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Fuori Produzione; per il Nuovo Modello cliccate sul seguente link:

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Press Release :

Diesel-electric hybrid and distinctive appeal

Peugeot continues its upmarket trend

Diesel-electric hybrid and distinctive 'high-end' appeal combine to offer an original view of the world of all-wheel drive vehicles with enhanced driving pleasure: introducing the new Peugeot 508 RXH.

RXH demonstrates the modern, enhanced 'top-of-the-range' vision for Peugeot, and has its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The style of the 508 RXH and its innovative HYbrid4 drive unit provide features that allow it to combine new levels of driving freedom and pleasure in a form not seen before in its segment:

200 bhp

ZEV - 100% electric mode

Four-wheel drive

CO2 emissions of 109 g/km

After the successful launch of the 508 Saloon and SW in spring 2011, where they were highly acclaimed for their styling elegance, on-the-road presence, high levels of build quality and attention to detail, the 508 RXH further elevates the profile of the entire Peugeot brand reinforcing its technological and environmental leadership.

The 508 RXH has a road presence and specific design that immediately places it in the environment of 'top-level' all road vehicles. Unique, refined, higher and wider, it is also distinguished by a singular visual identity, characterised by its distinctive LED daytime running lights that give an impression of having three vertical 'lion claws' on each side of its 'floating' grille, the combined style of which is all the more striking.

To reinforce its exclusive character, the interior of the 508 RXH benefits from special features with distinctive colours and the use of luxurious materials.

Its unique level of finish and equipment is coherent with the 'top-of-the-range' and technological positioning of the vehicle. Richly equipped as standard with electric front seats, head up display, 18" wheels, panoramic glass roof, dark-tinted acoustic laminated side windows, half leather trim, head up display, latest generation audio and satellite navigation RXH welcomes its occupants with care, refinement and a high level of comfort features.

Equipped with the 2.0 l HDi FAP HYbrid4 powertrain, a world first when featured in the 3008 HYbrid4, the diesel-electric hybrid in the 508 RXH extends driving freedom and pleasure to traverse all roads. With a maximum power of 147 kW (200 bhp), four-wheel drive and a maximum torque of 450 Nm, the 508 RXH has been designed to adapt to all uses, in a wide spectrum of conditions. Furthermore, it opens up new perspectives in the segment, offering a ZEV (100% electric) mode, ideal for driving in town and capable of delivering, in the Combined Drive Cycle, 67.2 mpg with CO2 emissions of 109 g/km.

Following the launch of the 3008 HYbrid4 in the autumn, the Peugeot Marque continues its innovative strategy, combining enhanced driving sensations and advanced environmental developments by extending HYbrid4 technology to other models.

The 508 RXH will be unveiled as a world premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September 2011, and goes on sale in spring 2012.

Peugeot 508 RXH

The 508 RXH represents the new, up market positioned Peugeot.It sees the launch of an identity that combines the traditional designation of Peugeot models, incorporating the central zero, and three letters that characterise the Marques specialist vehicles. This new model both heads up and extends the 508 range, with an original design silhouette, justifying its exclusive designation – RXH.

A distinctive appeal

The 508 RXH styling has its own distinctive character within the 508 range. Its elegance and style place it immediately in an exclusive world that combines premium-positioning, technology with the ability to experience adventure and promises of a new and unparalleled driving experience.

With a 40 mm wider track and its height increased by 50 mm, this new Peugeot has an individual stance, without sacrificing the characteristics of the 508 range - poise, elegance and status. The use of new, 18" forged wheel rims allowed designers to create a very fine wheel design with an internal diameter increased by 10 mm in comparison with conventional wheel rims. The result is a dynamic and elegantly enhanced body style.

Its adventurous side profile is illustrated through the bodywork extensions in satin stealth grey that envelope the lower body of the car. From the bottom of the front bumper, the line extends over the wheel arches, along the sill panels to meet the rear bumper. The choice of the satin trim finishers contribute to position this estate car within a refined world, as do the satin chrome inserts, with 'HYbrid4' badging, that adorns the sill panel, and front and rear protective trims. Fully integrated, they reflect the integrity applied to the cohesive design of the 508 RXH.

This individual personality is more striking at the front end, which has become even more expressive while maintaining the strength of the brand's new style aesthetics. Accompanying a wider and taller body silhouette, the grille is extended on its lower edge. More strikingly, the new grille accentuates the illusion that it is 'floating' within the aperture. To achieve this, designers have taken influence from aviation reference points, notably taking inspiration from aircraft jet engine cowls. The air therefore seems to be well-channelled around the grille, which stands out distinctly from the bonnet line.

Its distinctive style lines give the 508 RXH a very individual visual identity. It is the first Peugeot to use the iconic theme of the 'claw' on the front. Its LED daytime running lights illuminate to form three 'lion claws', instantly recognisable by day and by night to reinforce the characteristic 'feline' appearance of the head lamps. This unique and dynamic signature is complemented with the illumination of seven orange LEDs, from within the LED tube that is an original directional indicator function.

Like the 508 SW, the lines flow together in a harmonious and dynamic manner, falling back to a rear that is well seated on its haunches. The extensive panoramic glass roof has the benefit of being a continuation of the windscreen, with the profiled aluminium roof bars merging with the bodywork to enhance the exclusivity of the car. In this spirit, there are flush surfaces, highlighted by its high build quality finish. At the rear, the lights portray an elegant red band that glows brightly when the lights are on.

Refined interior styling and technology

The styling of the dashboard is centred heavily around the qualities evoked by the exterior design of the vehicle, with continued illustrations of high quality, purity, elegance, etc. Its design supports a multiplex centre console with switchgear that is equipped with technology designed to provide easy control to a host of features.

This purity and simplicity of design and integration is best demonstrated on the HYbrid4 drive mode selection knob and the gear selector lever. It has the design that combines the traditional gear selector lever and a computer mouse called the 'manettino' - it fits perfectly into this pure and technological environment.

White backlighting is available throughout the 508 RXH interior (on the instrument panel, displays and the various lighting zones within the car), showing great care in detail and finish. It is this and the attention to detail that illustrates the hallmarks of the latest Peugeot range.

The car's internal trim and decor have been created in harmony, evoking elegance without ostentation. The use of natural materials and colours, sometimes exclusively, enhance the distinctive character of the 508 RXH. Brushed aluminium and shaded lacquers are used on the dashboard for the first time in this way. A spectacular treatment in keeping with the electricity supplied by HYbrid4 technology, this decor is specified in tinted shades of copper. This theme, again unprecedented, is subtly continued throughout the interior with matching trim stitching in this copper shade. The exterior is also themed with a copper colour theme through the colouring of the lock tumblers in Calern Brown, a shade exclusive to the 508 RXH.

The choice of light-coloured alcantara leather and an innovative laser-printed fabric creates a two-tone upholstery that reinforces the refined image of the car. Depending on preference, the customer may opt for full leather or half-leather upholstery.

A generously-proportioned, high-quality boot

In keeping with the vehicle's interior, the boot of the 508 RXH has been fitted out with care, using materials that continue to reflect a high level of quality with the materials specified. The aluminium rails and four solid chrome hooks elegantly decorate the functional boot floor, while a loading sill guard in the same material offers protection for the rugged 'adventurer' potential of this new Peugeot.

The 508 RXH boot has a capacity of 423 litres beneath the parcel shelf (or 400 dm3 in accordance with the VDA 210 standard). Its rectangular shape, with motorised tailgate and the storage compartments located under the flat floor (11 litres) make it easy to use. It is also possible to compartmentalise the boot using partition bars available as accessories, which attach to the aluminium rails inside the boot.

Finally, the loading volume can be increased easily by folding the 1/3 – 2/3 split rear bench seat in a single movement.

Enhancement through technological equipment

The 508 RXH is offered in a single trim finish, generously-equipped, in accordance with its distinctive high-end positioning. All of the high-tech equipment available either as standard or as an option accentuates its exclusive character: 'Open and Go' Stop Start, Colour Head Up Display (that includes the display of the navigation system information), main beam head lamps assistance, automatic electric parking brake, new telematics, JBL hi-fi stereo, Peugeot Connect SOS and Assistance, Xenon lights, etc.

A high level of comfort

Quality of comfort aboard the 508 RXH has been the focus of particular care to ensure that each passenger can benefit from individual treatment. In addition to the generous space given to each seat, notably in the rear with excellent leg room and the panoramic glass roof, dedicated equipment allows everyone to have a high-level of comfort: with quad-zone air conditioning, driver's seat electric lumbar massage, electrically-adjustable driver and passenger seats with adjustable cushion edge and laminated acoustic rear side windows for road noise reduction, etc.

Benchmark for road handling

The suspension and wheel design also contribute to onboard comfort: with a Pseudo-McPherson type front axle and specific HYbrid4 technology, modular multi-arm rear axle. While cleverly incorporating the hybrid architecture and taking into account a new weight distribution, the Peugeot engineers have retained the recognised dynamic characteristics of the 508 range with an excellent synthesis of suspension comfort, light steering and good handling. The 508 RXH is one of the latest generation of vehicles that expresses driving pleasure, due to its Peugeot chassis 'genetics' and full diesel hybrid technology.

HYbrid4 technology: A logical combination

Offering the 508 RXH with a HYbrid4 technology powertrain that combines diesel and electric motors, is a logical choice primarily because it provides a level of functionality that is perfectly matched to the various customer expectations in this segment:

High performance combined with first-rate handling;

Freedom to travel on all roads with confidence, with all-wheel drive;

Ease of use with four unique drive modes available (Zero Emission Vehicle, 4WD, Sport, Auto) and battery charging which is carried out automatically;

Quiet operation, with the ability to drive in the all-electric (ZEV) mode.

The next generation enhances driving emotion

HYbrid4 technology also opens up new perspectives in the segment with a breakthrough in improved fuel consumption - 67.2 mpg and CO2 emissions of less than 109 g/km in the Combined Drive Cycle with a completely silent electric mode with zero emissions; ideal for driving around town efficiently.

In terms of performance, 508 RXH benefits from the efficiency and power of its internal combustion engine combined with the electric motor during acceleration phases for an immediate increase in power (the 'boost' function maximises performance and available power in the Sport mode). The maximum combined power can reach 147 kW (200bhp) by combining the 120 kW (163 bhp) from the 2.0 l HDi FAP diesel engine and the 'on-demand' peak power of the 27 kW (37 bhp) electric motor. Up to 300 Nm of torque is delivered to the front wheels by the HDi diesel unit and up to 200 Nm to the rear wheels with the electric motor. The maximum combined value however is 450 Nm at lower road speeds, which guarantees excellent traction in most driving conditions including low-grip surfaces like snow and dirt roads, providing customers of this all-wheel drive estate car to comfortably go much further than ever before.

A car manufactured in France

The 508 RXH is manufactured in Rennes, with the modular hybrid rear drive axle being assembled and supplied from Mulhouse, and is scheduled for UK release in spring 2012.

La nuova Peugeot 508 RXH, offre tecnologia ibrida diesel, ma soprattutto una versione alto di gamma di modello all road. Lo stile della 508 RXH e la sua innovativa motorizzazione HYbrid4 le conferiscono prestazioni che permettono di associare libertà e piacere di guida in modo totalmente inedito nel segmento: grazie a 200 cv, 4 ruote motrici, modalità 100% elettrica, emissioni inferiori a 109 g/km CO2.

L'aspetto e il design specifico della vettura la collocano nell'universo all-road. Esclusiva, raffinata, rialzata, allargata, è caratterizzata anche da una singolare "firma" visiva, con i proiettori a LED visibili di giorno e di notte, che suggeriscono l'idea di tre elementi verticali a entrambi i lati della calandra flottante.

Gli interni della 508 RXH hanno delle particolarità, con colori specifici e materiali nobili, come le finiture ramate o la selleria in pelle Alcantara.

Il livello di allestimenti e di equipaggiamenti è in linea con il posizionamento alto di gamma e tecnologico. Di serie accesso e accensione senza chiave, sedili anteriori elettrici, head up display, cerchi da 18", tetto panoramico in vetro, vetri laterali stratificati acustici e fumé, radionavigazione WIP Nav Plus.

Proposta solo con la catena di trazione elettrica 2.0 l HDi FAP HYbrid4, prima motorizzazione ibrida diesel al mondo, la 508 RXH è sinonimo di piacere di guida e libertà di evoluzione. Con una potenza massima di 147 kW (200 cv), 4 ruote motrici e una coppia massima di 45,9 kgm la 508 RXH è progettata per far fronte a tutti gli utilizzi, in tutte le condizioni. Tra l'altro, apre nuove prospettive nel segmento, proponendo una modalità al 100% elettrica, ideale per circolare in città e per ridurre i consumi nel ciclo misto a meno di 4,0 litri/100 km, pari a oltre 25 km/litro e ad emissioni inferiori a 109 g/km CO2.

Dopo il lancio della 3008 HYbrid4, che avverrà tra qualche settimana, il marchio Peugeot porta avanti la sua strategia innovativa, che associa sensazioni di guida a un risultato eclatante dal punto di vista ambientale, proponendo la tecnologia HYbrid4 su vari modelli.

La 508 RXH sarà svelata in prima mondiale al Salone Internazionale di Francoforte in settembre 2011, e sarà commercializzata nel corso del 2012.



Non dovrebbe essere un concept ma la versione di serie.

Molto bella ed interessante, imho.

 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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Il frontale acquista molto carattere con questo allestimento, ma fiancata e posteriore rimangono anonimi all'eccesso.

Dal vivo non è affatto brutta, ma stilisticamente c'è di meglio.

La teoria è quando si conosce il funzionamento di qualcosa ma quel qualcosa non funziona.

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Il frontale acquista molto carattere con questo allestimento, ma fiancata e posteriore rimangono anonimi all'eccesso.

Dal vivo non è affatto brutta, ma stilisticamente c'è di meglio.

quoto, e anche di gran lunga

Mentre gli interni sono appaganti, a differenza di 3\5008

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