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Hyundai India presenta Alcazar, variante a 6 o 7 posti del best-seller Creta.






Press Release:


  • -Hyundai ALCAZAR has been developed to harmonize Space, Premiumness, Performance, Convenience, Safety and Technology
  • -The SUPERSTRUCTURE of Hyundai ALCAZAR is built using 75.6 % Advanced and High-Strength Steel
  • -Over 650 4th Generation Robots deployed to intricately craft grandeur and opulence of Hyundai ALCAZAR
  • -Over 12 Billion Data Points collected annually are used by more than 100 data scientists on the shop floor to deliver regal levels of quality
  • -Over 3 Lakh executive man-hours have been devoted to the development of the icon of superior craftsmanship – Hyundai ALCAZAR
  • -Ring Structure in Engine room, B-Pillar and D-Pillar to increase rigidity for better handling and stability
  • -Powertrain options include 3rd Gen Nu 2.0 l Petrol BS6 Engine and U2 1.5 l Diesel BS6 Engine, both offered with 6AT and 6MT transmission options


 New Delhi, April 08, 2021: Hyundai Motor India Ltd., country’s First Smart Mobility Solutions Provider and largest exporter since inception, today showcased the quintessence of manufacturing magnificence – Hyundai ALCAZAR, its upcoming 6 and 7 seater premium SUV at the picturesque Alila Fort, Bishangarh.

Commenting at the unveil of Hyundai ALCAZAR, Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “With a deep rooted understanding of our customer’s aspirations, our R&D Centre has invested countless man hours to ensure every aspect of Hyundai ALCAZAR exudes magnificence. And combined with our premium and superior manufacturing capabilities & rich heritage of ‘Make in India’, we have crafted the perfect masterpiece of grandeur. Hyundai ALCAZAR is well set to enter a new segment, marking Hyundai’s genesis into uncharted territories. With bold new moves, we are on a conquest of redefining benchmarks to exceed the aspirations of our customers.”


 With the idea of creating a 6 and 7 seater premium SUV that resonates the grandeur and magnificence of palaces & castles, Hyundai began a new development journey by forming the ALCAZAR LAB comprising of members across multiple teams & functions. Hyundai ALCAZAR was conceptualized over myriad hours of research, development, innovation and ideation. Crafted to epitomize manufacturing magnificence - Hyundai ALCAZAR harmonizes Space, Premiumness, Performance, Convenience, Safety and Technology. Based on Hyundai’s Global Design identity of Sensuous Sportiness, Hyundai ALCAZAR characterizes a unique design theme that is extraordinary among the ordinary. This 6 and 7 seater Premium SUV exemplifies rugged elegance while, interiors of Hyundai ALCAZAR feature a Wing-Surrounded architecture that personifies spaciousness, lavish comfort and modern in-car experiences.


-Featuring an extensive application of 75.6 % Advanced and High-Strength Steel (AHSS & HSS), the SUPERSTRUCTURE of Hyundai ALCAZAR epitomizes rugged elegance and superior durability that is crafted in an Industry 4.0 enabled shop floor.

-The underbody has been designed to absorb and disperse impact energy.

-Ring structure design in Engine Room, B-Pillar and D-Pillar increase rigidity for enhanced handling and stability.

-Application of Hot Stamping parts for frontal crash energy flow and strengthened connectivity for side impact strength.

-Extensive use of Human Engineering to ensure ‘Smartivity’ in new model development with 3D shop environment analysis, equipment digital pre-assembly and robot offline program. 


 -Over 3 Lakh executive man-hours spent on perfecting the masterpiece of superior craftsmanship – Hyundai ALCAZAR.

-Magnificent appeal developed using multiple electric tools capturing over 2 Lakh points per day and additional ED bath Anode cell for superior looks.

-Over 12 Billion Data Points collected annually are used by more than 100 data scientists on the shop floor to deliver regal levels of quality.

-1st in Segment 2nd row console armrest to provide premium feel and enhanced comfort.

-Best in segment Wheelbase and Sliding seats offer versatile leg room with seats designed for superior thigh and lateral support.

-Fine-tuned driveshaft damping to ensure acceleration noise linearity is achieved.

-Hyundai ALCAZAR features floor area structural adhesive and use of foam in BIW to reduce structural booming that ensures a quiet and pleasant experience in the cabin.


 -Over 700 CNC machines and more than 500 smart tools in Engine and Transmission shop used to create Petrol & Diesel BS6 engines that produce - power to conquer.

-Hyundai ALCAZAR to be powered by 3rd Gen Nu 2.0 l Petrol BS6 engine (159 PS/19.5 kg.m) and U2 1.5 l Diesel BS6 Engine (115 PS/25.5 kg.m), both offered with 6AT and 6MT transmission options.

-3rd Gen Nu 2.0 l Petrol BS6 engine (6MT) offers acceleration of 0 – 100 km/h in under 10 seconds.

-6-Speed Automatic Transmission offers superior performance and fuel efficiency using a super flat torque converter that reduces losses during acceleration.

-Superior fuel efficiency on 6AT is deliver by application of ball bearings to reduce drag and optimizing oil pump capacity

-U2 1.5 l Diesel BS6 Engine offers best in segment fuel efficiency with both 6MT & 6AT.

-Final Gear Ratio (FGR) of 6-Speed Manual Transmission on U2 1.5 l Diesel BS6 Engine has been optimized for superior performance.

-6MT also features superior shift quality using triple cone synchro and TGS (Transmission Gear Shift) lever stopper.


 -Premium ride-feel for all row occupants, featuring hydraulic rebound stopper in front strut for better rebound control and a plush ride experience.

-Drive mode selection features different steering effort mapping for Eco, City and Sport modes.

-Inherent reliability crafted through technology enabled assembly process for safety and critical parts using 3-stage dynamic tightening.

-Hyundai ALCAZAR is tested on 15 drive tracks for various road driving conditions and manufactured using 89 % Green Energy at HMIL plant in Irungattukottai, Tamil Nadu.

-Full course of Durability testing conducted with GVW condition across hilly terrain, rural and highway roads in hot & dry conditions.


Hyundai India



Topic Spy: ➡️ [IND] Hyundai Alcazar 2021 (Spy)




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1 ora fa, Cole_90 scrive:

Hyundai India presenta Alcazar.... 


....in casi di iperacidità e bruciori allo stomaco...................

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