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Cambio di denominazione e modifiche all’anteriore ed interni per la Még con la coda.

Sarà venduta in 30 paesi, Italia esclusa.






Press Release:

  • The New Renault MÉGANE Sedan adopts a more elegant and refined style.
  • The interior is modernised with 10.2-inch dashboard and 9.3-inch vertical screens integrating the Renault EASY LINK connected multimedia system.
  • Equipped with the latest technologies, it integrates new driving aids for greater serenity and the efficient 1.0 TCe petrol engine.
  • The New Renault MÉGANE Sedan is part of the renewal of the MEGANE family. A real success in Turkey, where it is manufactured, the car will be sold in almost thirty countries* from the beginning of 2021.

Highly appreciated by customers looking for a distinguished saloon in the C segment, the Mégane Sedan has sold 200,000 units since its launch in 2016. Marketed in nearly thirty countries, it contributes to the development of the Renault brand internationally. With a more refined design, the New Mégane Sedan is equipped with the latest technologies for ever greater safety and comfort on the road.  It asserts its style and reinforces its appeal to demanding customers.



Elegant and refined design 

The New Mégane Sedan integrates 100% Pure Vision LED technology, which is more efficient on the road, as well as the emblematic Renault C-Shape light signature (C-Shape).

At the front, it has a new bumper and a new grille incorporating chrome elements. Air deflectors appear at the front of the wheel arches for improved aerodynamics. On its sides, the New Mégane Sedan benefits from a new fender design and door handle lighting.

The New Mégane Sedan is available in seven exterior colours, including the new Highland Grey. New wheels from 16 to 18 inches are also available.

An ergonomic, modernised and comfortable interior

The New Mégane Sedan is equipped with a digital dashboard up to 10.2 inches. It integrates GPS navigation (depending on country) to personalise the driving experience in a very intuitive way.

The dashboard also incorporates (depending on trim level) a new 9.3-inch multimedia screen for a display that is twice as large. This vertical shelf modernises the passenger compartment. With its new Renault EASY LINK connected multimedia system, it offers all the navigation and infotainment features, as well as MULTI-SENSE settings. For greater ergonomics, the driving aid controls are grouped together on the steering wheel and the console controls are more accessible, such as the temperature display.

The New Mégane Sedan is also equipped with an electrochromic borderless interior rear-view mirror and chrome finishes on the air conditioning controls. New upholstery completes the interior. The driver now has an electrically adjustable seat for a more comfortable driving position.

Personalised driving experience

Benefiting from a new, more fluid and intuitive interface, the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system uses the same codes and uses as the smartphone and integrates voice recognition, telephony with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, as well as navigation with Google address search, fuel prices and real-time traffic information. Through the Renault EASY CONNECT offer (depending on the country), the MY Renault smartphone application facilitates new uses of connected mobility both inside and outside the vehicle: vehicle location, door-to-door navigation, etc.

Featuring four driving modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport and MySense - depending on the engine), Renault MULTI-SENSE technology is evolving to make the driving experience even more immersive. New features include improved ergonomics for greater intuitiveness and simplified settings, new ambient colours, and the R-Sound application for engine sound.

The dashboard's digital displays (7 and 10.2 inch) offer a display area that can be customised by widgets, such as fuel consumption in Eco mode and power in Sport mode.

New driving aids to improve safety

The New Mégane Sedan incorporates new driving aids to make driving safer and more pleasant:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go function maintains the distance between the vehicle and the one in front at a certain speed and regulates the vehicle's acceleration and braking.
  • The Active Emergency Braking System is enhanced with pedestrian detection. It maximises safety by alerting the driver to a dangerous situation and can apply the brakes if the driver fails to react.
  • The Rear Cross Traffic Alert detects an approaching obstacle and warns the driver when reversing.

In addition, the Auto-Hold function of the handbrake, which allows the driver to remain stationary with the brake released, has been improved for greater comfort in town. The New Mégane Sedan continues to include aids that ensure safer and more comfortable driving, such as Lane Departure Warning, Drowsiness Alert and Blind Spot Warning.

A range of motorisations enhanced with the 1.0 TCe

The New Mégane Sedan offers a wider range of engines, adapted to the many different customer uses, and compatible with the new regulations set by the Euro 6D FULL standard:

  • In petrol, it offers the all-new 1.0 TCe direct-injection engine in an efficient 115 hp version (with manual transmission) optimised to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The 1.3 TCe engine, equipped with a particulate filter, also remains available in a 140 hp version (with 6-speed manual gearbox and 7-speed EDC double-clutch automatic transmission.
  • In diesel, the 1.5 Blue dCi engine is available in 115 hp version (with 6-speed manual gearbox and 7-speed EDC double-clutch automatic transmission).

Five years after its launch in 2016, Renault is renewing the Mégane Sedan, a prestigious sedan with sleek lines, by improving all the qualities that have made it so successful in terms of driving pleasure and comfort. The New Mégane Sedan offers each customer a personalised driving experience with new technologies such as the Renault EASY LINK system, a refined interior with stylish finishes and a new, more efficient 1.0 TCe petrol engine. The latest-generation driving aids complete the technological offering of The New Mégane Sedan.
Marion Humeau, Mid-size Cars Marketing Director, Groupe Renault.


* Countries where the New Mégane Sedan is marketed: Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.


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12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

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"Italia esclusa"... di fatto la berlina 3 volumi l'ho vista solo in concessionaria. Addirittura oggi ho visto una 5p  e son rimasto sorpreso perché non la ricordavo. Boh, dalle mie parti la vedo solo in versione sw eppure non è male in nessuna delle varianti.

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Nuove foto








12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

🌈 Fai parte della comunità  LGBT+ o vorresti supportarci? 
Iscriviti alla nostra pagina su Instagram: 
@motorpride_it 🌈

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Nella sua categoria, IMHO una delle più riuscite, ma in cinque anni ne avrò viste un paio in tutto... 

Comunque mai capito l'incavo che c'è sul montante C all'altezza del finestrino, volevano montarci un pezzo di plastica nero lucido per chiudere la superfice vetrata?

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      La prima versione Full Hybrid mi pare riuscita, gestione del cambio automatico a parte, da aggiornare.
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