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Solo 40 esemplari per la Alpine A110 Legende GT,  che sarà offerto in tre colori esterni Mercury Silver, Deep Black e Abyss Blue, con il primo che rappresenta una nuova aggiunta alla palette di colori Alpine.

All'interno tonalità di tappezzeria su misura e pelle coordinata sui pannelli delle portiere. Un indicatore alle ore 12 sul volante, aggiunge un piacevole tocco contrastante, mentre una elegante targa numerata sulla console centrale segna il numero di costruzione della vettura.

Disponibile su ordinazione in Francia con un prezzo di partenza di 69.300 €, l'A110 Legende GT è inoltre dotata di un set di valigie personalizzato, rifinito nello stesso colore dei sedili in pelle.


Oltre alla versione a tiratura limitata, Alpine introduce anche il programma A110 Color Edition che verrà eseguito ogni anno offrendo ai clienti una combinazione di colori diversa su una rotazione annuale. Per il 2020, Alpine ha ricreato un famoso colore del suo passato, il giallo girasole con elementi neri a contrasto, come i loghi del marchio, i cerchi in lega GT Race da 18 pollici e gli inserti nei fari anteriori a LED. Il prezzo di partenza è pari a 71 mila Euro.





  • Limited-edition A110 Légende GT is the most refined A110 yet
  • A110 Color Edition is a seasonal programme which will run annually
  • Introduction of new Atelier Alpine personalisation programme
  • Available to reserve now, via the Alpine app. UK prices to be confirmed
  • First deliveries from summer 2020

Alpine has revealed the new limited-edition A110 Légende GT, the most refined interpretation of the A110 to date, alongside the A110 Color Edition 2020 and the new Atelier Alpine personalisation programme.

Limited to 400 examples worldwide, the A110 Légende GT takes the existing A110 Légende and adds bespoke design elements both inside and out, raising the A110 Légende’s elegant persona further.

A110 Color Edition 2020 is a new annual programme which introduces a new limited series to the Alpine model range. For 2020, A110 Color Edition is based on the A110S finished exclusively in Sunflower Yellow and will be offered for sale between now and the end of 2020. After this period, the paint finish will be retired from Alpine’s colour palette.

Finally, Atelier Alpine is the French sports car manufacturer’s personalisation programme. Along with 29 new exterior paint options which take inspiration from heritage colours from Alpine’s past, it also offers various wheel finishes and brake caliper colours.


A110 Légende GT
A110 Légende GT delivers heightened luxury to the A110 premium sports car. Bespoke styling elements for the interior and exterior form a sophisticated and harmonious design, meaning A110 Légende GT is set to become the most sought-after A110 so far. The special model is available to order now and can be reserved through the Alpine app.

The limited-edition model is offered in three colours – Mercury Silver, which is new to the Alpine colour palette, plus Deep Black and Abyss Blue. Pale gold Alpine monograms and 18-inch diamond-cut Serac alloy wheels, also finished in pale gold, contrast subtly against all three body colours. Translucent white LED taillights mark A110 Légende GT apart from other A110s.

Within the cabin, backlit door sills feature the Alpine emblem while six-way adjustable Sabelt comfort seats come finished in warm amber leather – a bespoke upholstery shade – with matching leather on the door cards. Brown stitching, a 12 o’clock marker on the steering wheel to match and glossy carbon fibre elements with a unique copper weave set off the welcoming and sophisticated interior. A plaque on the centre console, numbered in build order, is a mark of distinction.

Underlining the car’s day-to-day practicality and refined grand touring character, A110 Légende GT is offered with a custom luggage set. Finished in the same colour leather as the seats, the three-piece set maximises space in the rear storage compartment. Meanwhile, a new storage unit between the seats is the ideal place to keep personal belongings.

As well as its elegant exterior design and distinctive cabin, A110 Légende GT is delivers comfort both in everyday driving and over longer journeys. It shares its chassis and powertrain with A110 Légende and, like all Alpines, it is based on a lightweight aluminium structure with a mid-engined layout and double wishbone suspension.

The combination of the 249hp 1.8-litre turbocharged engine, minimal weight and dual-clutch transmission help A110 Légende GT accelerate from zero to 62mph in 4.5 seconds and allow for a top speed of 156mph. The car comes with several features as standard: an active sports exhaust, uprated Brembo brakes, parking sensors, a reversing camera and Focal stereo lend A110 Légende GT exacting driving dynamics as well as effortless everyday usability.

Alpine design director Antony Villain comments: “With A110 Légende GT we have stretched the sophistication and grand touring aspects of the A110 – showing that as well as being a thrilling sports car, an Alpine can equally be a refined GT as well. It is the most elegant Alpine so far, designed to appeal to buyers who value lasting quality and timeless design, be it in the watch they wear, the clothes they choose or the sports car they drive.

“The three colour options we have made available for A110 Légende GT reinforce the car's subtle and refined character. The pale gold elements and translucent taillights clearly identify the most sophisticated car in the Alpine range. The amber leather upholstery within the cabin and carbon fibre pieces with a warm copper weave, meanwhile, deliver our most inviting interior yet. A110 Légende GT is the perfect sports car for that well-earned weekend getaway.”

The A110 Légende GT is available from €69,300.


A110 Color Edition 2020
Emphasising the individuality of Alpine’s lightweight sports car, A110 Color Edition is a new programme which will run annually. Particular versions of the A110 will be offered for a limited period on a yearly rotation, each time in a different bespoke colour.

For 2020, A110 Color Edition takes the A110S and repurposes a famous colour from Alpine’s past – Sunflower Yellow. The model will be available to order between now and the end of the year, after which the paint finish will be retired from Alpine’s colour palette. Sharing its powertrain and chassis with the A110S, A110 Color Edition 2020 delivers the most vibrant-looking Alpine so far and the most stimulating A110 driving experience.

Sunflower Yellow is a reimagining of an Alpine paint colour – Jaune Tournesol – which was popular in the Sixties and Seventies. Alpine’s paint experts painstakingly reformulated the colour using modern ingredients.

With a solid, non-metallic finish, Sunflower Yellow is perfectly set off by the A110S’s contrasting black elements, such as the logos and Alpine monograms, the 18-inch GT Race alloy wheels and the specific inserts in the front LED headlights. The brake calipers are finished in complementary anthracite. A carbon fibre roof is optionally available to further enhance the contrast between the vivid paint colour and darker styling elements.

The tricolour badges which feature inside and out on standard A110s are replaced on A110 Color Edition 2020 by carbon fibre and yellow emblems. Elsewhere in the cabin, grey stitching and a yellow 12 o’clock marker on the steering wheel neatly complement the body colour, and reflected by highlights to the Alpine logo on the Sabelt fixed-back bucket seats. A plaque on the centre console denotes the limited-run model.

Like the A110S, A110 Color Edition 2020 features high-end Dinamica upholstery across the cabin for a heightened finish. The new model has the same high specification as the A110S, as well as the same 292PS powertrain and focused chassis tune for a 0-62mph time of just 4.4 seconds, while the top speed is 162mph. 

Alpine Design Director Antony Villain comments: “The new A110 Color Edition programme gives us the opportunity to really enhance the characteristics of different versions of the A110. For 2020, we have recreated the Sunflower Yellow colour from Alpine’s past, here with a solid finish to really complement the sporty, intense persona of the A110S. For me, Sunflower Yellow and the A110S make for a perfect combination.”

“Until now we haven’t shown the A110 in many vibrant colours, but with Alpine firmly re-established we will start to see many more bold colours like Sunflower Yellow beginning to come through, thanks to the A110 Color Edition and Atelier Alpine programmes. Unveiling A110 Color Edition 2020 at the same time as A110 Légende GT, models that stretch the A110 in two distinct directions, demonstrates the car’s very broad spread of abilities.”

The A110 Color Edition 2020 is available at €71,000.


Atelier Alpine
Atelier Alpine is the personalisation programme offering 29 new body colours, three wheel finishes and four brake caliper paint shades, which ensures every new A110 can be as individual as its owner. The new bodywork paint colours take inspiration from Alpine hues of the past, reformulated by the French sports car manufacturer’s paint experts using modern ingredients and the latest application methods.

From understated greys and off-whites to vibrant reds, oranges and blues, plus elegant metallic shades and more purposeful solid colours, Alpine now offers an extensive palette for A110 customers to choose from. Buyers can further personalise their cars by specifying one of three wheel finishes for the existing wheel designs (Gloss White, Gloss Black or Vibrant Gold) and by selecting one of four paint colours for the brake calipers (Light Grey, Red, Yellow or Vibrant Gold, all in addition to the existing options). Over time, Atelier Alpine will be expanded to offer an even wider range of personalisation options.

Priced at €4,800, the 29 new paint colours will be limited to 110 cars worldwide ensuring the cars are remain a unique offering. To ensure the highest quality standards are met, these cars will be painted by hand in a dedicated zone at the factory in Dieppe, France.

Alpine Managing Director Patrick Marinoff comments: “With Alpine now firmly reestablished as a highly-regarded sports car manufacturer, the time is right to offer a wider range of personalisation options to our customers. We had a responsibility to relaunch Alpine with patience and care, taking one step at a time, while drawing on the most iconic elements of the brand. Atelier Alpine marks the arrival of a new chapter.”

“In a respectful nod to our past, many of the newly available colours are reformulated Alpine colours of old, in many cases from the very same suppliers. However, our paint specialists worked meticulously to recreate these tones using the latest ingredients and painting methods.”

“As a result of Atelier Alpine’s new personalisation options, we are sure to see plenty of unique A110s leave the production line in Dieppe. In particular, I am looking forward to seeing a real variety of Alpines heading off to customers, from very bold and striking creations to subtler, more demure cars.”

A110 Légende GT, A110 Color Edition and Atelier Alpine are introduced under the leadership of Alpine’s new Managing Director, Patrick Marinoff. With years of experience at premium European car manufacturers, German-born Marinoff brings a global perspective as Alpine works to replicate its sales success in its home market around the world.

Alpine Managing Director, Patrick Marinoff, said: “With this series of announcements we proudly move forward to the next chapter of Alpine’s rebirth. A110 Légende GT takes the elegance at the heart of every A110 to a whole new level; this is the Alpine for buyers who value timeless design above all else.”

“The A110 was designed and engineered from the outset to have real breadth of character, and with the intense and sporty A110S on one side and the elegant A110 Légende GT on the other, we are demonstrating exactly how much potential the car has.”

“Alpine customers are individuals; people who choose to break the mould. With A110 Color Edition and Atelier Alpine, we are exploring the A110’s individual side even further. Our customers now have the opportunity to match their car’s personality to their own.”

“Alpine is the market leader in France, by a clear margin, which is testament to the inherent quality of the A110. Now the task is to build on that success in markets around the world. As a sign of Alpine’s more global outlook, we will intensify our marketing activities outside our domestic market, starting with a summer roadshow across Europe while also optimising our network footprint in key markets."

“The arrival of A110 Légende GT, A110 Color Edition and Atelier Alpine herald the next steps of our development. We will continue to offer special editions to our customers and expand our individualisation programme in the years to come.”




Via Alpina


alpine-a110-legende-gt-et-color-edition (1).jpg

alpine-a110-legende-gt-et-color-edition (2).jpg

alpine-a110-legende-gt-et-color-edition (3).jpg

alpine-a110-legende-gt-et-color-edition (4).jpg

alpine-a110-legende-gt-et-color-edition (5).jpg

alpine-a110-legende-gt-et-color-edition (6).jpg

alpine-a110-legende-gt-et-color-edition (7).jpg




Alpine A110 Color Edition

alpine-a110s-color-edition (1).jpg

alpine-a110s-color-edition (2).jpg

alpine-a110s-color-edition (3).jpg


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Che bella la Legende GT ?


Elegantissima in questi colori.

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La teoria è quando si conosce il funzionamento di qualcosa ma quel qualcosa non funziona.

La pratica è quando tutto funziona ma non si sa come.

Spesso si finisce con il coniugare la teoria con la pratica: non funziona niente e non si sa il perché.

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Quella gialla è fighissima, anche se devo ammettere che la combo argento/interni tabacco ha il suo perché :si: 


My cars...

Autobianchi Y10 1.1 i.e. (1992) - Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet Emotion (2008) - Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge (2017) - Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 TB GPL Super (2017)


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Ma la maglia gialla mica deriva dal colore delle pagine delle prime stampe dell'Equipe finanziatore del Tour?Più o meno l'equivalente della nostra maglia rosa con la Gazzetta


EDIT: [OT semi culturale] Ricerca rapidissima. La maglia gialla viene istituita nel 1919 per rendere più visibile nel buio il leader di corsa. Il colore riprende le pagine di "L' auto-velo" sponsor d'epoca da cui nascerà "L'Equipe" ;) 



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