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Fuori Produzione; per il Nuovo Modello cliccate sul seguente link:

freccina19rossaiy0.gifSEAT Ibiza CUPRA Facelift 2016








398560_4806_mic_seat-ibiza-cura-f1.jpg 398560_9639_mic_seat-ibiza-cura-facel2.jpg 398560_9393_mic_seat-ibiza-cura-facelif-5.jpg 398560_7777_mic_seat-ibiza-cura-facelift3.jpg 398560_9525_mic_seat-ibiza-cura-facelift-4.jpg

398560_2886_mic_seat-ibiza-cura-facelift6.jpg 398560_7683_mic_seat-ibiza-cura-facelift7.jpg 398560_8029_mic_seat-ibiza-cura-facelift-8.jpg 398560_5049_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-11.jpg 398560_6291_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-2.jpg

398560_8176_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-31.jpg 398560_1150_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-41.jpg 398560_5060_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-5.jpg 398560_1940_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-6.jpg 398560_3900_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-7.jpg

398560_6062_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-8.jpg 398560_4536_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-9.jpg 398560_2238_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-10.jpg 398560_4303_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-111.jpg 398560_6828_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-12.jpg

398560_6025_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-13.jpg 398560_3494_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-14.jpg 398560_3283_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-15.jpg 398560_6162_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-16.jpg 398560_3377_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-17.jpg

398560_3211_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-18.jpg 398560_7405_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-19.jpg 398560_8057_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-20.jpg 398560_7682_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-21.jpg 398560_3984_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-22.jpg

398560_1936_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-26.jpg 398560_6210_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-23.jpg 398560_1810_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-24.jpg 398560_3603_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-27.jpg 398560_7101_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-28.jpg

398560_8390_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-29.jpg 398560_2951_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-30.jpg 398560_5073_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-311.jpg 398560_8571_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-32.jpg 398560_4631_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-35.jpg 398560_4355_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-34.jpg 398560_2760_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-33.jpg 398560_9370_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-43.jpg 398560_4264_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-37.jpg 398560_6893_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-38.jpg 398560_9863_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-40.jpg 398560_9604_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-39.jpg 398560_5114_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-411.jpg 398560_1347_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-42.jpg

398560_8362_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-44.jpg 398560_8030_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-45.jpg 398560_4570_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-46.jpg 398560_6556_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-47.jpg 398560_9968_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-481.jpg

398560_8099_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-50.jpg 398560_1360_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-51.jpg 398560_1247_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-52.jpg 398560_7423_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-53.jpg 398560_5870_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-49.jpg

398560_9034_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-54.jpg 398560_3617_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-55.jpg 398560_1538_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-56.jpg 398560_6563_mic_2013-seat-ibiza-cupra-57.jpg

thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_06.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_07.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_08.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_09.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_10.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_11.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_12.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_13.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_15.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_16.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_17.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_18.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_02.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_04.jpg thn_Seat_Ibiza_Cupra_Concept_05.jpg

es.autoblog - quattroruote

Press Release :

IBIZA CUPRA – THE ESSENCE OF SEATMartorell, 5/11/2012– The new Ibiza CUPRA displays the essence of the SEAT brand in its purest form – a stunning design, amazing performance and state-of-the-art technology come together in the Ibiza CUPRA to create the most dynamic package in its class. With its compact format and high level of functionality, the Ibiza CUPRA is an enjoyable, dynamic car for everyday use. Performance is scintillating – accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 228 km/h – and yet exceptionally efficient, with average fuel consumption of just 5.9 litres/100 km. Market launch is scheduled for February 2013.

A success story enters its next chapter – the first generation of the Ibiza CUPRA took to the road in 1997, since when the dynamic CUPRA models have developed to become an icon of the SEAT brand. The next chapter of this story is being written by the new Ibiza CUPRA – 132 kW / 180 PS, seven-speed DSG gearbox, XDS electronic differential lock, high-performance brakes – the high level of technological capability is as much a part of the new Ibiza CUPRA as the extensive equipment with innovative details. One example is the optional SEAT Portable System, which combines the navigation and entertainment functions and is removable for mobile use.

“The Ibiza CUPRA is one of the icons of the SEAT brand. Its stunning design and refined dynamics promise driving fun kilometre for kilometre,” says James Muir, President of SEAT, S.A. “With its innovative technologies, upgraded interior and further improved quality, the new Ibiza CUPRA clearly shows how quickly and consistently our brand is continuing to develop.”

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE, STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGYThe state-of-the-art 1.4 TSI power unit is a compact piece of hi-tech with dual forced induction via supercharger and turbocharger, as well as direct injection. Its 132 kW / 180 PS and torque of 250 Newton metres guarantee exceptionally refined performance, while a unique sound actuator in the exhaust system gives an extra sporty sound characteristic. The seven-speed DSG transmission with its extremely short shift times can now also be operated via paddles mounted behind the steering wheel.

The running gear of the Ibiza CUPRA with standard-fit 17-inch wheels has been lowered and tuned for maximum agility and precision. An AP Racing Performance brake system is offered as an alternative to the standard high-performance brakes. The XDS electronic differential lock reduces the tendency to understeer and improves handling through fast corners. The ESP electronic stability system incorporating hill start is part of the safety package that comes as standard in the Ibiza CUPRA. The Ibiza has been awarded the top five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test.

“Spontaneous, powerful acceleration, agile handling, good traction and responsive brakes deliver the kind of driving pleasure that the CUPRA name represents,” says Dr. Matthias Rabe, Vice President for Research and Development at SEAT, S.A. “The new Ibiza CUPRA is a perfect example of how we at SEAT bring together the very latest technologies from the Volkswagen Group to create a unique and highly rewarding overall package.”

EXPRESSIVE DESIGN WITH POWERFUL LINESThe expressive design shows the striking design of the new Ibiza CUPRA from the very first glance – this dynamic compact car has a solid and powerful stance. The new face with its broad grille and very foreceful air intakes emphasises the breadth, solidity and power of the Ibiza CUPRA. The sophisticated design of the front headlamps show the attention to detail inherent to SEAT workmanship. The edgy lines of the standard-fit bi-xenon lights are typical of the new SEAT design language, while being perfectly integrated into the Ibiza’s sculptural form. The LED daytime running lights trace the line of the headlamps to deliver a unique light signature, as do the LED rear lights. The bi-xenon headlamp technology delivers perfect illumination, while cornering lights are integrated into the large fog lamps.

The side view of the three-door coupé is brought to life by the sharply defined lines and edges, with the muscular rear shoulders and exclusive 17-inch wheels underscoring its dynamics. The black, high-gloss exterior mirrors provide a clear contrast to the paintwork of the Ibiza CUPRA. The powerful rear end underscores once again the special role of the Ibiza CUPRA as the new benchmark for compact cars – the broad bumper frames the substantial, matt-black diffuser incorporating the trapezoidal exhaust outlet.

CLEAR, HIGH-QUALITY INTERIORThe emotional power of the exterior design is repeated in the interior of the Ibiza CUPRA and in its extremely minimalist, clearly structured cockpit. The exceptional feeling of quality and the precision of the workmanship underscore SEAT’s dedication to detail. The new sports steering wheel features the CUPRA logo and the shift paddles for the DSG transmission which are within easy reach of the driver’s fingertips. Additionally, the CUPRA features unique sports seats with optional two-colour leather upholstery, underlining the very special position occupied by the top-of-the-range Ibiza.

The entertainment system in the Ibiza CUPRA is completely new - the high-performance audio systems can be enhanced by the innovative SEAT Portable System. The highly affordable solution with a 5-inch screen is removable for mobile use, yet perfectly integrated into the vehicle electronics system. Its extensive functions include the navigation system, the hands-free phone system with voice control and the on-board computer. Additionally, there is a “photoframe” facility, allowing users to personalise their system with images, a useful notepad function and “highbeam” function which can act as a torch for users when they leave the car at night.

And, in May next year, additional functionalities will be offered on the SEAT Portable System, including online connectivity via a connected smartphone which will allow access to live traffic, weather, parking and a local search capability.


Modello Precedente: freccina19rossaiy0.gifSEAT Ibiza Cupra 2008


Topic Ibiza : freccina19rossaiy0.gif SEAT Ibiza Facelift 2012

Approfittando del recente sbarco in Cina, SEAT presenta la rinnovata Ibiza Cupra al Salone di Pechino.

La trovo migliorata rispetto alla precedente.

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Bel colore la strumentazione, è simile a quello che c'era sulle Chrysler un po' di anni fa ;)

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Aspetto i prezzi.

Se sarà competitiva rispetto alla sorellina polo potrebbe vendere molto bene....

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non riesco a farmela piacere, era nettamente meglio la serie precedente che 3 o 4 anni fa stavo per comprare. per lo meno esteriormente era meglio, gli interni era oggettivamente facile migliorarli

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Ma perchè non dare un minimo di colore alla plancia?

imho basterebbe poco per renderla meno triste, ad es. mettere i bordi delle bocchette del colore della carrozzeria.

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