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Ecco la Nissan Sakura EV 2022, la prima keicar del marchio giapponese. Mossa da un unico motore elettrico che produce 47 kW / 64 CV e una coppia di 195 Nm ha tre modalità di guida, Eco, Standard e Sport, mentre la velocità massima è limitata a 130 km/h. Presente anche l'e-Pedal Step per la guida a un pedale.


La batteria a pavimento è piuttosto piccola con una capacità di 20 kWh, sufficiente per 180 km di autonomia WLTC. Può anche fungere da fonte di alimentazione mobile durante le emergenze.







Press Release:



YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan today unveiled the all-new Sakura electric minivehicle in Japan. Sales of the newest addition to Nissan’s EV lineup are scheduled to start in the market this summer.


Named after the iconic Japanese cherry blossom, the Sakura’s affordable price provides more consumer choice in the EV market. Nissan Executive Vice President Asako Hoshino says: “The all-new Sakura follows the LEAF and Ariya as a mass-market EV. We believe it will be a gamechanger for the Japanese market and will make EVs much more accessible to customers in Japan.”

The Sakura EV takes the minivehicle class to the next level. Its nimble handling and 4.8 meter turning radius allows drivers to execute sharp maneuvers with ease. Despite its size, the Sakura has a spacious interior and an ample driving range, making it perfect for daily driving needs such as commuting and shopping. It also features ProPILOT Park*1, an automated system designed to make parking easier and driving more pleasurable.

Powerful, smooth driving performance
The Sakura features the instant, smooth power and quietness that are the hallmarks of EVs. Equipped with advanced control technology and a motor producing 47 kW and 195 Nm of torque, the Sakura’s quick and steady acceleration makes merging on highways effortless. Meanwhile, the technology Nissan has cultivated through its development of the LEAF over more than a decade has enabled the Sakura to have the highest level*1 of cabin quietness in the minivehicle class.

Three drive modes — Eco, Standard and Sport — provide optimal performance for different situations. Using e-Pedal Step, the driver can decelerate smoothly and steadily by easing off the accelerator pedal — an action that also charges the battery through regenerative braking. The Sakura’s speed can be modulated using just the accelerator pedal. This makes driving more enjoyable on city streets, where repeated acceleration and deceleration are necessary, and on snow-covered roads that require smooth deceleration.

In addition, the Sakura’s low center of gravity enhances stability and offers superior ride comfort over uneven road surfaces.

State-of-the-art e-powertrain
The Sakura is equipped with a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery that has a track record of performance and reliability in the LEAF. Thanks to the special stacking method of its cells, the battery is compact, allowing the Sakura to have a spacious interior. Yet it offers a range of up to 180 km (based on WLTC Japan cycle), making it perfect for daily use. The battery can also be used as a mobile power source during emergencies and provide a day’s worth of electricity to a home.*2

Advanced driving systems — a first for minivehicles
In addition to the ProPILOT driver assistance system*3, the Sakura is equipped with the ProPILOT Park system — a minivehicle first. ProPILOT Park automatically controls steering, acceleration, braking, shifting and the parking brake while parking. These advanced technologies enhance driving ease and pleasure, from city streets and parking lots to highways.

High quality, sophisticated design

- The Sakura’s exterior design exudes sophistication and strength. Its front end and glowing badge epitomize Nissan’s next-generation vehicles. The elegant slim headlights with projector-type triple beams — a minivehicle first*1 — increase nighttime safety. The G and X grades are also equipped with wide LED rear combination lamps*3 whose appearance is inspired by the rear door’s latticework.
- The design of the aluminum wheels*3 draws inspiration from the Japanese mizuhiki decorative knots that are commonly found on gift envelopes and packages. Embodying traditional Japanese aesthetics, this accent adds chicness to the Sakura.
- The charging port, located on the right-side back of the Sakura, lights up when the lid is opened to facilitate nighttime use.
- Fifteen body colors are available, including four two-tone options that evoke the seasons.


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- The centerpiece of the Sakura’s cockpit is a 7-inch Advanced Drive Assist Display meter and a large 9-inch navigation display placed horizontally to allow viewing with minimal eye movement. The NissanConnect navigation system*3 offers a range of features to enhance the Sakura’s driving experience, including route setting based on charging needs, an emergency SOS call service*4 and Apple CarPlay*5 wireless connectivity.
- The seats have a comfortable sofa design and are upholstered in luxurious fabric. Their horizontally positioned copper-colored trim*3 gives the interior a modern look and a sense of roominess.
- The cup holders are designed to grip beverages to prevent wobbling. Ample storage space is available for daily needs. For example, the horizontal instrument panel center tray can hold a smartphone, a wallet and other small items.
- The twin-spoke steering wheel*3 adds a sense of sportiness and the optional Premium Interior Package version comes leather-wrapped.
- Three interior colors are available: black, beige and blue grey.


Scheduled to go on sale in Japan this summer*6, the Sakura is priced starting at approximately 1.78 million yen (including consumption tax and the clean energy vehicle subsidy*7). Nissan will offer online purchasing options such as video chats and a dedicated website which will enable customers to choose from conventional face-to-face services all the way to full online orders from the comfort of their home.


Nissan Sakura recommended retail prices (including consumption tax)

Driveline Battery capacity Grade Price (yen)
2WD 20 kW S 2,333,100
X 2,399,100
G 2,940,300


Nissan Sakura specifications

Battery Lithium-ion
Battery capacity 20 kWh
Output 47 kW
Torque 195 Nm
Top speed 130 km/h
Range (WLTC mode) Up to 180 km
Charging time*8 Standard charge: 8 hours
(from battery warning light illuminated to fully charged)
Quick charge: approximately 40 minutes
(from battery warning light illuminated to 80% charged)
Length 3,395 mm
Width 1,475 mm
Height 1,655 mm
Wheelbase 2,495 mm
(depending on model and equipment)
1,070 kg – 1,080 kg
Luggage capacity 107 liters
Seating capacity 4


*1 Nissan figures as of May 2022
*2 Assuming 12 kW per day, the average power consumption for general households in Japan
*3 Varies by grade
*4 Registration required for NissanConnect
*5 Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc.
*6 Sales timing may change
*7 Clean energy vehicle subsidy is expected to be 550,000 yen
*8 Charging time and amount of charge depends on various factors, including ambient temperature

Nissan Global


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Aggiunte foto e info al primo messaggio


La trovo veramente molto carina e ben fatta, quanto la vorrei anche da noi 🥺

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1 ora fa, j scrive:

La trovo veramente molto carina e ben fatta, quanto la vorrei anche da noi 🥺

1 ora fa, xtom scrive:

La risposta a quelli che: "come faremo senza la Panda nel 2035 ?"


con una operazione alla Wango R+ (dove il "+" stava a indicare una manciata di cm aggiunti in larghezza nella versione europea rispetto all'originale nipponica) sarebbe  perfetta e davvero riuscita, anche nelle proporzioni:





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Con un pelino di autonomia in più (diciamo 250 km, giusto per farsi la settimana tranquilli con una carica) sarebbe perfetta! Prima o poi questo concetto di auto tornerà anche da noi... spero.

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Il mistero dei marchi giapponesi, Suzuki su tutti, che non importano le kei car nel nostro paese dove farebbero faville, vediamo se l'elettrico cambierà le carte in strada...


Suzuki Hustler Second Generation Launched In Japan - Mini SUV




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29 minuti fa, Insidek scrive:

Il mistero dei marchi giapponesi, Suzuki su tutti, che non importano le kei car nel nostro paese dove farebbero faville, vediamo se l'elettrico cambierà le carte in strada...


Suzuki Hustler Second Generation Launched In Japan - Mini SUV




Non è un mistero: in Giappone le auto hanno parametri di omologazione differenti rispetto le nostre (con test a 64 km/h): le keycar devono “passare” i crash test a 40 km/h, le compatte fino a 4 metri li passano a 50, e quelle fino a 4,50 metri a 60 km/h.


Per questo anche la Corolla sedan/touring giapponese è più corta della nostra.


In Europa li devono passare tutte a 64 km/h.

Queste keycar quindi devono totalmente essere riprogettate. E questo avvenne con le varie Daihatsu anni 90 (il frontale era specifico, le Suzuki invece erano indiane)

Non a caso utilitarie come Toyota Aygo o Suzuki Celerio son modelli specifici che non vengono venduti in Giappone.


Che poi le keicar son talmente strette e piccole che non si adattano alla statura media europea, e già in Giappone sono auto destinate al pubblico femminile (65%). In genere il pubblico maschile o son persone anziane o neopatentati. 

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