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Debutta la terza generazione del D-Max. Questa volta non è più sviluppato con GM ma con Mazda. Isuzu e Mazda hanno realizzato un nuovo telaio di base e una nuova scocca in acciai ad altissima resistenza (980 MPa) e alta resistenza (390 MPa). La gamma motori è composta da 1.9 Turbo diesel da 150 cavalli e dal 3.0 turbo diesel quattro cilindri erogante 190 cavalli. Tutti gli ADAS sono disponibili (erano già disponibili sulla serie attualmente in vendita). Debuttano nuovi infotainment da 7 e 9 pollici. 

La versione Mazda debutta il prossimo anno. 



























Press Release:



Isuzu pick-up D-MAX has undergone a full model change in the first time in 8 years

Isuzu Motors Limited (headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo; Masanori Katayama, President and Representative Director; hereinafter "Isuzu") full-model-changed a one-ton pick-up truck Isuzu D-MAX (hereinafter D-MAX) and will start sales from October 19.

The pick-up truck is well designed not only as a passenger car for personal use but also as a vehicle of station-wagon type for business use, and widely popular especially in Thailand. D-MAX has remained the top-ranking brand in Thailand, and the awards it has received include the 2019 Most Popular Pick-up Truck, Best Fuel Saving Pick-up Truck, Best Life Style Pick-up Truck, etc.

In conjunction with the full model change, a development concept of Efficient and Robust was formulated to pursue a vehicle that delivers higher fuel efficiency and safety while responding to various usage conditions and purposes. Moreover, its exterior design is so distinctively new that it's over and above the conventional pick-up trucks.

Since Isuzu Motors Co., (Thailand) Ltd. (IMCT), the mother plant of pick-up trucks, began a localized production in 1974, it has rolled out over 4 million vehicles turning itself into a worldwide pick-up truck provider serving not only Thailand but more than 100 countries globally.

Strengthen LCV business is part of the key challenges Isuzu has made in the mid-term business plan published in May 2018. The main aim of the model change this time is to fulfill various needs of customers by offering a wide range of variation. Simultaneously, Isuzu will leverage its core business operations developed during the previous business plan years to increase sales and take a lead in the LCV market.


* Image of Crew Cab Hi-Ride 4×2 MT

Below are the main features of brand new D-MAX

Development Policy

·Core structure
Lean, rational assembly structure and extensive use of high-tensile steel plates achieved light but firm vehicle body. To live up to popularity of D-MAX in Thailand where rain falls steadily, its anti-corrosion ability is greatly improved, and it is capable of driving through the river bed for 800 mm. Moreover, it's designed in such a way that its electrical architecture flexibly accommodates evolution in security and connected technologies.
·Fuel economy
The new D-MAX offers market-leading low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
D-MAX has actively adopted advanced safety features that meet market needs.
Its driving stability and comfort are also enhanced together with its braking performance.
·Convenience and features
In addition to enriching the contents of D-MAX's infotainment system, various features are added to increase convenience. The technology and quality of interior components are also upgraded, and the interior noise is significantly reduced.


Developed under the concept of Beyond the Pick-up Truck, the D-MAX's design is so distinctively new that it's over and above the conventional pick-up trucks transforming it into a whole new pick-up so as to reflect the keywords: Bold, Emotional and Smart.
Chunky exterior profile with a wedge body shape constitutes more powerful, swishing silhouette than ever before. In the headlamps, bi-led projectors combined with stylish signature lamps are installed giving an eager, intense look. In the tail lamps, dual LED edge lights are employed. These new light designs generate a unique, stylish appearance both front and rear.
A neatly integrated step bumper is mounted on the rear, giving an all-new, sophisticated look.
A 9-inch display is mounted in the center of a horizontally-flowing instrumental panel. Strikingly contrasting design is created by sharp and rich surface textures. The new D-MAX's interior is designed to generate a first-class appearance with the introduction of a floor console, which is now taller and wider. Also, it is designed to enfold the driver and passenger as if they were in a cockpit of an airplane.
Detailed attention is paid to its interior components having embossed and texturized surfaces to achieve a high-end, sporty look.
For the workhorse applications, simply and practically designed instrumental panel and door trim can be opted.

What's enhanced?

4JJ3 engine is newly developed based on the reliable and well-received 4JJ1 diesel engine (3L displacement). The combined effects of 250 MPa high injection pressure, electronically-controlled VGS turbocharger, heat-insulating coating on the piston, double-scissors gear, etc. has yielded the engine featuring high power, low fuel consumption and low noise.
The engine performance of RZ4E diesel engine (1.9L displacement) is also revamped by optimizing its gear ratio and control systems.
Pull-ring shift lever is chosen for the manual transmission to make it easier for the driver to reverse the vehicle, and drive feel is better and more engaging.
With regard to the automatic transmission developed for RZ4E diesel engine, a downsized torque converter and lockup clutch integrated with a wide-angle damper provide improvements in fuel consumption and response.
A single propeller shaft made of aluminum is now incorporated in the 4x4 vehicle to achieve a significant weight reduction. The new D-MAX is also mounted with an electromagnetic rear differential lock.
With an enhanced transfer of power to the wheels, it now takes shorter time to switch between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive as well as between high and low.
The D-MAX's high-ride model employs high-mounted front suspensions with upper links to boost driving stability and conform. The rear suspension, on the other hand, features a wider rear tread and reduced mounting angle for the shock absorber, whereby a better driving stability is achieved.
Steering/handling has improved as a result of increasing the tire turning angle and reducing the minimum turning radius.
With regard to the new D-MAX's high-ride model, not only its steering unit has been revised to reduce the effort required for steering, but also a change in the gear ratio has improved its steering performance.
It comes with a tilt/telescopic steering column to accommodate drivers of all sizes.
An increase in the D-MAX's brake rotor size and a change in the servo ratio enabled to improve its braking performance, braking feel and noise/vibration levels.
As a result of expanding the cross section, optimizing the locations of cross-members and improving impact absorption, greater frame rigidity and safety are ensured while achieving lightweight. Moreover, a shear mount is used in the place of the body mount in order to improve driving stability and lower noise/vibration levels.
·Vehicle body
In addition to developing a lean, rational assembly structure for the new D-MAX, the use of 980 MPa high-tensile steel plates and other things have made it possible to achieve stronger body rigidity while keeping it lightweight. The application of higher than 390 MPa high-tensile steel plates has increased from 30% to 46%.
Not only its body rigidity is up by 20%, but its rooftop is also reinforced. Through the improvements made on the package design, each cab type now features an extended loading platform.
·Interior finishing
Low-rebound MDI polyurethane is selected for front seat cushions to reduce fatigue that long-distance drivers have to endure. Further, an addition of eight-way power seat helps to support physical condition particularly to the thigh.
Front seat developed for the new D-MAX to prevent whiplash injuries comes standard to all models.
In addition, the safety has been taken into consideration, such as wearing a seat belt reminder to encourage belt wearing.
The design of a rear seat in the crew cab is optimized to improve ride comfort. To allow for easy getting on/off, an opening of the B-pillar is shifted forward and assist grip is added.
·Electrical component
The EE architecture is configured using the central gateway in order to pave the way to the new CASE era.
Technologies designed to optimize convenience & comfort are extensively employed such as keyless entry, infotainment, lights, wipers, etc.
Keyless entry Remote engine start, Welcome light, Walk-away lock
Infotainment 7/9" WXGA anti-static touch panel , Compatible to Apple Carplay/Android Auto, Voice recognition, Link to 4.2" MID, etc.
Light Automatic headlight system, Emergency stop signal, Follow me home lights, etc.
Wiper Reversing motor wipers (Wet wipers), Automatic wipers
Other Dual zone A/C unit, Park distance control (Front and rear sonars)
D-MAX's front hub bearing is now maintenance free as it is part of unit bearing. Maintenance schedules for other items are extended, and the maintenance frequency and costs are greatly reduced.

Snapshot of specification

·Vehicle Model : Crew Cab Hi-Ride 4×2 MT designed for Thailand
Vehicle model Crew Cab Hi-Ride 4×2
Total length including rear bumper(mm) 5,265
Total width(mm) 1,870
Total height including roof rails(mm) 1,790
Wheelbase(mm) 3,125
Tread(front/rear)(mm) 1,570
Minimum turning radius(m) 6.1
Tire 265/60R18
Engine displacement(cc) 2,999
Power(kW/rpm) 140/3,600
Torque(Nm/rpm) 450/1,600-2,600
Transmission MVL 6MT
Vehicle curb mass(kg) 1,890
CO2 emissions(g) 181

Principal models

·Regular Cab


·Space Cab


·Crew Cab (4×4)







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Foto ripristinate + video
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Finalmente il primo D-Max con estetica (e soprattutto interni) decente (anche se comunque preferisco la matita della concorrenza).

Troppo piccolo il 1.9 .... fortuna che c'è ancora il 3 litri.


Mazda davvero attiva nell'offrire la base dei sui pickup al primo che gli bussa alla porta ?

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  • Cole_90 changed the title to Isuzu D-Max 2020

Isuzu D-MAX arriva in Italia, vi cito le configurazioni più comuni:


Space Cab, con il 1.9 Ddi da 163 cv e prezzi a partire da 35.011€ per l'allestimento N60B, sino ai 39.783 per l'allestimento N60F.



·Crew Cab, sempre con il 1.9 Ddi da 163 cv e prezzi a partire da 36.656€ per l'allestimento N60B sino ai 42.428€ dell'allestimento N60FF.





è disponbile anche il Single Cab, adatto al mondo del lavoro.


Per l'occasione ho aggiornato il primo messaggio.


Edited by Cole_90

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