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Ferrari 599XX (Topic Ufficiale - 2009)


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Today is the big day! It's the start of the 79th International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland. The entire world of automotive journalism has travelled to Geneva in order to show us the latest cars and creations. The motor show starts off with a couple of press days but from Thursday the doors are open for anyone. Autogespot is capable of showing you the first footage of the new Ferrari 599 XX!

This bad-ass Ferrari 599 XX is specially built for special Ferrari customers. You'll find tons of new F1-technology under the bonnet, that's not only what makes this car so unique. Just check the bodykit! It's huge! Ferrari says this car might be seen as a new FXX. A lot of stuff has been designed and developed specially for the 599 XX if you're talking technology-wise. Only a small group of Ferrari customers will be able to drive this beast!

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Alonso, come ha detto Kimi, è il primo top driver che si fa pagare il posto a Maranello.

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Questa per essere tamara, lo e, ma comunque quasi non piu di una "normale" LP640...

Pero le ali sui "deflettori posteriori"... :D :D :D

Comunque, che bestia, e meglio della Zonda R per me (anche se quest'ultima e piu una concorrente delle "vecchie" FXX e MC12 Corsa.

FIAT : Fabbrica Italiana Alta Tecnologia

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Molto "urlata", ma bella.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident." (Arthur Schopenhauer)


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Un missile......azz...........un po' tarra lo è, ma la laniea delle prese d'aria anteriori è semplicemente stupenda...quanti cavalli ha? Stessi della FXX?

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La vista frontale, con quei fari neri, è a da orgasmo istantaneo. :shock:

Dietro però sembra realmente uscita da Fast & Furious 4... :roll: Mi auguro, ma in fondo dubito, che tutte quelle appendici aerodinamiche servano realmente a qualcosa.



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