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TD: With both the Valhalla and Valkyrie using hybrid technology and electricity playing a larger role in performance across the industry, do you see that technology trickling down to the DB and Vantage ranges?


AP: All Astons will go hybrid. But not plug-in. By the middle of the 2020's you'll see the rollout of hybridization. Some will wait until the next generation, though.


TD: Will they be more performance-oriented hybrids?


AP: Yes. We’re developing a new V-6 engine. Naturally, that means that the capacity of the engine is lower than we would historically have done, which helps you with your CAFE regulations. But what you're doing is you're making a V-6 feel like a V-8 using the hybrid. And then that's the role. It's not strictly speaking fuel economy related. But it could be related to air quality if you're geofencing a downtown, for example. You've got to have enough capacity that you can run on pure electric for X number of kilometers.


TD: Right, because London and other major cities are toying with ICE-banned areas.


AP: Right. Well, as long as it's in the tens of kilometers, then all you're talking about is the sizing of the battery and the recharging strategy of the battery. Where I think it goes wrong is when people start to talk about 50 to 60 kilometers. Because that's what moves you towards plug-in and plug-in is a bad solution. I mean, you're carrying the weight cost of two engine technologies.


TD: Would a full electric be better?


AP: Yes, it would. Which, of course, is where we go with Lagonda. Lagonda is now 100-percent EV. I tend not to be a gray person anyway. I prefer to be on one extreme or the other. But having Lagonda's pure EV from a CAFE point of view also allows me to protect the V-12 on the side.


TD: How long does the V-12 still have?


AP: I think at least until the next generation. Smaller capacity perhaps. There’s some interesting work to do on combustion technology, propagation, thermal efficiencies. The holy grail here is to move the thermal efficiency of the engine more towards 50-percent. Inevitably, that means bringing the capacity down. And that's why hybridization is important. But I can easily imagine the V-12 not just lasting through this generation of cars, but also the next generation. Set aside regulation and you also have to talk about customer desire, too. When I'm here, the question I get asked most about? Manual transmission. Now, who would have thought that? Americans demanding manual transmissions. But for those people that are in this market, which is a passion market, having a manual transmission is really important. As is a V-12. 


TD: With the push toward further technologies, i.e. the Valhalla, Lagonda, and Valkyrie, how does that push forward gel with Aston Martin’s past and its customers who demand legacy?


AP: When the bigwigs talk about technology, they're talking about electronics. When I talk about technology, it’s as a mechanical engineer. I'm talking about the body construction. The fact we bonded, the fact that we use composite material, that we use exotic materials, that we have a manual transmission. I think it's part of the DNA of the brand. I don't think I want to be particularly in the leading edge of the latest digital patches. I do want to be on the leading edge of engineering. And what we do on body construction. Shit, I wish I knew about what we do with bonded bodies when I was at Nissan. It improves the torsional, but when we put it through the ovens, we're not only curing the glue, but we're also tempering the aluminum, changing the molecular structure. It's phenomenal technology. And it belongs to us.


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Intervista davvero bella, al di là delle anticipazioni sul futuro del marchio è molto interessante leggere il punto di vista di Palmer su V12, elettrificazione e nuovi materiali, si capisce che dietro gli ultimi prodotti del marchio ci sono una strategia e una visione molto chiare, e gli ultimi prodotti, per quanto non tutti mi piacciano, mi pare siano perfettamente in linea con quanto affermato fin qui. Insomma, mi pare stiano lavorando davvero bene.

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soprattutto é importante che ci sia qualcuno che dice i V12 sono importanti per l'immagine del marchio, non ci interessa mettere tutta la rumenta elettronica!


anche in fca ci vorrebbe qualcuno che sappia spiegare le cose alla gente e parlare chiaro

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Now Automotive News Europe is reporting that the buyer was supposed to be a Chinese electric sports car startup called Detroit Electric. The revelation was made during a call to analysts, where Aston Martin let the failed buyer's identity slip.

The deal was said to have fallen through after Detroit Electric failed to keep up with payments. The firm was supposed to stump up £5 million, twice a year, but the first installment was apparently already late when the news of the deal initially broke.

The initial sale was uncovered deep in Aston Martin's initial public offering perspective (on page 168 of the 321-page document to be exact), and supposed to have taken place in June 2018.





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