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Dacia Sandero e Sandero Stepway debuttano su piattaforma CMF-B, con dimensioni maggiorate rispetto alla precedenza generazione.

Segnalo l'assenza di motorizzazioni diesel o MHEV e la conferma del GPL Eco-G.

I motori saranno il 1.0 SCe da 65 cv, il 1.0 TCe da 90 cv (anche CVT) e il 1.0 ECO-G da 100 cv.

Tra le varie "prime" anche uno stile dedicato per il frontale della Stepway e il debutto del tettuccio apribile.

Particolari le scelte per l'infotainment interno, disponibile sia con collegamento diretto al proprio smartphone che con l'ormai diffuso tablet per gli allestimenti più ricchi.









































2021-Dacia-Sandero-14 (1).jpg

















Sandero Stepway










































Press Release:



The exterior design of the All-new Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan is completely new.

With its pronounced shoulders and wheel arches, New Sandero exudes a strong personality and an impression of robustness. Its overall proportions have been redesigned to perpetuate the equation of its success: a contained exterior size and even greater roominess, for even greater versatility. The overall line is more fluid thanks to a more sloping windshield, a lower roofline and a radio antenna placed at the rear. The ground clearance is unchanged, but with its wider tracks and flush wheels, New Sandero feels lower, more planted on its sills.

All-new Sandero Stepway is immediately recognizable at the front with its unique ribbed and more domed bonnet. It adopts the design codes of the crossover world with raised ground clearance, logoted roof bars, large wheel arch wideners and reinforced door bottoms with specific texture. In addition to, the chrome Stepway logo under the front grille and the curved fenders above the fog lights. The front and rear bumpers include a body-coloured metal skid plate designed to protect the original colour from everyday scratches.

The Dacia spirit also includes useful and necessary innovations, such as the All-new Sandero Stepway modular roof bars, designed from the outset to be transformed into a roof rack. Cleverly designed, easy to use and offered as standard.

The All-new Logan’s brand-new design is smoother, with an overall increase of 3.6 cm in length, a longer wheelbase and a reduced rear overhang. It has a slimmer shape, featuring a more sloping windscreen and a roof lowered by one centimetre. The flowing roofline, radio aerial placed at the rear and the slightly smaller side windows give a more dynamic look to the overall design. Some features are like those of the New Sandero, such as the Y-shaped LED light signature, the flush-mounted wheels and the high-quality design of certain aspects (such as the door handles).

On all three models, the front and rear lights unveil Dacia’s new Y-shaped LED light signature, giving the All- New Sandero a strong identity. A horizontal line joins the two lights both at the front and rear and extends into their respective LED lines, giving the car a greater visual presence. The LED headlights, offered as a standard automatic feature at all trim levels, increase night-time visibility.


The interior takes a leap forward in every respect. The all-new dashboard becomes even more ergonomic and features new materials for a more modern and qualitative overall ambience that is also found on the doors and upholstery.

A more ergonomic driving position thanks to a new seat design and multiple seat and steering wheel adjustments for greater comfort. Dacia is also offering a new Media Control system that allows users to manage radio, telecommunications and navigation directly on their smartphone, which is mounted on a special bracket at the top of the dashboard.  This system, fitted on the first trim levels, is completed by the Media Display and Media Nav, this time with a specific screen on the center console.

Without forgetting the historical strong point of these 3 models: a record roominess in a contained template. While the exterior dimensions have been maintained, interior roominess, trunk volume and storage space have been further improved in the All-new Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan.


Thanks to the CMF modular platform, All-new Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan integrate a reinforced structure for increased safety, complete with 6 standard airbags. The new electronic architecture makes it possible to integrate new driving aids, including AEB (Emergency Brake Assist) and eCall as standard.



Thanks to this new modular platform, All-new Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan incorporate more efficient engines, more efficient aerodynamics, a streamlined underbody and low weight to combine greater driving pleasure with reduced emissions and fuel consumption. The exclusively gasoline-powered range of engines features a new CVT gearbox for a new two-pedal offering, as well as the ECO-G gasoline/LPG bi-fuel system, a simple, reliable and economical solution.

All-new Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan are a perfect continuation of the successful saga. For an unbeatable price, they offer more than ever access to the best value-for-money car on the market.



The new modular CMF platform of the All-New Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan enables three major improvements. The first is acoustic: with a lighter and stiffer cradle, front block and body structure, vibrations are reduced. The second concerns the ground connections: the widening of the tracks by 41 millimeters on the Sandero and 29 millimeters on the Sandero Stepway respectively improves handling and road behaviour. The last concerns passive and active safety, with the integration of the latest generation of driving driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

On the undercarriage side, new shock and spring settings enable the All-New Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan to turn flat without rolling. These settings offer real driving pleasure on twisty roads while preserving comfort.

The steering, now 100% electric, offers 36% less effort compared to the previous Sandero. In addition, it is equipped with variable assistance according to vehicle speed, offering both a precise feeling of the front axle, which ensures better handling on the highway, and ease of maneuvering when parking, for example.


All the engines available on the All-New Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan comply with the new Euro 6DFull standard. They are coupled with two new, lighter gearboxes incorporating the latest mechanical developments in terms of friction: a 6-speed manual gearbox and a CVT-type automatic.

On the manual gearbox, the gear ratios have been improved to maintain a satisfactory level of torque over the entire range of use. On the 6th gear, they have been extended to obtain improved fuel consumption on motorways.

In order to improve fuel consumption, the car's aerodynamics have been improved particularly on the body (leaking roof line and roof lowered by 10 mm) and under the chassis (under-chassis fairings and front controlled flaps). The air penetration coefficient (called SCx) has increased by 8 to 10%.

The engines, new gearboxes, aerodynamic improvements, friction reductions (brake, rolling and tires) and reduced power consumption (LED headlights, high-efficiency alternator) of the All-New Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan have reduced fuel consumption by at least 6%, while offering more pleasure and identical performance.


To ensure that the pleasure aboard the All-New Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan is shared by all occupants, special care has been taken with the acoustics and the treatment of aerodynamic noise. Thanks to the rigidity of the CMF platform, the transmission of solid vibrations into the cabin has been reduced, reducing hum by an average of 3 to 4 dB.

Airborne noise perceptible from the cabin has been reduced using ‘framed’ doors (eliminating cavities between the doors and the body) and redesigned mirrors with a seal at their base.

Vehicle insulation has been improved by increasing the absorbent surfaces in the engine compartment from 12% to 48% and by reducing acoustic leakage.

In the passenger compartment, for example, background noise has been reduced by 3 to 5 dB between 50 km/h and 130 km/h.







PDF Cartella Stampa: ➡️5fb54eb227f8df383f106f62.pdf


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Foto high-res + cartella stampa
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Salto quantico per Dacia. Le loro vere auto iniziano da qui

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7 minuti fa, ROBERTAYLOR scrive:

Pianale della Clio ultima generazione? Dalla larghezza direi di sì e dai 3/4 posteriori direi che assomiglia parecchio alla penultima Clio. Non male.


Si, il pianale è quello nuovo di Clio/Captur. 


Mi sbilancio e già dico che sarà un successo di vendite, da capire il prezzo.

La base meccanica è moderna, quindi il "risparmio" sarà nelle finiture, lamierati ecc...

Per chi cerca un'auto di sostanza a buon prezzo Dacia penso che manterrà forte il suo bacino di clienti.

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26 minuti fa, gpat scrive:

Salto quantico per Dacia. Le loro vere auto iniziano da qui

Diciamo che per 15 anni hanno spremuto la stesso prodotto (Logan) che per il suo rapporto qualità prezzo offerto è stata abbastanza indovinata. Ora sono passati ad uno step successivo, ossia cercare di sostituire le Renault di fascia bassa (vedi Clio), questa Sandero di sicuro non farà rimpiangere troppo come qualità la Clio IV e se seguiranno un buon processo di crescita potrebbe perfino avvicinarsi abbastanza alla Clio odierna.


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10 minuti fa, nucarote scrive:

Diciamo che per 15 anni hanno spremuto la stesso prodotto (Logan) che per il suo rapporto qualità prezzo offerto è stata abbastanza indovinata. Ora sono passati ad uno step successivo, ossia cercare di sostituire le Renault di fascia bassa (vedi Clio), questa Sandero di sicuro non farà rimpiangere troppo come qualità la Clio IV e se seguiranno un buon processo di crescita potrebbe perfino avvicinarsi abbastanza alla Clio odierna.



Che, vista la bassa marginalità di Dacia, non so quanto sia buono...

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