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Opel ADAM S 2015

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Messaggio Aggiornato al 20/07/2015





Opel-Adam-S-1_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Opel-Adam-S-2_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Opel-Adam-S-3_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Opel-Adam-S-4_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Opel-Adam-S-5_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Opel-Adam-S-6_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Opel-Adam-S-7_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Opel-Adam-S-8_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800


Press Release:

  • Strong appearance: ADAM family sportsman at the „Mondial de l’Automobile“ in Paris
  • Strong performance: 1.4-liter-turbo with 110 kW/150 hp and performance chassis
  • Superb grip: Impressive OPC braking system
  • Silky styling: ‚Red ’n‘ Roll‘-design and numerous ADAM individualization options
  • Strong upsurge: Available for order from November and at dealers in 2015

Rüsselsheim. The new sports star of the ADAM family is called ADAM S. It will mark the top of the range of the colorful ADAM portfolio and will show what it has to offer at the „Mondial de l’Automobile 2014“ in Paris from October 4 to 19. A study version of the ADAM S was presented at the Geneva Motor Show last spring and now the decision has been taken to produce the sporty ADAM. The ADAM S will be available for order from Novemeber produced from 2015. Slick design, a spirited powertrain and naturally numerous individualization possibilities characterize the latest ADAM. Drivers who like a somewhat sportier drive can find a 110 kW/150 hp, 1.4-liter Turbo ECOTEC unit under the hood. In addition, a specially tuned chassis and the OPC braking system ensure that the pocket rocket stays on the road even at high speeds. The ADAM S’ sporting pedigree is plain to see – the designers have given it a slick styling both on the in and outside. The racy small car completes the ADAM model range with the crossover ADAM ROCKS having already been introduced. With the ADAM S, Opel have once again shown how versatile the ADAM family is, always according to the principle: individual, exciting and strong. The ADAM S will give the best connected small car and individualization champion another dimension with its performance.

Turbocharged pocket rocket

With 110 kW/150 hp and 220 Nm of torque on tap, the special new version of the 1.4-liter Turbo ECOTEC unit in the ADAM S boasts a specific power output exceeding 100 hp/liter. It delivers 50 percent more horsepower and 70 percent more torque than its naturally-aspirated 1.4-liter stable-mate. Combined to a six-speed manual gearbox, the new turbocharged engine impresses with outstanding responsiveness and a torque plateau that suits a spirited style of driving, making curvy roads the ideal terrain for the little sports star. The ADAM S accelerates from 0 to 100 in only 8.5 seconds. Top speeds of well over 200 km/h are possible with the engine.

ADAM S’s 1.4 Turbo engine is naturally fitted with Start/Stop technology and the engine already meets the future Euro 6 emission standards. The dual cam phasing for continuously variable valve timing and a turbocharger integrated within the exhaust manifold for reduced weight and compact packaging. Numerous weight-saving features include a cast iron block with a hollow frame structure, hollow-cast camshafts and a plastic intake manifold. In this arrangement the sportsman of the ADAM family makes do with a mere 6.4 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

The sporty driving characteristics are enhanced by the specially tuned performance chassis, developed especially for the ADAM S, and direct, sharp performance steering. But the pocket rocket can also handle itself in case of an emergency – large OPC S brakes, custom-made for the various wheel sizes, ensure excellent braking characteristics. The 18-inch wheels with propeller-design rims are fitted with 225/35 R 18 tires and the red brake calipers can be seen. Alternatively, 17-inch wheels are available.

Sportsman at first sight: captivating ‚Red ’n‘ Roll‘ design

The crisp design of the ADAM S leaves no doubt what it has under the hood either. The front lip spoiler, side sill moldings and an extended rear bumper cut-out with a visible, bold exhaust tailpipe characterize the bodywork or the muscular sportsman. A total of ten body paint choices and four further roof combinations are available with the ‚Red ʼn‘ Roll‘ roof design reserved exclusively for ADAM S customers. The rear spoiler, which creates sufficient downforce, and the special ADAM S logo on the C pillars complete the look. Those who want an even more impressive entry can individualize the roof and bodywork with additional special “S” graphics.

Inside the vehicle, the driver and front passenger can choose between four different seat arrangements, three of which are exclusively available for this ADAM variant, including the Recaro Performance seats in Morrocana or nappa leather. The interior reflects the ‚Red ʼn‘ Roll‘ design in many ways, for example with the optional leather package including black and red steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake in leather or the red and white lighting for the instrument panels and doors. This is all rounded off by small details such as special ADAM S floor mats or the key in the grey-black-red ADAM S design. The optional checkered flag headliner design creates additional racing flair.

Furthermore, the ADAM S has LED daytime running and rear tail lights, electronic climate control and Opel’s award-winning, sophisticated IntelliLink system that offers state-of-the-art connectivity and apps. This infotainment system is fully compatible with latest smartphones using both ANDROID and Apple iOS. It provides USB and Bluetooth connectivity, audio streaming, seven speakers and a 7-inch high-definition color touch-screen. Opel’s smart IntelliLink system also provides navigation by the BringGo app, as well as the Stitcher and TuneIn apps. The integration of Apple iOS devices into the system enables use of the SIRI EYES FREE voice control function. It’s safe and easy-to-use technology which makes ADAM the best connected small car on the market.




1.4 Turbo S&S (150 CV):

S: 18.900€


Topic News : freccina19rossaiy0.gifOpel Adam "OPC" (Notizie)


Topic ROCKS: freccina19rossaiy0.gif Opel ADAM ROCKS S 2015

Topic ADAM: freccina19rossaiy0.gif Opel ADAM 2012

Vi dirò...mi piace 8-)

Comunque, 1.4 turbo 150cv sotto il cofano.

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Ritenta, sarai più fortunata! :lol::§

PS: potevano almeno scegliere una lettera diversa... :roll:

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E allora perchè hai messo il link sulla OPC? In ogni caso ricordati che dovresti mettere un paio di righe per commentare le foto.

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vado leggermente OT e me ne scuso..ieri sera ho visto una Adam da vicino per la prima volta..mi spiegate perchè monta un 215/45 R17?? è enorme come misura per una seg A...tra l'altro la stessa che monto io sulla Mito :pz:|

PS: S per S ...meglio la 500S :P

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E allora perchè hai messo il link sulla OPC? In ogni caso ricordati che dovresti mettere un paio di righe per commentare le foto.

Perchè le foto spia sono nel topic della OPC. Il commento sotto la foto lo farò appena ci sarà qualche info ;)

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I cerchi in lega mi sembrano troppo "floreali" per un allestimento un po' più "maschio".

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