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Honda HR-V M.Y. 2019


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For starters, the manual transmission has been eliminated entirely. Honda warned us that this change was coming, so it's not really a surprise (nor should it have been even notwithstanding the advanced notice). It's also not really much of a loss, as the only model to offer it was the base, front-wheel-drive vehicle.

There's genuinely good news, though. The 2019 HR-V's infotainment system gets an old-fashioned volume knob, ditching the touch-sensitive surface controls that accomplished less with more required effort and concentration.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration are also now available, and the Touring trim's navigation system gets upgraded graphics and 3D landmarks.

The 2019 HR-V also marks the introduction of standard Honda Sensing semi-autonomous functionality and safety features on EX models and above.

With these updates come some interior and exterior styling and feature updates. The bumpers, headlights, grille, and taillights are all revised, giving the HR-V a slightly more upscale look to match the newly replaced CR-V's.

The 2019 Honda HR-V goes on sale this week.


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La versione Europea riceve un nuovo 1.5 i-VTEC aspirato da 130 CV e 155 Nm di coppia, che le consentono uno 0-100 km/h in 10.7 secondi (manuale 6 marce), con il cambio CVT si sale a 11.2 secondi.

Confermato il 1.6 i-DTEC da 120 CV.

Nella primavera 2019 verrà lanciato il nuovo 1.5 Turbo di potenza non precisata. Anche se sulla CR-V questo motore eroga 172 CV accoppiato al manuale 6 marce e 193 CV in accoppiata al CVT.








Topic Spy -> https://www.autopareri.com/forums/topic/65438-honda-hr-v-facelift-2019-spy


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Hanno rimesso una manopola rotonda per il volume della radio ma hanno lasciato le superfici touch per il clima e la ventilazione babbei.

Envoyé de mon SM-G950F en utilisant Tapatalk

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"But before the most charismatic car maker of them all finally went, they left us with a final reminder of what they can do, when they try" (Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear)

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8 ore fa, Beckervdo scrive:

Via Leftlanenews




"Ma mi abbandoni seduta qua?"

"eccerto...non vedi che la macchina è piena? Ci sta già la pagaia e lo zainetto. Su dai, sta qua così mi tieni d'occhio la canoa mentre mando il corriere a prenderla"

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Some critics have complained that the 4C lacks luxury. To me, complaining about lack of luxury in a sports car is akin to complaining that a supermodel lacks a mustache.

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