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Debutta la seconda generazione della Niro al Salone di Seoul per ora nelle versioni full hybrid (la verdina) ed elettrica (bianca), più avanti sarà disponibile la PHEV.




  • The all-new Kia Niro facilitates another step toward a more sustainable future
  • Refreshed exterior with wide rear pillar, simple lines and transformed tiger face
  • Innovative interior features and sustainable materials
  • 'Greenzone Drive Mode' technology integrates sustainability into daily life

Kia Corporation has revealed the all-new Niro today for the first time at the 2021 Seoul Mobility Show, which aims to make sustainable mobility accessible for everyone. 

The all-new Niro embodies Kia's commitment to building a more sustainable future. As an integral part of Kia's growing eco-friendly line up, the new model will appeal to the complex needs of sustainability-conscious consumers.

"Kia continues to take steps towards a more sustainable future, inviting everyone to join the movement into the new mobility era," said Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia. "The all-new Kia Niro makes it simple to practice a sustainable lifestyle with its eco-friendly materials, advanced technology and electric powertrains while it also fulfills the practical needs of customers."

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the all-new Niro has been developed under the company's Opposites United design philosophy, fulfilling 'Joy for Reason' ethos. It takes inspiration from nature in design and the choice of color, material, and finish to strike a perfect balance between an environmentally responsible approach and a future-oriented outlook.

The strong influence of the 2019 Habaniro concept is evident in Niro's exterior design with its stylish and bold crossover looks and high-tech two tone body. A wide pillar at the rear enhances air flow to improve aerodynamics and blends into the boomerang-shaped rear taillights. 

Kia's signature 'tiger face' has been transformed for the all-new Niro and now extends from the hood, right through to the rugged fender below. The contemporary front design is finished with striking 'heartbeat' LED DRL (daytime running lights) which create confidence and a striking look on the road. 

The unique vertical taillight design highlights aerodynamics and technology. It traces the vehicle's wide and stable stance with its strong shoulders and upright windows. The rear design of Niro blends simple surface treatments with dynamic sections to emphasize modernity and provide another point of attraction for consumers.

Efficient aerodynamics and sustainable materials are united through the cohesive design. This perfect combination offers roominess and a SUV look. Furthermore, Kia introduces the 'Greenzone Drive Mode' which automatically transfers the (P)HEV into EV drive mode to meet the demand for sustainable mobility solutions. When driving in green zones such as residential areas, or nearby schools and hospitals, the vehicle automatically uses electric power based on navigation cues and driving history data. It also recognizes a driver's favorite places, including home and office registered in the navigation system as a green zone.

As a clear statement of Kia's commitment to sustainability and an indication of future model development, the all-new Kia Niro showcases new recycled materials inside the cabin. The headlining is made from recycled wallpaper, the seats are made from Bio PU with Tencel from eucalyptus leaves, and BTX* free paint is used on the door panels to minimize the impact on the environment and reduce waste. 

The off-center dash curves around the front occupants with horizontal and diagonal lines opposing each other to create a calming, yet irregular aesthetic. The stylish center-console is easy to operate and features the electronic dial-type shift lever. It is positioned on the wide high-gloss black surface for a simple andmodern look. The audio-visual screen and air vents are incorporated within the diagonal gaps of the modern dash design, while ambient mood lighting heightens the senses and creates a welcoming interior. 

The slim, contemporary seats enhance roominess, comfort and style by applying a high-tech lightweight seat mechanism. The headrests' back cover incorporates a convenient coat hanger, while the slim dimensions of the headrest helps to increase the feeling of space.

The all-new Niro will be on display at the Seoul Mobility Show from November 25 to December 5. It will be available with HEV, PHEV and EV powertrains starting from next year.

*BTX free paint is a water-based paint which is free from benzene, toluene, and xylene isomers.



Foto Press









Foto live da Seoul









Sketch ufficiali  
















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Interni molto belli come sulla EV6. 

Mi lascia perplesso la lama a contrasto al posteriore. 


Ricordatemi, questa è su base completamente nuova o evoluzione della precedente? La zona attacco montante anteriore e muso mi ricordano il modello uscente. 

"Qualche emiro che compra una Ferrari lo troverò sempre. Ma se il ceto medio finisce in miseria, chi mi comprerà le Panda?"

Sergio Marchionne


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Ero preoccupatissimo e invece mi colpisce in positivo! 
Ben fatto

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12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

🌈 Fai parte della comunità  LGBT+ o vorresti supportarci? 
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@motorpride_it 🌈

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12 minuti fa, MotorPassion scrive:

Interni molto belli come sulla EV6. 

Mi lascia perplesso la lama a contrasto al posteriore. 


Ricordatemi, questa è su base completamente nuova o evoluzione della precedente? La zona attacco montante anteriore e muso mi ricordano il modello uscente. 

È una evoluzione della precedente  

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buone proporzioni

dietro finalmente qualcuno si è accorto che i fari verticali se ben fatti permettono soluzioni interessanti

il montante C scuro su carrozzeria chiara mi lascia perplesso, visivamente abbassa la coda


Volante copiato supinamente dai soliti tedeschi:






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Madonna ragazzi, chapeau davvero!

HabaNiro Concept era uno dei miei lavori preferiti e sono contento di averlo visto ben trasposto in un’auto di serie.

Ceed nel dimenticatoio

12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

🌈 Fai parte della comunità  LGBT+ o vorresti supportarci? 
Iscriviti alla nostra pagina su Instagram: 
@motorpride_it 🌈

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