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Karoq cambia in modo consistente fuori con nuovi fari a matrice di LED, calandra più massiccia, nuovi paraurti ed un posteriore totalment rinnovato.

Dentro materiali ecosostenibili per selleria e plancia, nuovo schermo infotainment da 9.2” e strumentazione digitale da 8” o 10.25”.

Tanti nuovi ADAS ma ancora nessun motore mild hybrid.

Rimangono quindi gli 1.0 TSI, 1.5 TSI (anche DSG), 2.0 TSI DSG anche 4x4 , 2.0 TDI con due step di potenza e possibilità di cambio automatico e trazione integrale.


























Karoq Sportline


2022-Skoda-Karoq-Sportline-1 (2).jpg































Press Release:





The innovated KAROQ brings a number of significant improvements. From the design, the more comfortable and modern interior, sustainable materials, new technologies and fuel-efficient engines, to cutting-edge safety assistants and connectivity.

30. 11. 2021

The carmaker ŠKODA continues to upgrade its SUV models. The compact KAROQ, ŠKODA’s bestselling SUV, has now been endowed with new technologies and new looks, following in the footsteps of the Czech brand’s largest SUV, the KODIAQ.

“With more than 500,000 units sold, the KAROQ is one of the pillars of ŠKODA’s success. To maintain this trend, the car has been carefully modernised. The updated version has a new design, improved aerodynamics and modern assistance and infotainment systems. I am convinced that with this mix of features we will build on the ŠKODA KAROQ’s success to date,” says ŠKODA CEO Thomas Schäfer.

A new face

The new face of the KAROQ is a visible change at first glance. As with the ŠKODA KODIAQ, this represents an evolutionary shift in ŠKODA’s design language. “The modernised KAROQ now has a more confident look. The wider, hexagonal radiator grille and new front bumper make the front looks more muscular. The new layout of narrower LED headlights gives it a more dynamic look. The dynamic look of the rear is accentuated by the design of the new taillights. And the new roof spoiler visually elongates the car’s silhouette,” says chief designer Oliver Stefani.
Thanks to the new front and the wider, hexagonal radiator grille, the ŠKODA KAROQ now has a more rugged appearance. The headlights, narrower than those of its predecessor, have a new layout and are also available for the first time in an LED Matrix version. A number of other elements have also been changed: particularly the bumpers, but also the rear spoiler on top of the fifth door. The new front bumper is now the same colour as the rest of the car. At the bumper’s base is a wide inlet with the crystalline mesh structure on the sides, bordered by an L-shaped design feature drawing attention to the active vents by the front wheels. The taillights also have a new slimmer look, and the rear bumper also has the same paint finish as the body. Incidentally, the KAROQ will be available in a total of nine colours, two of which – Phoenix orange metallic and Graphite grey metallic – are completely new for this car.

The spoiler on the fifth door has been elongated, which smoothens out the car’s silhouette while helping to improve aerodynamics in conjunction with other modifications. This makes the KAROQ one of the most aerodynamic cars in its segment. Not surprisingly, as the engineers also redesigned the alloy wheels. These are again aerodynamically optimised, and in two cases can be fitted with special covers that improve airflow even further. All this helps to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. 

Environmentally friendly materials and engines

Improved environmental credentials was one of the key objectives for the designers of the innovated KAROQ. Consequently, under the bonnet of the ŠKODA KAROQ you will find one of five modern, fuel-efficient engines of the Evo generation: the turbocharged TSI petrol units with a capacity of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 litres (delivering 81, 110 and 140 kW respectively) or two versions of the two-litre 2.0 TDI turbodiesel (85 and 110 kW). The petrol engines use a special solution to reduce internal friction, while the 1.5 TSI engine also features cylinder deactivation. 

In the diesels, the redesigned crankshaft is one feature that helps to reduce consumption, while the key to low pollutant emissions, including the all-important nitrogen oxide emissions, is an upgraded exhaust gas treatment system using “selective catalytic reduction”. In a process called Twin Dosing, AdBlue® is used to reduce pollutants, keeping NOx emissions well below the required standard. Again, customers can choose from a range of manual transmissions and dual-clutch DSG automatics, with all-wheel drive also available (4 × 4 and DSG come as standard on the 2.0 TSI).

The KAROQ’s interior design, which uses more environmentally friendly materials, also contributes to reducing its environmental footprint. The optional ECO fabric upholstery, which uses recycled and recyclable materials of non-animal origin to upholster the seats and other areas, takes this idea furthest. “One major innovation is the new ECO fabric, which uses vegan, partially recycled and recyclable materials. The seat cover is made from recycled PET bottles,” says Oliver Stefani.

New material combinations and new equipment features, such as the optional electrically operated passenger seat with memory, make the new KAROQ’s interior a very welcoming and comfortable place. Needless to say, the spaciousness of its predecessor is retained, including a boot with a capacity of up to 521 litres.

Connectivity and modern assist systems

The new ŠKODA KAROQ also features a host of safety features and driving assistants, and the car can also be fitted with the state-of-the-art Travel Assist package, which substantially boosts convenience on long journeys. All the advanced technologies, including the urban emergency braking system, predictive cruise control, lane assist and other solutions are designed to minimise the likelihood of potential collisions. In the event of an accident, however, up to nine airbags and the “multi-collision” braking system, which immobilises the car after an accident and prevents further uncontrolled movement, will protect the occupants. 

Proactive occupant protection is also available. If the radar located in the front of the car detects a crash hazard or hard braking, the system automatically closes the open windows or panoramic roof, activates the hazard lights and tightens the front seat belts.

The driver is assisted by an innovative on-board system. The KAROQ now comes with the Virtual Cockpit mini with an eight-inch display as standard; a 10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit with a wider range of functions is available as an option. There are also three different infotainment levels with displays ranging from 8 to 9.2 inches. Of course, there are also connectivity functions, especially in the higher infotainment levels, or the Laura digital assistant, which understands a total of fifteen languages.

Sporty range-topper

The updated KAROQ also comes in a sporty top-of-the-range version. Called KAROQ SPORTLINE, its many distinctive features, including sporty alloy wheels of up to 20 inches and a number of black painted details such as the radiator grille, window trims, longitudinal roof rails and exterior mirror caps, make it unmistakable. Exclusive to the SPORTLINE model is the top-of-the-range 2.0 TSI power unit with 140 kW, which is always paired with a DSG automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

The KAROQ SPORTLINE also boasts a distinctive interior with a wealth of equipment and sports seats upholstered in breathable ThermoFlux material. The seats have integrated head restraints, and the car comes with a three-spoke sports steering wheel and many other sporty details.



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12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

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Sono perfettamente d'accordo con @Tommy99, qui sembra che invece di andare avanti si va indietro. La stessa cosa l'hanno fatta con Kodiaq facelift e nuova Fabia, davvero non si capisce il senso di avere in casa motori mild hybrid (che qualcuno continuerà a definire motori-truffa, ma almeno danno qualche vantaggio sul piano fiscale, oltre che nello spunto da fermo) e poi montarli solo sulla Octavia. Mah, valli a capire...

Lo stesso dicasi per il selettore del cambio shift-by-wire, di cui anche qui non vi è traccia.

Anche a livello estetico si poteva fare uno sforzettino in più, sia fuori che dentro

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Il selettore cambio by wire io personalmente lo trovo un minus, non un plus.

Se ti si scarica la batteria devi smontare mezza macchina per levare il blocco parcheggio. Mentre con la classica leva è meccanico e lo togli lo stesso.

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Some critics have complained that the 4C lacks luxury. To me, complaining about lack of luxury in a sports car is akin to complaining that a supermodel lacks a mustache.

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Sempre noiosa e forse pure peggiorata. Quel faro dietro grida vendetta a causa della mancata modifica del portellone. Risulta ora palese la strategia del gruppo VW. Dare motori moderni solo ai brand nobili del gruppo e relegare alla preistoria tutti gli altri. Maggior guadagno e minor spesa...

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Secondo me migliora notevolmente, la trovo più centrata e meno incompiuta stilisticamente.

Non sarebbe comunque la mia scelta nel segmento.


Pensando, poi, che abbia sostituito la simpatica Yeti mi viene quasi da urlare.

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12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

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... un brutto scatolone era è un brutto scatolone rimane.

Il mild... è un bene che non lo montino... almeno non si diffonde troppo e, almeno, chi guida un ibrido vero, potrà godere ancora per un po' dei pochi benefici fiscali.

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...perchè solo coloro che sono abbastanza folli da pensare di poter cambiare il mondo...lo cambiano davvero.

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Per me invece è una buona rinfrescata, non stravolge e accontenta sia i nuovi acquirenti sia chi l'ha comprata da poco. La plancia ha un'impostazione molto classica... può dividere in questi tempi di mani tablet appoggiati.

Ps. Più che elettrificata dovevano gasarla...

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