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Rispetto alla SpaceTourer ha un paraurti anteriore diverso
















  • Unveiled at the Stuttgart CMT, Citroën Holidays is a true mobile cocoon, optimized down to the smallest details, allowing for a comfortable and constraint-free travel experience. It offers up to 4 sleeping spaces, a kitchen, a removable table, a retractable roof, swivelling front seats, and many other features.


  • Designed for escape and freedom, this camper van proves to be also very practical for everyday use, with a controlled size and new power steering.


  • Derived from the newly refreshed SpaceTourer, it shares its qualities: a modern and powerful design, a next-generation infotainment system coupled with a 10'' touchscreen, and up to 17 driving assistance technologies for added peace of mind.


  • As part of the line-up, it will be easy to order Citroën Holidays directly from the Citroën network starting in spring 2024.



Poissy, January 11, 2024 – Announced in summer 2023, Citroën's move to reinforce its position in the "Van Life" territory is now taking shape with the unveiling of Citroën Holidays at one of Europe's largest leisure and travel trade fair: the CMT in Stuttgart. Available for sale from spring 2024 within the Citroën network, this modern fitted van allows up to 4 people to explore in complete freedom and great comfort, thanks to a generous and modular interior. Onboard, they can sleep, prepare meals, share moments of conviviality, and wake up amidst exceptional landscapes. Equipped with last generation driving assistance technologies that promote well-being, compact and easy to handle, Citroën Holidays is a van with a strong design, practical for everyday use while offering great freedom to discover the world with complete peace of mind.


"Home Sweet Home" on wheels


The "Van Life" has become a true societal phenomenon, allowing everyone to experience travel differently. Thanks to this furnished vehicle, the customer enjoys great freedom through a "mobile home," enabling a pleasant night's stay and waking up in nature's heart. It also promotes a focus on more responsible tourism, centred on regions, and budget control.


In order to meet this market expectation, Citroën, which has great know-how in terms of spacious, functional models, focused on conviviality and well-being, has partnered with a leading company in the conversion market, Bravia Mobil, to market Citroën Holidays. Derived from the SpaceTourer, this furnished van remains faithful to Citroën's philosophy of promoting freedom of movement, sharing, and well-being on board. For greater convenience, Citroën Holidays can be ordered directly from the Citroën network, managing all procedures until delivery to the customer.


Cleverly designed down to the smallest details, it allows great autonomy in travels. Citroën Holidays is a true cosy nest that accompanies the customer according to their desires, allowing them to experience unique moments in unexpected places while offering great modularity. It enables camping in extraordinary landscapes with few constraints and a lot of comfort.


  • Its retractable body-colored roof, as a standard feature, provides ample headroom. It allows standing inside and accommodates up to 4 sleeping spaces. Indeed, the second-row bench, capable of hosting 2 people, is sliding and convertible to create a sleeping space of 1.15m wide and 1.90m long. This bench is removable if the customer prefers more space on board. At the top, a bed measuring 1.20m wide and 1.95m long allows sleeping close to the stars. The cup-shaped mattress design reduces occupied space while ensuring great sleeping comfort. Those sleeping in the lower section can enjoy the opening rear window for sleeping close to nature, along with vacuum blinds on the windshield and side windows. Similarly, those in the upper part benefit from integrated blinds and a window in the bellows for managing ventilation and brightness.


  • Its kitchen, including a sink and 2 gas burners, a 16-liter fridge, and a retractable table, will allow for enjoyable indoor meals for 4 people thanks to the front seats pivoting toward the living space. The two sliding side doors (optional electric) also enable cooking outside and dining outdoors on sunny days, with the retractable table that can be set up behind the kitchen. And if the sun becomes too intense, Citroën Holidays is predisposed with a lateral rail on each side, allowing integration of a rolling awning (as an accessory). Note that the kitchen unit is removable for cooking in the midst of nature.


  • The interior is functional and practical. The table can be used for dining, working, playing cards, and can be stowed away to prioritize space on board when needed. Citroën Holidays also features numerous storage spaces to maintain order inside the cabin. It has a 10-litre tank for storing clean water and 10 litres for wastewater. Citroën Holidays can also offer a shower at the rear of the vehicle, coupled with a 25-liter tank. Removable toilets can also be equipped in the vehicle.


  • A true cocoon, Citroën Holidays offers a programmable Webasto heating system to ensure optimal onboard temperature. A control panel manages the interior lighting ambiance. Thus, one can easily manage the ventilation and brightness of their vehicle.


  • Citroën Holidays can offer an incoming 230V recharge point outside and an internal 230V socket, 2 USB-A, and USB-C ports. It also has a wireless smartphone charger, particularly convenient, located on the central console within reach of the two front passengers. It is also possible to have a solar panel on the roof of the vehicle.


  • Citroën Holidays offers a predisposition for a towing ring.



For everyday life and great explorations


Another asset of Citroën Holidays is its great versatility. Tailored for adventure, it proves to be highly practical in everyday use. It allows you to complete daily missions and transform into an adventurer when the time comes.


Its compact length of 4.98 meters offers great agility and ease of handling. This quality is enhanced by the new electric power steering of the updated SpaceTourer, replacing the electro-hydraulic system, reducing efforts and enhancing manoeuvrability. Its reasonable footprint also allows easier parking, while its height of 1.99 meters enables access to most parking lots and avoids local regulation constraints. The Top Rear Vision reverse camera and electric parking brake are also there to facilitate the customer's life when parking. Note that this limited height is also advantageous for toll charges in many countries.


The kitchen unit and toilets are removable, making it a habitable vehicle for everyday use, capable of transporting 4 people and carrying numerous items. The two sliding side doors can be electric, facilitating access on board.


Two diesel engines are available for Citroën Holidays: the BlueHDi 145 paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox, and the BlueHDi 180 paired with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. These two powerful and efficient engines allow the vehicle to cover long distances and explore new territories without constraints.



A Travel Experience with Style and Serenity


Citroën Holidays benefits from all the attributes of the newly unveiled SpaceTourer, which is full of character.


It boasts a modern design that showcases Citroën's new brand identity. It stands out on the front with the adoption of the new logo and new lighting signature. Citroën Holidays is a statutory van suggesting both strength and power, as well as fluidity. It's an empowering object in the city and for adventures. It will be available in the 5 SpaceTourer colours: White Kaolin, Black Perla Nera, and Grey Acier, complemented by the new Grey Titane and Green Kapari.


Inside, the new dashboard stands out with a unique design that combines elegance and even more practicality. It highlights technology, especially with a new 10-inch HD touchscreen central display on its top part, and enhances functionality with expanded and smarter storage solutions. The steering wheel is also new, with various integrated controls (phone, audio system, driving aids, etc.) and can be heated.


Because customers of these vans have similar expectations to any other vehicle in an ultra-connected world, Citroën Holidays offers the best to provide an onboard life in line with the times:


  • A 100% digital 10-inch instrument panel is now standard. In colour, it allows the driver to customize the display of key information while enjoying aesthetic graphical quality in high definition.
  • A large 10-inch HD touchscreen central display and a next-generation infotainment system, which in its top version, can host 3D connected navigation. Inspired by smartphone ergonomics, ensuring great simplicity of use and smoothness, this touchscreen allows control over the multimedia environment like music or phone, as well as vehicle configuration functions. It enables wireless smartphone mirroring via Wifi mirroring function, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It offers natural, ultra-smooth voice recognition, transforming this media system into a true personal assistant.

A technological model with a strong character, muscular lines, remarkable dynamic behaviour, Citroën Holidays offers a modern version of travel. It provides a high level of comfort, serving the well-being of the body and mind, with a welcoming interior, a raised driving position, high-level acoustics, combined with optimal riding comfort.


SpaceTourer offers 17 useful driving aids to users, ensuring safe and serene driving. Technologies that make life easier like hands-free access and start, hill start assist, rear camera with Top Rear Vision, adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, but also safety-oriented technologies including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, driver fatigue alert, lane-keeping assist, collision risk alert, automatic headlights switching, sign recognition, etc…


Detailed information about the Holidays range will be communicated at the time of opening orders in spring 2024.


To download the documents:

press kit Citroën Camper Holidays


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prezzo? perché questi cosi son bellini, ma se poi mi escono a prezzi come i VW o i Mercedes - che costano più di un camper - mi fan passare la voglia.

e dire che ce l'avrei pure, codesta voglia.

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30 minuti fa, slego scrive:

prezzo? perché questi cosi son bellini, ma se poi mi escono a prezzi come i VW o i Mercedes - che costano più di un camper - mi fan passare la voglia.

e dire che ce l'avrei pure, codesta voglia.

penso che sotto i 45-50 ce lo scordiamo...

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Per i van camperizzati la base PSA è la peggiore, non hanno i serbatoi d'acqua sotto il pianale ma sotto la cucina quindi hanno ben 10 litri.


Per me i migliori sono gli Hanroad su base Trafic. 



60 litri d'acqua pulita e 35 di acque grigie (una decina i base psa) e frigo da 50 litri (questo 16...).


Su questi mezzi è importante l'altezza non superiore a 2m per poter usufruire dei parcheggi sotterranei come una normale auto.

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