dose of optimism or whisky to keep believing the guys up in Turin and Detroit...

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1 hour ago, il_vignale said:


li sto leggendo, ne condivido pure la punteggiatura ?

In cosa sbaglierebbero?

A parte che non brillano per qualità della scrittura, già al primo paragrafo cominciano le castronerie... comunque contenti, anzi scontenti, quelli del tanto peggio tanto meglio.

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Non ti curar di loro, ma sgomma e sorpassa....

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-FCA ringrazia Renault Groupe per la disponibilità e collaborazione, ma ritira l'offerta, già in partenza non negoziabile, perchè non ci sono le condizioni politiche adatte.


-Renault Groupe dice che è dispiaciuta, per loro era tutto ok, ma lo Stato ha chiesto tempo per riflettere e fare le cose con calma.


-Il Ministro dice che è tutta colpa di Nissan che avrebbe ritirato l'appoggio. Per poi tirare la seguente Supér Cazzolée:


le trattative "potrebbero riprendere nei prossimi tempi, vedremo. Non bisogna chiudere la porta, bisogna continuare a lavorare. Sono molto contento che ci sia un'industria un po' patriottica che faccia attenzione agli interessi francesi".



Mi sfugge qualcos'altro? 

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- '95 Fiat Cinquecento 900 cc MOTORE NUOVO(dal 1995 in garage, spero mia finchè campo)

- '10 Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 TB MultiAir 135 cv Distinctive Premium Pack (dal 2017)


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8 minutes ago, pixhell said:

A parte che non brillano per qualità della scrittura, già al primo paragrafo cominciano le castronerie... comunque contenti, anzi scontenti, quelli del tanto peggio tanto meglio.

 Penso che quantomeno andrebbe argomentato nel merito di quanto Bricco scrive.

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44 minuti fa, Wilhem275 scrive:

Il che si inserisce nell'andazzo medio per cui chi compra i giornali vuole sentirsi raccontare delle sfighe. C'è un intera generazione tra i 50 e i 70 che vuole solo sentirsi dire che la situazione fa schifo (incidentalmente la loro situazione è la migliore di tutti, ma vabbé).


vero è... chiagne e fott si dice.

per me sono il vero freno della nazione

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"Der Innenraum lädt klar gegliedert und mit angenehmen Materialien ein; das Qualitätsniveau liegt etwa zwischen 3er BMW und Audi A4"   

Auto Motor und Sport - Alfa Romeo Giulia 2,2 JTDm - 15.05.2016


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4 minuti fa, AndreaB scrive:

Troppe pagine da leggere.................. ma... se ho capito bene... ricapitolando: quelli che fino a ieri sera vedevano l'accordo come una calata di braghe di JE di fronte a Marianna, oggi considerano lo stesso JE un mollaccione-senza-palle perchè ha rinunciato a portare a termine l'accordo con la Marianna di cui sopra?


Ragazzi... il guaio è che poi sta gente vota pure.................


Per quanto mi riguarda, io avevo semplicemente auspicato che l'affare non andasse in porto.


Posso continuare a votare? :mrgreen:

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta, 1.4 TBI Multiair 170 CV Exclusive (2013)

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FCA, Renault shares drop after merger talks collapse



PARIS -- Shares in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Renault fell sharply in early trading on Thursday after their $35 billion-plus merger plan fell apart only 10 days after being made public, with FCA blaming French politicians.


French finance minister Bruno Le Maire said the government, which has a 15 percent stake in Renault, had engaged constructively in talks, but had not been prepared to back a deal that was not supported by Renault's current alliance partner Nissan.


Nissan had said it would abstain at a Renault board meeting to vote on the merger proposal.


The collapse of the deal, which would have created the world's third-biggest automaker behind Toyota and Volkswagen, revives questions about how both FCA and Renault will meet the challenges of costly investments in electric and self-driving cars on their own.


The merger had aimed to achieve 5 billion euros ($5.6 billion) in annual synergies, with FCA gaining access to Renault's superior electric drive technology and the French firm getting a share of FCA's lucrative Jeep and RAM brands.


FCA has long been looking for a merger partner and previously held unsuccessful talks with PSA Group, in which the French state also owns a stake.


FCA's decision to end the talks could also further fray relations between Renault and Nissan, already strained by the arrest and ouster of alliance Chairman Carlos Ghosn, who is now facing trial in Japan on financial misconduct charges he denies.


It could add, too, to investor frustration with France, which has a long history of intervening in company matters.

"With FCA pulling its merger offer, one has to wonder how much the French state is set on limiting Renault's strategic and valuation opportunities despite having only a 15 percent stake," analysts at brokerage Jefferies wrote in a note to clients.


However, the French government was under pressure at home to take a tough line, as the merger talks were conducted against the backdrop of a French public outcry over 1,044 layoffs at a General Electric. The U.S. company had promised to safeguard jobs there when it acquired France's Alstom in 2015.


The failure of the deal is also likely to stoke political tensions between France and Italy.


"When politicians try to intervene in economic matters, it doesn't always help. I won't comment further, if FCA withdrew its offer it's because it didn't see an economic advantage, or other type of advantage," Deputy Prime Minister and 5-Star leader Luigi Di Maio told Italian state radio.


At 08:40 CET, Renault shares were down 7.1 percent at 52.22 euros. FCA shares in Milan were down 1.9 percent at 11.48 euros.


"An agreement had been reached on three of the four conditions. What remained to be obtained was the explicit support of Nissan," Le Maire said.


French budget minister Gerald Darmanin said he hoped the door had "not closed" on the possibility of a deal, adding Paris would be happy to re-examine any new proposal from FCA.




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