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Audi continua ad aggiornare la sua R8 V10 con la variante Performance a trazione posteriore che adesso eroga 570 cv.
A lei dedicato il Dynamic Steering che rende lo sterzo più reattivo e preciso
















Press Release:



Even more power, even more fun: the true meaning of “performance” at the Audi Sport GmbH. The new R8 V10 performance RWD is available as a Coupé or Spyder with 30 PS extra, a sporty complement to the R8 V10 performance quattro. This rear-wheel drive sports car, with its mid-mounted engine boasting 419 kW (570 PS)23 and new technological highlights such as bucket seats, dynamic steering, CFK stabilizers and ceramic disc brakes, is the embodiment of fun driving.


The Audi R8 V10 performance RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) is the sporty new cutting edge of serial rear-wheel drive sports cars from Audi. “The Audi R8 V10 RWD really struck a chord with customers right from the start with its rear-wheel drive derived from the R8 LMS racecar and its unfiltered dynamics. Now it has 30 PS and 10 newton meters more, taking the driving experience to a whole new level,” says Sebastian Grams, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH. The base versions of both models, the R8 V10 quattro67 and the R8 V10 RWD89 as a Coupé and Spyder, will be replaced by the new performance models. This puts the R8 model range more firmly in the top position.

Top speed of 329 km/h

This mid-mounted engine sports car leaves others in the dust, accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds (3.8 seconds for the Spyder) with a top speed of 329 km/h (327 km/h for the Spyder). The crown jewel of the new R8 is the renowned naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 FSI motor with unparalleled sound, lightning-fast reaction and incredible liveliness. In the R8 V10 performance RWD, the aggregate has an output of 419 kW (570 PS)23 and brings up to 550 newton meters of torque, which it distributes to its rear wheels with its seven-gear S tronic. That’s 10 newton meters more torque than the Audi R8 V10 RWD. A mechanical limited slip differential distributes the torque ideally based on the driving situation, ensuring prime traction even when the roads are wet. As with all R8s, the body is built of aluminum using the Audi Space Frame (ASF) design, with large parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The Coupé version of the R8 V10 performance RWD thus weighs a mere 1590 kilograms, with the Spyder version weighing in at 1695 kilograms.

Controlled drifts are possible

The suspension and driving dynamics are specifically balanced for the rear-wheel drive. When Sport Mode is activated in the Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), the suspension setup and control systems will allow controlled drifts. The electromechanical power steering provides close contact with the road. Dynamic steering, available for the first time for the rear-wheel drive R8, provides even more precise reaction and feedback. This makes driving more dynamic through more direct steering, for example on curvy country roads or when turning. It also increases comfort by making steering easier, such as when parking or maneuvering. The RWD sport suspension is adapted specifically for rear-wheel drive, has double wishbones and a passive differential lock. The axle distribution is 40:60. Extra-light 19 and 20-inch aluminum cast wheels ensure precise handling and lane control in quick turns. Cup wheels in 245/30 R20 up front and 305/30 R20 at the back, are available optionally and provide extra grip and dynamics. An 18-inch high-performance steel braking system with a wave design and an optional 19-inch high-performance ceramic braking system provide the necessary deceleration.

Recognizable design features of the Audi R8 V10 performance quattro

The overly sporty design is inspired by its GT4 siblings. Elements of this include the broad, flat Singleframe radiator grill in matte black with an R8 emblem flanked by large air intakes, the front splitter and rear air outlet grid as well as the oval tailpipes. The slit under the front hood is reminiscent of the legendary Audi Sport quattro. The new R8 is available in ten color options. One of them is Ascari Blue Metallic, a color that was previously only available for the R8 V10 performance quattro45. The “R8 performance” design package boasts an interior with black Alcantara leather, contrast stitching in Mercato Blue and decorative carbon inlays.

Racecar feelings inside 

The tight lines of the design set the tone inside the car as well. Its most eye-catching element is the “Monoposto” – the large, heavily contoured arch that spans the area in front of the driver’s seat and is strongly reminiscent of a racecar cockpit. The “Monoposto” encloses the Audi virtual cockpit with a 12.3-inch screen, which is integrated into a freestanding casing. The R8 leather steering wheel with Multifunction plus offers two or, in the performance version, four control satellites, each for using Audi drive select, to start the engine, to activate Performance Mode and the engine sound as well as to control the Audi virtual cockpit. Drivers and passengers can enjoy the ride in their newly available R8 bucket or sports seats, upholstered in leather and Alcantara. A badge with the RWD emblem shimmers in front of the passenger seat.

Production largely by hand

The R8 V10 performance RWD is built – largely by hand – in the “Böllinger Höfe” plant at the Audi location in Neckarsulm, Germany. This is also the production site of the LMS GT4 racecar, which is derived from the series model and uses roughly 60 percent carryover parts. Approximately 40,000 square meters of production space are used, with up to 1,000 highly qualified employees working in sports car assembly. The rear-wheel drive Audi R8 V10 performance RWD23 can be ordered from October 21. 

In Germany, the base price for the Coupé is €149,000. The Spyder starts at €162,000.



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Sempre considerata un (bel) passo indietro rispetto alla precedente sotto l'aspetto del design...... Come un po' tutte le Audi dell'ultima generazione... l'unica che trovo migliorata rispetto alla "progenitrice" è la Q3...

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42 minuti fa, __P scrive:



In questa foto sembra che siano due auto incollate a formare un (mal riuscito) mashup.

Per chi mastica di pc...pare affetta da tearing :D

E comunque è pur sempre la seconda supercar più brutta in commercio

PETIZIONE 125 in Superstrada e Autostrada

La Desmosedici è una moto difficile, quando dai gas vibra e si muove, ma è una sua prerogativa perchè se non ti fai spaventare vedi che tutto funziona. [Casey Stoner]

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È già configurabile sul sito di Audi, sia in variante Coupé (168.650€) che Roadster (181.950€).


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Well, this is finally the end. Both for Audi's 5.2-liter V-10 screamer—and V-10s in general—as well as its mid-engine R8 supercar. It seems 2023 is the last model year, and this limited-edition R8 GT, which lives among the rest of the R8 coupe and spyder lineup, the last variant.

While that previous cluster of words is enough to sour the mood, the R8 GT will do just the opposite. It's easy to drive, controllable on the throttle. Sweeping through a corner, we could quickly place it right at the limit of the rear end's traction, where adding a touch more power caused the back end to step out. Playfully, never frightfully. We still miss the gated manual from the first-generation R8, but the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic in the GT nevertheless shifts even faster than before. In its most aggressive modes, the ferocious energy of a wide-open-throttle upshift at the 8700-rpm redline reverberates through the carbon-fiber and aluminum monocoque structure.

Audi is selling just 333 GTs worldwide, with 150 coming to the U.S. There will be 50 each in red, gray, and black, which amounts to one for only every other Audi dealer. Each car is labeled with its build number, the sequence sunk beneath the surface of the carbon-fiber center-console trim. We spent a day in southern Spain at Circuito Monteblanco, where Audi had cars 62 through 64 on hand for lapping, plus a few more pre-production units that aren't part of the official count. That's right—the more desirable early-number cars get built later in the production cycle.

Getting the 602-hp state of tune that was previously only available in all-wheel-drive R8s, the GT is 40 horses stronger than the regular rear-drive R8 and the most powerful rear-drive car ever from Audi. Maybe that's why the Quattro brand is really leaning into drifting talk. In fact, the R8 GT is the only R8 to get a new feature called Torque Rear—Audi officials say labeling it drift mode is too iffy from a regulatory perspective—with seven settings of escalating allowability of rear-wheel slip. It's more of a fun mode than a track tool, programmed to allow a goodly amount of wheelspin while making it a bit more difficult for an under-skilled driver to go all Mustang exiting Cars & Coffee. Click the new checkered flag button that's sprouted on the steering wheel and then turn a knob to adjust. Level 1 doesn't allow enough slip for a recognizable drift while Level 7 provides only the lightest touches of power reduction. Unlike Ferrari's Side Slip Angle Control, however, Torque Rear isn't a spin preventer. Ask us how we know.

The GT isn't entirely a parts-bin car, but it does borrow more than a few bits from the existing lineup. The carbon-fiber front anti-roll bar, for instance, is an $1100 option on other R8s. It has exactly the same stiffness as the bar it replaces and saves 4.4 pounds. The GT also gets the shorter gearing from the all-wheel-drive variants, with the third through seventh ratios shorter by 4 to 29 percent, and standard carbon-ceramic brakes and bucket seats, which are part of the $12,900 Dynamic package on other R8s. Forged 20-inch wheels are new for the GT and are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber in the same sizes as the rest of the lineup. European R8 GTs get an optional coil-over suspension that's adjustable for height and damping, but it's not available on U.S. cars. Ours stick to a fixed setup, skipping even the adaptive dampers from the all-wheel-drive variants.

If the GT's $253,290 price seems dear, it's probably because it's $91,895 more than a regular 2023 rear-drive R8 coupe. But after checking all the option boxes that are included on the GT, the premium drops to $53,900. GTs also wear a comprehensive carbon-fiber aero package, including a large, fixed rear wing, front diffuser and canards, and an element behind the rear wheels. U.S. cars come fairly loaded, which is why they're slightly heavier than their Euro counterparts. Standard equipment includes laser headlights, sport exhaust, dynamic steering, a B&O stereo, and carbon-fiber mirror caps, door sills, and side blades. Still, the GT is a claimed 55 pounds lighter than the regular rear-drive R8 and roughly 120 pounds lighter than the all-wheel-drive coupe. Part of the weight loss is a reduction in sound deadening that makes the R8 louder, and U.S. cars are louder still, thanks to the removal of the particulate filters required in the European market. It was hard to get a good read from the Euro-spec cars we drove, as the V-10's sweet escalating melodies were always muffled by a helmet.









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