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Arriva il facelift del Terra, che guadagna una X nel nome (peraltro in nome Xterra era già stato utilizzato in America in passato).

Variante SUV del Navara, viene equipaggiato con 7 posti ed un 2.5 benzina da 165 hp. Le variant 4WD offrono differenziale posteriore autobloccante e anteriore a slittamento limitato.


















Press Release:



DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Solidifying its strong presence in the SUV market, Nissan today unveiled the all-new Nissan X-Terra 2021 in the Middle East. Launched via a virtual event, the tough yet sophisticated vehicle promises to be an ideal partner for customers seeking exciting outdoor adventures.

The launch also takes forward the Nissan Next transformation journey, which began earlier this year with the global launch of the Nissan Ariya and continued with the unveil of the Nissan Z Proto in September.

Built on 70 years of unmatched Nissan SUV expertise, the all-new Nissan X-Terra 2021 reflects the evolution of four-wheel adventure travel and a growing consumer desire for connection. It effortlessly combines impressive strength with bold new design and built-for-comfort roominess. Underlining this is breakthrough engineering and a suite of cutting-edge Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM) technologies to offer a superior driving experience and adventure-ready confidence for drivers to explore new places.

Thierry Sabbagh, Managing Director, Nissan Middle East said: "At Nissan, we understand the value our customers place on staying connected to the people and places that matter to them – and we are committed to continue driving innovation within our SUV experiences. The all-new Nissan X-Terra 2021 is designed for adventures, with a roomy interior and advanced technologies to ensure safety and comfort, and empowers customers go anywhere, beyond boundaries.”

The all-new X-Terra delivers a robust four-wheel drive system, including a four-wheel lock, brake limited slip differential and electronic locking rear differential – while leading the class in interior room and comfort.

The SUV’s rugged frame facilitates its durability and practicality, while the future-forward aesthetics are exhibited in the quad LED projector lamps and a bold new V-motion grille. The revised rear and new LED taillights add to the all-new X-Terra’s athletic look, reflecting the Nissan Design team’s dynamic and modern philosophy.

"The all-new X-Terra demonstrates how sophistication and ruggedness can co-exist. We are proud to build a product that offers customers best-in-class riding comfort while also creating a relaxed and quiet setting for togetherness. We believe it will redefine what an SUV in this segment can do, and we are delighted to expand the realm of possibilities for our customers,” Sabbagh continued.

A Design for Today’s Adventures

"The all-new Nissan X-Terra 2021 is a catalyst for new experiences, allowing our customers to connect with the people in their lives, and to confidently ‘Go Anywhere’ together,” explains Ken Lee, Senior Design Director for pickups and frame SUVs. "It addresses a variety of customer needs and all types of terrains as it is both good for city use, and great for an adventure with family and friends. Developed in line with the "unbreakable” frame vehicles design philosophy, it combines masculine solidity with sleek and modern execution.”

The styling of the all-new X-Terra was developed at the Global Design studio in Japan. Nissan designers work for various projects side by side allowing them to inspire one another. At 4.9m in length, 1.9m in height and just over 2.1m in width – with a ground clearance of 243 mm – the X-Terra looks right at home next to its bigger sibling, the Patrol, and borrows some design elements.

The front face resembles the Patrol with the powerful new V-motion grill, with its thick frame contrasting with the refined horizontal chrome bars within.

The proportions of the all-new X-Terra are strong and bold. The hood is tall and horizontal, the body is muscular, and the driver sits up high for a commanding road presence.

The overall image is imposing and rugged, but designers have also added expressions of sophistication and technology. This is underlined by the unique C-shaped LED signature headlamps, similar to those of the Patrol, but evolved and interpreted in a new way for the all-new X-Terra. The quad LED projector lamps, like ice-cubes, have a high-tech vibe. Each one is intricately framed in its own bezel, showing off an attention to detail.

The front bumper with its unique layers overlapping each other creates an overall protected, yet sophisticated feeling. Combined with sleek, high tech headlamps and a powerful grill creates a distinctive front face that looks tough, modern, and upscale.

In the rear, the width of the vehicle is highlighted by the strong horizontal movement of the tail lamps. The wide LED signature rear lamps and the characteristic chrome center finisher further emphasize its strength and width. Like its Patrol sibling, the rear bumper uses squared-off shapes to show that the all-new X-Terra is well protected.

Taking a closer look at the wheels, the titanium grade models will come equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, while the platinum grade will come with a set of 18-inch machine cut alloys. Chrome side steps and a chrome auto folding mirrors complement the overall look, alongside the fender vent and smart roof rail.

The all-new X-Terra will be available in seven exterior colors, including bright brown and burgundy. The upscale exterior is matched by premium black and light grey interior colors that add to the richness of the vehicle, along with a choice of cloth or leather seat fabrics, depending on the grade.

The instrument panel has a full-width horizontal design, with its movement stretching from door to door to emphasize the spaciousness of the cabin. The shapes are bold and strong yet finished in comfortable soft-touch materials. The big 9-inch intuitive touch-screen display screen dominates the center, with big, user-friendly dial controls for audio and ventilation functions while the layering of the different materials, including the dynamic silver finisher, adds an extra level of sophistication.

Go Anywhere Capability

While it was important to make the all-new Nissan X-Terra look rugged, it was vital that the capability underneath the skin lived up to its design. It is indeed the most capable in its class in a number of categories including acceleration, while achieving a competitive fuel economy of 11.4km/L.

The all-new X-Terra is equipped with a versatile ladder-frame chassis, reinforced to give it greater rigidity for an authentic off-road drive. It also features a five-link coil spring rear suspension system and rigid rear-wheel axle, ensuring that comfort and convenience are not compromised by its strength and durability.

Powering the all-new X-Terra is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a seven-speed automatic transmission. The petrol engines deliver 124kW /165 hp and 241Nm of torque that ensures an exciting drive of speed and acceleration.

The SUV also features a dial on the system that allows drivers to quickly shift from two-wheel drive to a 4x4 drive – providing maximum fuel efficiency on the highway to confidence and control during adverse weather conditions.

To give you full control and maximum confidence, a number of features have been included in the all-new X-Terra including Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control.
Additional Smart features like Brake Limited Slip Differential, and Electronic Locking Rear Differential will give drivers the courage to start any adventure.

Sophisticated, Tech-Forward Interior

Having a strong and dependable SUV doesn’t mean passengers miss out on comfort and modern features. From the Zero Gravity seats to the stadium seat layout of the second and third row, families and large groups can ride comfortably with best in class interior volume.

The first-class treatment continues with individual climate controls for each row to help passengers always stay cool, along with the subtle glow of ambient lighting. At high speeds, the cabin stays quiet thanks to significant sound deadening efforts around the engine compartment, while wind and road noise is kept in check due to acoustic glass on both the windshield and side windows.

It was also important to make it as easy as possible for young and old alike to get in and out of the rear seats with a remote fold-down second row feature, while the third row has a single action fold-down to easily convert to more cargo space.

The all-new X-Terra’s 60/40 split-folding second row and a 50/50 split third row give plenty of cargo-carrying options, while folded-down second and third rows creates a completely flat cargo floor.

Drivers are treated to an upscale center console and dashboard with brilliant displays. A 7-inch TFT Meter is located in the center of the instrument cluster and allows for access to navigation, audio, car settings and five other information screens including an off-road meter that helps the driver quickly see the tilt of the vehicle and tire angle. The TFT also displays English and Arabic languages. Across the region, an 8-inch center display screen and infotainment system are standard for the Titanium grade, while a 9-inch infotainment system with navigation is available for the Platinum grade.

The all-new X-Terra provides seamless connectivity to your smartphone, equipped with go-to apps such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Passengers can keep all their gadgets powered up with wireless charging as well as USB ports including USB-C. Additionally, NissanConnect brings Bluetooth, navigation, voice recognition and more to the driving experience, while the Bose Premium Audio System takes advantage of the unique interior acoustics of the X-Terra to provide every passenger with the ultimate listening experience.

An Intelligent Rearview Mirror is a class-first for the all-new X-Terra. A camera system creates an uninterrupted view of behind the vehicle to reduce stress for the driver when reversing, no matter how many passengers or how much cargo is taking up space inside the vehicle.

The ever-resourceful all-new X-Terra is also packed with features to keep the entire family entertained for hours. An optional 11-inch flip down monitor turns long road trips into a premium movie theatre, with HDMI connectivity to mirror your smartphone.


A number of active safety systems in the all-new Nissan X-Terra also make it stand apart from the competition. Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Intelligent Driver Alertness and Intelligent Emergency Braking are all available for the vehicle’s Platinum grade.

These features tell the driver when there is a possible danger — chiming when they stray out of their lane or when another car is in their blind spot or approaching while the vehicle is reversing. They also help to actively prevent issues by braking the vehicle when a possible collision is detected while driving.

Nissan’s Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection is another class-exclusive feature in the all-new X-Terra. It gives a bird’s-eye view of the X-Terra’s surroundings which is perfect for backing up and parallel parking and to determine any moving objects.

These advanced safety features along with the all-new X-Terra’s on-and off-road capability, comfort and the latest technology are a perfect match for today’s adventure-seeking SUV buyers.

Additional accessories available to purchase with the all-new X-Terra include an air purifier, welcome light, LED seat belt indicators, rear seat entertainment system, blind spot detection, door visor, trunk net and exhaust pipe finisher.

The all-new Nissan X-Terra 2021 goes on sale across the Middle East from December 2020 at a starting price of $27,200 exclusive of VAT. Prices will vary from market to market.

For more information about our products, services and commitment to sustainable mobility, visit Nissan AMI. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and see all our latest videos on YouTube.


Nissan Middle East



[ME] sta per Middle-East; fatto sta che X-Terra sarà venduto anche in Thailandia e compagnia andante.


Al primo che fa una battuta sul nome infliggo pene corporali. 😡🤣




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12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

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Per caso temi che @Tommy99 dica qualcosa?

Comunque dai, per il tipo di mezzo ci sta anche. Dentro non è molto originale, mi aspettavo qualcosa di più utilitaristico ma capisco che voglia fare "la stradale".

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Fai parte della comunità LGBT+ o vorresti supportarci?

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1 ora fa, Tommy99 scrive:

@Cole_90 intendevi...TUTTI GIÙ X TERRA?!

@aboutdas ❤️


Ecco qua, scontato quanto una borsa di Michael Kors. 😂



@J-Gian pretendo --> 😡 <-- tra le reazioni!  Prometto di farne un buon uso perenne.



Tornando alla Nissan, mai piaciuta la Terra: preferisco Ford Everest e Mitsubishi Pajero Sport mentre mu-X di Isuzu devo ancora capirlo.


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12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

🌈 Fai parte della comunità  LGBT+ o vorresti supportarci? 
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Io adoro le versioni chiuse dei pick-up, e questa mi sembra molto interessante, seppur si discosta un po' troppo dal design dell'originale secondo me.


Questi, se li importassero anche da noi, farebbero faville nel mercato specifico che ormai è a corto di queste robe, e la gente campa con il solo mercato dell'usato. Mah, strane strategie di marketing che ci hanno portato a questa situazione...


Questa credo arriverà anche in Messico e forse in qualche paese minore del Sud America.

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23 minuti fa, Renault scrive:

Io adoro le versioni chiuse dei pick-up, e questa mi sembra molto interessante, seppur si discosta un po' troppo dal design dell'originale secondo me.


Questi, se li importassero anche da noi, farebbero faville nel mercato specifico che ormai è a corto di queste robe, e la gente campa con il solo mercato dell'usato. Mah, strane strategie di marketing che ci hanno portato a questa situazione...


Questa credo arriverà anche in Messico e forse in qualche paese minore del Sud America.

Ma infatti a 35/40 mila euro da noi poteva essere veramente un gradito ritorno dei fuoristrada Nissan! 

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