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[APAC] Mitsubishi XForce 2023

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Mitsubishi Motors Lineup at 30th GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show - Exterior Design of the All-New Compact SUV Previewed Ahead of the World Premiere


Tokyo, July 31, 2023 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (hereafter, Mitsubishi Motors) will celebrate the global debut of an all-new compact SUV at the 30th GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show1. Ahead of the world premiere, the company revealed the exterior design of the all-new compact SUV. The all-new model will be built at Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia (Bekasi, West Java)2, with delivery to start in November 2023.


At the show, Mitsubishi Motors will also display the eK X EV, an all-electric kei-car3, for the first time outside of Japan, along with the Minicab-MiEV, a onebox kei–car class commercial electric vehicle (EV) that is scheduled for local production in Indonesia. The company will also exhibit models sold in Indonesia, including the Xpander and Xpander Cross crossover MPVs, as well as the Pajero Sport mid-size SUV.
Further, the Mitsubishi Motors booth will feature a special area where visitors can experience the new Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium sound system, which was jointly developed with Yamaha Corporation and will be adopted for the first time in the all-new compact SUV. Inside the all-new model, visitors can enjoy the sound system's characteristic, clear mid and high tones as well as lively bass.
"In this all-new model, we have further evolved the design to meet the needs of the compact SUV market, which has been growing in recent years," said Seiji Watanabe, division general manager of design, Mitsubishi Motors. "In addition to the robustness and powerfulness characteristic of Mitsubishi Motors, we have pursued a design that is more stylish, energetic, and distinctive than ever. At the upcoming GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show, we hope that even more customers will discover what Mitsubishi Motors has to offer and empathize with our design through this all-new compact SUV."
Design of the All-New Compact SUV (World Premiere)
Based on the design concept of Silky & Solid, the stylish yet powerful, authentic SUV design combines elegance and robustness, thereby realizing styling that creates a commanding presence in scenes from ASEAN cities to the great outdoors. The upper part of the body expresses an airy silkiness with a floating roof and a sleek surface that begins from the three-diamond emblem up front and flows along the side to the rear. The lower part of the body adopts the solid and powerful proportions of an SUV – the muscular fender flares express the agility of an athlete, while a top-class ground clearance of 222 mm 4 as well as 18-inch wheels and large-diameter tires enhance road handling on rough roads.
At the front, the Dynamic Shield front face has been evolved in line with the design concept. Here, the design consisting of left and right bumpers that protect the front grille which symbolizes the performance of the powertrain, is three-dimensionally integrated to create a sporty front face with a sense of depth. The LED daytime running lights combine an L-shape with slitted accents to emit light in an iconic T-shape, making the SUV instantly recognizable as a Mitsubishi model even from a distance, while also emphasizing the wide stance.
On the body sides, the rich, muscular surfaces combine with sculpted fender flares and character lines to express the strength and dynamism of the SUV. By adopting the same T-shaped design for the LED tail lights as the front, the rear attains a wide and stable look.
Specifications of the All-New Compact SUV
Overall length x width x height
4,390 mm x 1,810 mm x 1,660 mm
Ground clearance
222 mm 4
1.5 L
Drive system
Front engine, front drive (2WD)
Overview of the eK X EV (Indonesian Premiere)
The eK X EV, an all-electric kei-car, is an EV variant of the eK X, a height-wagon kei-car. The eK X EV offers a spacious, pleasant cabin despite its small vehicle size, user-friendliness, the smooth and powerful driving unique to EVs, a quiet and comfortable ride, advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity.
Mitsubishi Motors Lineup at GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show
No. on display
Press day
Public days
All-new compact SUV
World premiere
Indonesian premiere (show car)
Show car
Xpander Cross
Pajero Sport 
Montero Sport in some markets
1. August 10 is press day, and the show is open to the public from August 11 to 20. Mitsubishi Motors will hold a press conference at the Mitsubishi Motors booth in Hall 10 from 1:30pm (local time) on August 10.
2. Share owned: Mitsubishi Motors 51.0%, Mitsubishi Corporation 40.0%, Krama Yudha 9.0%
3. Kei-car is a vehicle category in Japan for microcars.
4. 18-inch tire models. Figure does not include under cover.


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"Qualche emiro che compra una Ferrari lo troverò sempre. Ma se il ceto medio finisce in miseria, chi mi comprerà le Panda?"

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Questa sembra essergli uscita bene (a parte le ruotine), muso iso Volvo EX30 però qui mi piace di più. 

"Qualche emiro che compra una Ferrari lo troverò sempre. Ma se il ceto medio finisce in miseria, chi mi comprerà le Panda?"

Sergio Marchionne


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5 ore fa, j scrive:



Mi ammazza che ormai siamo arrivati alla pre-presentazione dei modelli 


Non era basato su questa ?


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